06.22.06 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Heineken Music Hall with DJ Evil Vince

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nvm24769's picture

Thanks for putting on the setlist. What a great evening it was. Please come back soon to the Netherlands and have fun on your tour for now..

Jaymz82's picture

hmm.. i think you went to a different gig.
Forever was not played and nothing but love for the dj.
Being a roady myself i know how busy they can be, and still besides all his tasks, photo's, setlists, stagework, merchandise, webmastering he finds the time to spin a very very good set wich really got us in the right mood for bhic.
i bow for you man!! evil you rule! Holland Loves you

anico's picture

Thanks for the setlist but it is not complete. I still miss a few songs hopefully you add them soon. Again Ben many many thanks for the concert!!! Please come back to holland soon...

Sara_Bessa's picture

After 9 hours of waiting (to get a good place!) you appeared to give us moments of pure adrenaline. The way you, Ben, play your songs, the feeling you put on each one, it's something transcendent. It was really worth travelling from Portugal to Amsterdam to see 6 geniuses on the stage.
The climax of this magic night was almost 2 hours after the end of the concert when you appeared outside of the building. We can hardly believe yet that it really happened. Meet an idol is a dream of a life. And it became true. We met you, Ben and IC (except Jason, unfortunately). You were so gentle, so modest, a very nice person. All of you were amazing. That moment should have lasted forever. Thank you! Obrigado! (not "Abrigado", as you wrote Ben!!)

anico's picture

Please put on the setlist!!! I'm waiting for it so long.... but still enjoying the concert you gave in Holland!! That was fantastic!!!

razdaz21212373's picture

We were in Germany for the World Cup and headed over to Amsterdam for a few days and just happen to be there the same time Ben was. The show was another great performance by Ben and the Innocent Criminals. Busting out some of his older jams like Amen Omen and some new stuff like Morning Yearning and Black Rain.

Highlight of the day was running into Ben at the Van Gogh Museum with my cousin Shawn and chatting with him about Van Gogh and his works. Great show and i cant wait to see him play again in August out in Berkeley!!!

John_John's picture

Ben reste pour moi le meilleur et a sa place parmis les plus grands ou les intouchables comme il aime le dire dans ses interviews. Une set list impeccable. Un Amen Omen que j'avais tant desire, Merci. Le mec fou avec les pancartes c'etait moi!

Au passage: Je cherche le mail de la jeune fille belge qui m'a offert un jus de pomme a l'entree et qui allait au concert a l'Olympia le Lundi meme. Gt le jeune francais qui ecrivait ses pancartes "Love ben" et "Amen Omen". mon mail dsp_jonathan@club-internet.fr.

Ben you're the best for your music and personnality. Thanks for all

shawn.ardaiz's picture

Ben it was awesome talking with you earlier in the day at the Van Gogh Museum (guy with the "listen to ben harper" t-shirt). I hope we get a chance to chat again! As always great show!

Keep rockin' it brother!

anonymous's picture

I would like to say that i thought it was a great show. Loved the DJ too! Great job Vince. Too bad that there were some thecnical problems, but hey, Shit happens.
It didnt ruin anything for me.
I hope that all the wining of some fellow dutchman(Don't worry Martijn. I won't mention youre name)
doesnt stop Ben and the Criminals for coming back in Holland again.

Well, C U guys at the Werchter Festival!

vega_NY94565's picture

It's been my 7th concert of Ben and the IC, i think it was the worst one i've seen ever! I'm not saying it was bad though... The setlist was great, music and voice was perfect... But disappointed by the public, the too low sound, and this magic feeling i used to have before that i didn't get this time..
I wish i could go to Paris and see them playing at the Olympia.. The venue, the love Ben has for France, and a sound a bit louder (hopefuly) is gonna make these concerts fabulous !

nvm24769's picture

Hi Ben, It was a great concert, never seen anybody play like this. Can't wait to see the setlist on your site. Hope you visit the NL soon again. Keep up the good work.

taffnee93948's picture

Kia Ora Ben!!
im from new zealand and travelled from the uk to amsterdam to see ben and i just want to say i thought the concert was unreal! i've been listening to ben's music for years nad me and my fellow kiwi mates had the best time. we were proud to see that maori flag up on stage. awesome choice of songs, we were stoked :) keep making beautiful music for all to enjoy!! thanks for making our trip worthwhile, you're truly a talented musician, dont ever stop :)
lotsa love

