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I've been fortunate enough to see BHIC several times at various venues. Usually I've been very pleased, occasionally moved to tears, often with goosebumps, most frequently smiling. But two years ago when I saw them at this same venue it was a very disappointing experience. Because of that I'd no interest in going this time. However, I was invited by a first-timer and accepted. When asked of my prior experiences I answered honestly, and added though that I was sure it'd be better this time. It was. The whole set flowed. I thought Heart of Gold was a nice curve. Like everyone, except the drunken foreigners near the bar, we were moved and impressed when Ben went off mic. Unfortunately some weren't paying attention and others just couldn't get it when he was trying to get some audience participation during Black Rain. But all in all I found this audience to be attentive and knowledgable about the music. I briefly thought the band was going to go from Heart of Gold to Gold to Me and go on a rainbow jaunt of sorts, but was satisfied they didn't. I also felt there was an opportunity lost to segue into The Way You Found Me. But again, overall it was a great ride, and ending on the thought provoking positive note of Better Way definitely worked.

kore kara mo yoroshiku

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It was the best performance at ZEPP TOKYO!
I will keep respecting it in the future!!
Moreover,it comes again!!!

I believe "BETTER WAY" 2006.6.05 misaki

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Last night's show was another uplifting Ben concert. It was my fourth show and I say it ranked third. There were some amazing moments including My Own Two Hands/War. I was at the front with the pushy crowd and Ben was feeding off their energy. I can't explain the beauty when he sang off mic for Where Could I Go. I have never been to such a quiet concert. The entire first encore felt like he was playin alone in an empty venue which was great because you could hear every string with clarity. The negatives, only my personal opinion but I would have liked a few different choices on the setlist. He played some songs from Diamonds or Blind Boys that I thought could have been replaced with some new ablum material like Reason To Mourn or Picture In a Frame. He also missed the entire Burn To Shine album, one song would have been nice. Realistically he has put out so many great tunes that he has to cut some for others so I can't really complain too much. Especially because I waited around afterwards and met Michael Ward who was kind enough to hand out guitar picks. If I wasn't working I would be at Studio Coast next weekend. Still my favourite musician/poet/motivator!

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Thank you so much to Ben and the boys for a rockin' show. I felt blessed to be in that room and it was a nice change to see a such generous performance (some 3 hours of power) by a visiting group. A great many foreign bands do not show their Japanese fans that much respect. The best yen I have ever spent.
Cheers and arigatou!

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I just came back from the show!!

It was the best Ben Harper show I attended in Japan. The vennue wasn't the best one but he just blowed that neggative point away by his performance. I could see all the audience was too excited while they played "With My Own Two Hands/War".
It was very touching moment when he sang "off " the mic.

You gotta come to see us evey year, Ben !!