05.28.06 Burnaby, Canada

Deer Lake Park with Bedouin Soundclash

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Sam and Frazey of The Be Good Tanyas sat in on "Widow Of A Living Man" and "Ashes", playing mandolin and banjo plus background vocals.

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I can't believe I wrote "Marc Ford" when I meant Michael Ward. I may have burned down one too many. :)

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Having seen the show two nights earlier in Bend, once we settled into the gorgeous confines of Deer Lake Park, I already knew my friend and I were in for a treat.

After an enthusiastic homecoming set by the Bedouin Sound Clash, my friend whispered in my ear "Now we get to go to church."

All I could say was "Amen, brother."

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals put on a show that was as passionate as anything I've seen in a long time. From the first note to the last, these amazing musicians left nothing in the tankit was all out there on the stage.

From my wheelchair vantage point, glimpses of the stage were few and far between (I must offer special thanks to the slender dark haired man who tried to make certain his friends didn't block the viewyou were a gentleman and your kindness was greatly appreciated).

The lights and sound were superior to what we had seen in Bend and the crowd was much more participatory, singing along with even some of the lesser-known songs. In what can only be described as a groove fest, the band treated the audience to a powerful show that encompassed the best of both old and new material. My new secret boyfriend, Marc Ford, seemed especially possessed and local heroines The Be Good Tanyas lent their huge talent to a truly haunting version of "Widow of a Living Man."

The night was mild, the sights and fragrances were as they should be (witnessed by the enthusiasm of both band and crowd during "Burn One Down")if I were creating a box filled with perfect moments in time, this night would be wrapped in midnight blue tissue paper and gently tucked inside.

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May 28. We got to the concert early. 6 of us. We ran like hell. We got front row.

I was straight in front of where Juan Nelson, the IC bassist, was standing. Bedouin Soundclash opened, Vincent Maytone joined them for a few songs. That was great.

Then came Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals.

Nothing can compare to this concert. It was amazing. Ben showcased his musical versatility, the Innocent Criminals showcased their amazing variety of skills, including Juan Nelson doing a bass solo and skat at the same time. The crowd was 15,000 strong, and yet quietly sang along to Another Lonely Day and Walk Away. It was amazing. It was surreal. I don't know if Ben saw me, I think he did. I don't know if I was noticed in the crowd, I think I was. My friend ended up getting a backstage pass. He was lucky as hell.

I've got a signed copy of Both Sides of the Gun (Box Set) now. My ticket's signed as well. But that doesn't matter.

This concert was amazing. All of it. From start to finish. I don't have a clue what can parallel it.

...and for anyone else who saw the show, Leon's solo during Burn One Down, was just kill.

I'll be at the next show. No matter what.

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I love Ben Harper. My forth Ben Show in the last 9 years. Every time I see him my soul smiles ...more and more I am feeling the blessings of his music in my life. I dig his spirit, my muse. His music is a gift to our world, my favourite songwriter, singer ever...He is a true star, keep shinning your love down on us Ben and come back to Vancouver again soon. Peace, love, n blessings to you.

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My lord one if not the best concert of my few years on this world, ben from the moment he took the stage had 15000 all ears and movin to the groove. Never have i seen a preformer that loved what he did so much

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Great show. My wife and I came all the way from Ontario to see the show. Worth every penny. Can't wait to see you in Toronto come September.

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I have been a Ben Harper fan for a few years now, and after missing him last time he was in Van, I promised myself it would never happen again. So I travelled from Calgary to Vancouver just for this show, and it was undoubtedly worth the journey!!!! It was like nothing I've ever seen before, it blew me out of the water. I've never heard anyeone sound soooo good live, and put so much of their heart and soul into their music. You could really feel Ben's energy. It was so beautiful and nothing can compare.

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Honestly, I would have a hard time being concise with my description of the BHIC concert. What a perfect little package. From the great venue, super people, and absolutely amazing performance, everything was perfect that day. I even forgot about the crappy weather for four hours, as I'm sure, so did everyone else. Not to mention I ran into someone I definetly didn't expect to ever see again. Oh the surprises. Until I see Ben live again, I will have this day to reflect upon. Thank you so much for sharing that time with us and please come back soon!
- Love, love, love.

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Best concert I have ever been to! From the up beat melodies to the slow and powerful ones Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time(figuratively speaking of coarse because there were no seats and everyone was standing or dancing). Everyone was there for the same reason to see there favourite performers play and they defiantly got a huge treat. The amazing Juan Nelson on bass with his deep singing and skating in steal my kisses. Leon Mobley smoking and doing a drum solo. Ben Harper spinning during the song, playing lap slide guitar, playing another lonely day were defiantly some of the many highlights of the night. The concert was one of the best experiences of my entire life and a night no one in that entire audience will ever forget

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This was an incredible show. First time I have seen Ben live and it surpassed all my expectations. I saw some old friends from Denman Island in the crowd that I couldn't get to, so if you are one of them and happen to read this, e-mail me!