Jaymz82's picture

Incredible.... i never knew anything else than love would get me as speechless as i am after seeing this show.
My first harper show... first of the incredible cool dj set... man, finally some good tunes before the main event.
Dj Evil... you rock man, you know what to spin to get the right feel in the venue, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Then the concert, front row... i was in awe... i can only quote the man himself "been this close to ..... and was in tears". I've seen a lot of live shows from artists but this was almost spiritual. BHics music made certain things in live so much easier to deal with and this night will be one i will cherish for the rest of my life.
All the nay sayers... open your eyes, please. these people are genius and they shared a beautiful thing with us.
Ben, thanks for keeping your promise after the small technical problem about that "this will be a few extra songs for you". No-one said you should, but you still did. way to go!!
I hope you guys will come back for more shows in Holland and don't pay attention to negative people here.... sadly holland has quite a few of them, luckily a lot of us do see you guys for who you gifted persons are.

I'll see you soon in Dusseldorf together with my girlfriend.(please please please play indifference haha)

King J the wicked!

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mat's picture

the first harper gig. wasn't too impressed with the venue, but felt they made the best of what they where given.

the only fault i would suggest was the setlist. the setlist was a bit too predictable, what with him coming back to europe, the gig not selling out. i thought he played too many should i say commercial songs.

harper was superb, nice to get a long encore and the old weis out. bit more interaction with the crowd i thought for those sound problems.

all in all, a good first gig to see harper but looking forward to see him to an outdoor venue.

Webber4's picture

Gone to Amsterdam just to see the ultimate best rock artist on earth....Great show my friend! See you in Verona!!!


jan28789's picture

the first ben harper show i ever visited... and one of the best concerts i ever saw!
i have to get my ticket for the dusseldorf-show...
thanx for this great evening!

truebenfan's picture

At least you got to see Ben in Amsterdam!
And yes....The band DOES read the reviews and they DO CARE! Matijn, go to another show, as you know, no two are alike.
Ben, my friend, YOU ROCK!!!!!
Much Love to all Ben Fans!!!!

evilvince26186's picture


If you didn't notice -
the Amsterdam DJ and the Photographer of the poster you got-
are the same person.

best regards.

anonymous's picture

chill man before you go into some freedom of speach shite.
First of al "as a real fan" you missed Ben two years ago in paradiso.
Second your comments are pretty stupid and arrogant so you can expect reactions.

sander_nijbroek10699's picture

Hi ben,
i'm 15 years old and i'm a musician too, i've listened to you're music for a few years and this was my first Ben Harper concert, it was great!! aspecially the second part of the show!! I can't wait for the next time that you will be in the Netherlands! i'd like to hear from you!

anonymous's picture

Eine Woche Hollandurlaub hat mit dem Konzert von Ben seinen kronenden Abschluss gefunden. Danke fur deine wunderbare Musik.

aamvandenberg79362's picture

it was a great pleasure to be a witness of your performance. saw the last show in amsterdam in paradiso then there was more intimici in the audience, smaller and closer. the evening was magic, you sure can visit amsterdam more to burn one down. thak you a lot.
peace! attie.

mariatilton30479's picture

Hello Ben and T.i.c.,
Just wanted to compliment you on a great show. I used to catch your shows in California any time I could throughout the years. Now living 5 years in the Netherlands I was so hyped to hear you'd be doing a gig in the H.M.H. I took my Dutch boyfrined with me and he had a blast. Thank you. It's nice to see someone you love enjoy something as much as you do. Keep up the good work. oh ya, and thanks for playing morning yearning. It's been growing on me.


peterolah's picture


I travelled to Amsterdam from Hungary to see this show.
I've been listening to Ben Harper since The Will To Live came out.
OK, there were some technical problems but that wasn't what made me dissapointed. It was the crowd of a part of it to be more precise.
I was standind on the left side of the stage, quite close to it. There was such a noise around me - people talking and yelling - that it was hard to concentrate on the music and so the emotions that I would have liked to feel didn't come. If I go to a show a I go because I want to be part of it and concentrate on the music and this wasn't really possible here.
Besides that I think it was a good show and it was great to see them live.

But besides their behaviour at the gig I think that the Dutch people are really friendly and I enjoyed my 3 day stay in Amsterdam very very much. It's a great city.

