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I have been a fan of Mr. Harper's for quite a long time, since his time in Taj Mahal, and this was my first time experiencing him live. This concert was superb. His non-amplified serenade to the crowd really showcased his vocal prowess and power to move people- regardless of their language. He is both a showman and a gentlemenn. The Innocent Criminals were just as much a part of the magic as Ben. There was nothing they did that didn't just blow me away. Thank you thank you thank you!

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It was my first time to see Ben in concert and I'm happy to report that he sounds as good live as he does on CD. I was hoping for a bit more interaction with the audience (not big speeches or anything), but some recognition of where he was and stories behind his music. I sort of felt like I could have been just sitting at home listening. The last few encore sets seemed to liven the band up a bit. After Leon's drum solo, everyone seemed happier and exciting to be playing their music. Its that enthusiasm that got the relatively small venue roaring.

My personal highlight was getting backstage passes, thanks to a friend. Was nice to chill out with the Innocent Criminals. Like any fan, I was hoping to see Ben back stage and maybe get a picture, but alas he had other plans.

Overall, a good show and I left almost satisfied.

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what an awesome show last night. right from the beginning the band had the place rocking. i took my girlfriend who was a first time listener - and now a lifelong fan. english is not her native language and she said she couldnt understand all his lyrics BUT could understand harper's message through his sincerity - not many musicians can do that! harper is a positive role model, a gentleman, and one helluva stage performer. he and his band were supertight and i'd go to any of his concerts again in a heartbeat. Thanks for a great night! RESPECT!