05.27.06 George, WA

Sasquatch! Music Festival Gorge Amphitheatre with Bedouin Soundclash, Iron & Wine, Gomez, The Shins, The Flaming Lips

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BHIC headlined in the hail!

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Driving 8 hours from Canada to see Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals at the Gorge is too good to be true. Being soaked, cold and feeling miserable, we wanted to leave early and miss his show at sasquatch (a warm 'n' cozy hotel room was sounding better at the time!). Next thing it warmed up, the stars were shining, everyone was dancing. Very beautiful and memorable concert.

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By far the best performance at the festival... Lonely day, the lighters, the stars, the scenery... Priceless and beyond perfect. Thankyou.

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After standing through the hail storm, my friends and I found ourselves ten people from the front of the stage. There was no way that we were going to leave the perfect spots that mother nature offered us. No amount of rain will stop me from seeing Ben. Thanks for coming out there and personalizing every song to your fans. The Sasquatch festival would not have been what it was without you. Five years ago, Ben and Jack taught the Gorge how to rock at their first Sasquatch....their legend is going to live on after this show...ONE ROCK CONCERT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD

colinp320615's picture

BHIC...Oh, how memories are made. The hail and weather were intense, especially knowing that we planned our entire mini-vacation around hearing you play again. I was so cold that I felt like Forrest Gump, desperately trying to move to the flow of Temporary Remedy. Also, we were on the grass battling a select few...buried in beer cans, complaining about people standing, interests peeked only by Burn One Down...obviously unaware of the soul power of your music. All this being said Ben (and gang), your sound is life affirming...the only musicians I know that can ground me and change me in the span of one set. Please, continue to tour the Northwest, specifically the Portland area, as we can't wait to see you again (maybe in a smaller, more "element protected" environment). Thanks for listening...

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Ben and the gang, thank you so much for playing such an amazing show. It was just what we all needed after the storm and your performance was truly one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I hope to see you travel all across Canada sometime soon.

SomecallmeMag945667's picture

I dont have words to describe what I saw on saturday! He blew my mind. I sit here today with a lifted spirit and heart. The hail was pretty rough but everyone lasted through it to see one of the GREATEST people today. Ben Harper and the inicent criminals has made my yesterday, today, and tomarrow, ever so good! Thank You,Thank You, Thank You!

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I have never seen a band put so much into a set based on such a crappy day. BIC made it clear that they knew how much it rained on people, and took it upon themselves to make this night worth the bad day. I can't believe how many songs were in the set. It took the crowd a few songs to settle down where I was, but they eventually settled in. Thanks for such a great show. And thanks to the dude in the yellow hat in front of me for using the bottle too.

saints9888's picture

what an amazing close, to an amazing day!! BHIC is the reason we went to the festival! Following the "storm" we were concerned about what would be the "aftermath"...was the show canceled? shortened? knowing that BHIC were going to still play was definetaly the calm after the storm for us..we were cold, uncomfortable and just wanted to go home and get dry..but as soon as you came out on stage everything else went away and again, we were engulfed with your amazing music!! ive been to 5 of your concerts and this one was up there with my top 2!! seeing you at the Moore Theatre in seattle being my favorite..AMAZING!

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Two words for ya.......Pleasure & Pain. The whole reason we went to Sasquatch was to see Ben Harper. To endure the pain of the hail storm with no shelter and then to hear the sweetest word ever spoken.....RE-ENTRY made for one of, if not the most pleasurable nights of our lives. When we got back to the Gorge after changing into dry clothes and saw the stage set for Ben, all the pain was forgotten and pleasure rose once again. BHIC HAVE NEVER LET US DOWN! Our love has never been as appreciated or reciprocated from a band as much as it has been with these guys. Right from the beginning of the show, they played the hell out of Temporary Remedy and didn't even let up for a moment through the last song Better Way. From the rage of Black Rain to the sentiment of Walk Away, on to the spirit of Where Could I Go, BHIC took us with them to places we never thought we could go. In a world of such indifference and cruelty, you bring back to us humanity, hope, healing, and love. Until we see you again.......Thank you for yet another life altering experience!

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you are amazing, i went to sasquatch for 2 of my favorite artists and one was canceled due to the hail storm i was down all day until i realized i still had Ben, you changed my life that night i was on the verge of tears. the gorge owes so much to you, thank you for sticking the storm out with us and making it a truely memorable memorial day weekend for me and the other 20 thousand people who love you.

ashleyrosephillips28688's picture

Thank you for yesterday, I was so inspired by your performance and your truly genuine demeanor towards your fans. It was worth any hail, sleet, rain, or cold feet.
You had such an imprint on me I'm just blown away with your sincerity, and it's easy to say I won't forget this Memorial Day weekend.
God Bless

njearling76592's picture

We loved the eclectic set you played last night at the Gorge! It was well worth the wait through any hail storm! The Glory & Consequence/Indifference and My Own Two Hands/War renditions were amazing and truly a treat! Thanks Ben for rocking our minds with your words and our hearts with your beats!

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This show was truly for the fans who were devistated by the storm at the Gorge yesterday. To Ben and the band I thank you for staying true to the ideals of what music is really about. You guys were Sasquatch! One overcome fan yelled, "Ben Harper will change your life!" He will and has and will continue to, and for that I/we thank you. Jen, myself and our friends are looking forward to another visit to Spokane. Thank you again for everything. Peace to all, Bryon.

jciolli200528544's picture

Thank you Ben and band for an incredible show! The sound and precision of your set was amazing, and the setlist was perfect. Closing with a booming version of Betterway was the best ending of the best show I have seen in a long time! Thanks again!