And yes, a smaller venue would have been better. Maybe BHIC could have played two shows.



anico's picture

Thanks Ben for the great concert. I have never seen anybody perfome so well. This concert will be in my memory for a very long time. I hope you visit the netherlands very soon. I saw that you will be by the end of october/november in Europe again. Please come to the Netherlands again!! Please do!!!

joost_one15911's picture

Well, what can I say, this was my third Ben show in like three years. And it was again great. Sure, it wasn't the best show I've seen of him but it was still very memorable. I thought the setlist was unique, some songs I haven''t heard before. The encore were the best part of the show, but I agree on the crowd. This was INDEED the most disrespectful crowd I've seen in a long time. The people overhere just don't understand the beauty of this music and they choose to scream instead. Very annoying indeed, I had a hard time to focus on the music and not be distracted by those assholes. oh and, Mic low?? sure, so you have to concentrate more on listening :)
And I didn't thought the DJ sucked, I heard some great stuff which my local DJ will never spin, I agree on SMILE which is a standout Pearl Jam track. And hearing it after Fugazi made it even better, heard some Sly Stone aswell, or pixies. No, the DJ spun some great tunes IMO. Well, up to the next week, I will see Ben again on rockwerchter, my only hopes that the crowd overthere could care more!

delovic60080's picture

Hey all, Im from scotland but came over specifically for the gig. Interesting to hear all your opinions on this gig and now its my turn. I agree with the sound but to me it was one of two things or a mixture of both. Firstly, the sound for the whole gig was too low - I could hear myself singing as could other people!! This wasnt helped by the most ignorant and disrespectful crowd I have ever seen. Maybe it was better closer to the front but when they played morning yearning I could barely make it out due to excessive noise from some little idiots jumping on each others backs and screaming - and it had nothing to do with the music. If you dont want to listen to the music dont go to the gig. I certainly wont be going to a gig in holland again - dope or no dope. One word for the DJ - Smile!! (excellent pearl jam tune choice)

marco_e_unico80325's picture

All 'n all it wasn't Ben's best show I ever saw but credit to Ben and the IC for playing for over 2,5 hours eventhough circumstances weren't great (not too good a crowd, some struggle with the sound, not the best venue).

Those who complain about a lack of interaction... normally I've seen more interaction by Ben but with the crowd we had I wasn't surprised.
Plus realise a European tour isn't always easy so can't always be in the best of spirits. I for one still love and respect Ben Harper and the band.

I did enjoy the concert very much and I am very thankfull Ben and the IC took time to visit Amsterdam. Next time the Paradiso again?

One Love,


anonymous's picture

And yes I got my friend who was with me a T-shirt and bought one for myself, plus the poster that was there was killer and bought it 2. So stop wanking and get over yourself.

anonymous's picture

Damn, you guys can sure take criticism bad. Moreover, giving opinions about an opinion, or even debating or discussing it is a waste of time and very childish. As i've been a fan of Ben for more than 6 years (got all the albums even THE VYNILS!!!) and apreciate his music more then any other i assume i have just a earned the right to form an honest opinion about this show. And I checked and it does say REVIEWS not POSITIVE REVIEWS......mine was negative, sure...but should it therefore be untrue...NO! I respect your opinions and so shall you respect others opinions. Damn not EVERYTHING is glorious. And to the DJ, hell man I liked the music, no beef there...just found it a bit dull after waiting so long. Trying to put yourself above me when saying i shouldnt say anything when nothing nice is coming out is also a tad old and a bit childish. It's not like im burning his records or anything, get over it!!!!! and indeed, dont be so anal

love yall

evilvince26186's picture

Sorry that my DJing was so annoying.
It saddens me that you couldn't enjoy any of the music I spun.

In regards to the techinical difficulties....
Have you any idea what it takes to put on a show everyday?
And, within that full day's work, sometimes shit happens.....

Maybe you should only speak
when you have something nice to say.

davsanse79657's picture

Hi there,
for those who were there: I want more.
It was well worth the trip from London, simply amazing.

How could you complain after such glory..??

innocent_criminal_t_q's picture

I doubt any of the band members will even read this so better address it to the rest of the readers. WHAT A SHOW!!! The wait was long but it was more than worth it. They played for 2:45 hours, that is impressive to say the least. I saw BHIC twice before once in London and another in Paradiso (both are small arenas and I had front row spots) but this one was extra special even though I was behind some tall dutchies. It wasn't the most interactive show but the music was awesome, especially ones from the new album which until now I was questioning.

As for the one person who complained why are you so anal? I didn't hear you complain about the music which was well worth a lot more than 33 euros. These guys tour 150 days a year and problems are bound to happen you dork.

I hope i wont have to wait another 3 years for the next show

romeo58110's picture

Martijn said:
"I was completely dissapointed by a unprofessional and unsypmathetic Ben Harper and band."