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"I've never seen 15000 people be so quiet."
Only you Ben, only you possess the ability to make that happen.
If I thought I was a fan before, there are no words to explain what I am now.
Thank you, and the criminals, for giving me more than I ever could have dreamed of.
Until next time.

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Ben Harper and his amazing band put on yet another amazing show last night. Every time I see BHIC play, they take their show to a new level, expanding on Ben's classic songs and introducing new ones to the BHIC live show. Highlights: an impassioned 'Black Rain,' the unexpected inclusion of 'Widow of a Living Man' and 'Ashes' into this tight set, and a finale, 'Better Way,' that left the crowd eager for Ben's next visit to Vancouver. Thank you, Ben, for giving the best musical performance I have ever seen... and for making me feel that way every time I see you play!

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i've never danced with my girlfriend that much in one night before... thanks, ben.

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I have been a fan ever since 1997 when I first heard Ben on Triple J while backpacking in OZ. I was amazed by what I heard and I just had to buy The Will to Live. I have wanted and never had the chance to see him till now! The sound, atmosphere and the emotion was beyond anything I had hoped or was prepared for. "Waiting For You" was so intense it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Ben for sharing that Sunday afternoon with us, it was truly wonderful and the experience will never be forgotten!

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I have followed Mr. Harper for years, pretty much since Fight for your Mind came out. And although the show at the Commodore last summer (July 2005) was probably better (setlist/venue/size) he continues to impress with every showing. He pulls stuff out of the bag, just when you are thinking he wont. With a crack band, and the new stuff sounding HUGE live, this was a great night in a great venue. Kudos Ben, truly inspirational music.

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This was my second ben harper show. I fell in love with his music after i saw him the first time. He has the ability to bring thousands to silence. His words touch the deepest parts of a persons soul. There aren't even words to explain how unreal that concert was. Thank you Ben! THANK YOU!

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The concert last night was amazing. The energy that Ben gave off was so contagious. Really enjoyed listening to Walk Away and Better Way. Thanks Ben for such a great show. Hope to see you back in BC soon! Definately bring Bedouin Soundclash back with you as well- Cheers!

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"Expectations are there for a reason," Harper says. "To be surpassed."
You surpassed them.

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Second time we've ventured out of Calgary to see Ben...just as unforgettable as the first (last year, San Francisco at the Warfield). Although he didn't play as long it was still 2-1/2 hours of heaven...and I got a set-list from the sound crew! THANK YOU!
Really impressed with the new tunes, Black Rain was our hi-lite and Morning Yearning, Better Way and Murder were excellent as well. We will follow you until you find Calgary on the map Ben! Another fantastic show, many thanks!

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truly an amazing experience! 5th time seeing ben. reunited with old friends i haven't seen in too long. burn one down!

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Thank you to the whole group for putting on such an amazing set. Everyone on stage was groovin and were saturated with great energy. Out to Mobley, your intense positive vibrations and dancing were infectious for me, thank you. Thank you to Ben Harper, for the beautiful emotion you put forth into to each song.

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Amazing show. The best version of Betterway that I have heard yet. Lap slide solos were amazing for Temporary remedy and Serve your soul. Great to hear Ben play Widow of a living man as well as Walk away with some switched up lyrics.
I still think I enjoyed the show at T-Bird Stadium more (see the woman in you in the video page if you disagree) but as always Ben is amazing and nobody can even compare themselves.

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Absolutely inspirational. Thank-you.

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This show was dope! opened by bedouin soundclash who i've been following for years as well. Leon Mobled just absolutely ROCKED the djembe. great set and best concert i've been to in ages.

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What an act! Ben had everything from those tantalizing, shredding solos, insane bongos, grooving funk, mellow acoustics, to even jamming reggae beats. So much SOUL was put into the show. I was groovin the whole act. I don't want to listen to the radio anymore cause its all garbage compared to him.

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This concert was my gift to my best friend who was celebrating her birthday today. A group of us blindfolded her and drove her there. She was very suprised. She is my closest and dearest friend (she's like a sister). We have have created such wonderful memories together. Ben Harper and his music helps me remember some of the wonderful memories we have created in the years we have known each other. I didn't think I was gonna get tickets as it sold out so quick, but I managed to. It was just as incrediable as I imagined it. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals "I can't wait for you to operate....hun!" Such talent, skill and important messages. What a combination. You are so inspirational.

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ha ha ha...the show was deadly. The guy is just sooo damn good... I have never seen any other sound as good live as B. It was my first B.H. concert..and I flukely swung a ticket through my brother's friend..my God..unreal. Bongo man- wicked! Ben...well...not as if I need to tell you...but...so awesome...I have never been a super super huge fan..but..after tonight...and seeing him live..I have no other choice..he had me at hello... )