Next time you better go to Robby Williams if you only want to be entertained by a professional! (that guy was playing in the stadium next to the hall where Ben Harper was playing). Yesterday I felt soul, I saw musicians that where consantly checking the sound to make it even better. I think the interaction was through the music and the lyrics. I came home with lots of positive energy and inspiration. Thanks to BenHarper&theInnocent Criminals!

mattsimpson833660's picture

Hey Ben & The Criminals

When I started backpacking in Europe, never did I think that I would get the opportunity to see one of the most innovative and influential artists that I've ever heard of.
I've seen you the last three times you've come to Toronto, and to me the show keeps getting better. I have to say my favorite part was when you played "Better Way", and as the lights came on all around me I could see people dancing. I'm glad to see your work has a profound effect everywhere you go.
I managed to catch one of the balls you kicked out into the crowd, and I just want to say thank you! This is by far the best souvenir I will have picked up on all of my travels.
Good luck on the rest of the Tour, and see you in September!

floortjeno157064's picture

I've been listening to your records since Welcome to the Cruel World came out in '94, and this was the first chance I had to hear you live. Or should I say 'feel' you. I go to many concerts, but this one I will never forget. Your music and lyrics do something to me that I can't explain... I wonder if that happens the other way around too: that you are connecting with somebody in the audience.... could had sworn our eyes locked at the end of your show, you kept looking straight at me and into my soul. But hey, maybe it was just my vivid imagination :-)

marb_i_am55033's picture

I've been a big fan of yours for the good part of years now i must say that the gig kicked ass! Sure, the mic colume was a little low, but i've been in a band too and no matter how many cound checks you do you can't ecpect the unexpected and technical problems happen, and i dont think the audiance minded that much. I thought it was a really good gig with a good set list and good improvs and a god mic of old and new songs! I was really impressed, and cheers for the massice encore!

See you in Berlin!

Love and Peace!

bagilla56660's picture

This was my first live Harper concert.
and I thought it was great!
great lights aswell!wondering if the keyboard player is also responsible for the stage design.
the cd covers are brilliant, is what I think.
I figure Ben and band and the audience needed some time to get used to eachother. and if sound is bad, it needs to be fixed.... nothing you can do about that ... maybe they can hire a clown for moments like these to keep impatient viewers happy.
Martijn probably left after the end of the first set....after that ben came on solo. which I thought was beautiful and brave....
the fact that it was almost dead silent means a lot of people thought the same.

thanks for yesterday, and for a lot of nice music...have a great trip in europe

anonymous's picture

I've waited for like 5 years for a Ben Harper concert!! Now he finally was in Holland and I arranged that I could go see him (took free from work). BUT WHAT A BIG DISSAPOINTEMENT!!! First, the DJ was ANNOYING!! he was playing cd's!! not even a real dj mix, just playing them ONE BY ONE...the crowd was waiting WAAAAYY too long, then when mr. Harper FINALLY showed up he seemed to be cranky as hell!! Not once througout the first set he interacted with the crowd!!! Just "thank you" and "sorry, were back" when that unprofessional soundsman was fixing ben's guitar. EVER HEARD OF A SOUNDCHECK!!!!???? Moreover Juan en Ben AND the drummer were constantly throughout the songs yelling and talking to the soundguys about the volume of the guitar and bas, UNPROFESSIONAL!!! You guys have been touring for years now, you would at least expect those kind of amateur mistakes. I was completely dissapointed by a unprofessional and unsypmathetic Ben Harper and band. (excluding the percussions..that guy was great.) And I left even before the show was over....next time Im not paying 33 euro's for something I could have done better myself.

greets (no hard feelings) martijn

hugoverkley77047's picture

Ben and the other guys!!
Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! It was such a beautiful concert. I love your music and after this concert i love will love it more and more. Have a great tour in Europe and i hope to see you once again in the Netherlands!

Soroush's picture

My first Ben Harper concert, I have listend to your music for about 8 years, I could not enjoy more. Ben keep going.

ronaldvdmeulen32947's picture

Dear Ben,

This was my first real concert, and i enjoyed every minute of it. I just heared some of yours numbers, but after this gig i am a big fan!!!

You are unique in your sound and performance. Hope to hear something back from you!

anonymous's picture

Ever heard of interaction with the public?

vervanmijnb18533's picture

Hi Ben
Thanks for a great evening.
I really enjoyed the show, good setlist and great atmosphere. The orange shirt of "Van Nistelrooy" was awesome :-).
My only remark, as already mentiond by others, was the low volume of the mic.
Thanks again and I cannot wait to see another show!!

Greetings Willem

hvanderbijl5243's picture

Great set great atmosphere great show.My only critique was the low volume of Ben's mike, but that never came even close to spoiling what was one exhilarating evening.

Thank you all so much, guys! Can't wait to see you again.