06.26.06 Paris, France

Olympia with Don Cavalli

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Don Cavalli sang with Ben on "Homeless Child."

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j.tirmarche45418's picture

I really would like to say that Ben Harper have made a gorgeous show at L'OLYMPIA , France,PARIS 06/26/06. I was impressed again by his genius and the innocent criminals too. It was the second time that i "meet" him, next time will be at LILLE , FRANCE , 11/05/06. I'm a very big fan of Ben Harper .He represents a lot to me.(in my life, ma health, my heart, my new passion : playing guitare - thanks Ben !!!!)
Thanks lot for your "Will to Live,change this world, show us its reality , the mentality of human race". I will conclude by THE citation "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" ...



maud_fournier42406's picture

Thank you Ben Harper, Thank you Innocent Criminals, thank you Paris audience, thanks for this magnificent concert !
I was lucky enough to be at 3 of your concerts: the first one was in Feb 2001 in Decorah, Iowa, concert for which I drove 12 hours total... it was so worth it seeing you guys and Jack Johnson then Dec 2004 @ Bercy and now L'Olympia... this is the best... I hope we'll see you guys in small venues more often!
Respect to the BHIC audience, you are wonderful! Hugs to Myriam and Anton that I met while standing in the rain :
See you in Bordeaux, BHIC!

lekil41973's picture

My heart stopped that night with emotion....there was too much, it couldn't take it. A week ago I married the love of my life, danced to Beloved One, and then, to see BHIC in Paris, at the Olympia, it was like a dream. Thank you for inspiring me BHIC...thank you. See you soon in KC!

paulineco's picture

Thank you so much Ben and the Innocent Criminals for this very very special moment ! Thank you for the emotion, for the music, for this unique atmoshpere...
I'm really looking forward to seeing you again!!!

titininy11660's picture

Thank you for this unforgettable concert! The voice of an angel, so right words on a fabulous music... An impression to swim in full paradise... Thank you. You'll always be in the french hearts!

anonymous's picture

It was so great ! my first concert in paris , I was so happy to see ben harper and the innocent criminals. my favorite song for the concert was "with my own 2 hands" , it was so particular , so unique , so wonderful !!!! a very magical concert !

ulf.ljusberg13800's picture

Came all the way from Sweden and was not surprised that BHIC booked 5 nights in a row at L'Olympia. Perfect sound, amazing venue, outstanding audience and an atmosphere filled with love!
The best BHIC show I've been to.
Thx a lot!!!

John_John's picture

Ben reste pour moi le meilleur et a sa place parmis les plus grands ou les intouchables comme il aime le dire dans ses interviews. De grands moments. Ce concert surpasse celui qu'il a donne a Amsterdam. Une emotion et une ambiance de tous les moments.

Au passage: Je cherche le mail de la jeune fille belge qui m'a offert un jus de pomme a l'entree en Hollande et qui allait au concert a l'Olympia le Lundi meme. Gt le jeune francais qui ecrivait ses pancartes "Love ben" et "Amen Omen". mon mail dsp_jonathan@club-internet.fr. I am searching for a belgium girl I have seen in Amsterdam who offers me a applejuice.

Ben you're the best for your music and personnality. Thanks for all

triclo's picture

un reve ... ca restera grave a vie dans ma memoire ...

Izabel's picture

EPOUSTOUFLANT !! J'ai vraiment eu le sentiment d'assister a quelquechose de tellement FORT... C'est au dela des mots....
Thank U for "When she belives" with the ACCORDEON ! & for "There will be a light"...
The girl on your left

thomasgingueneau49887's picture

Encore un moment magique passe avec Ben et sa troupe de vrais purs zicos qui assurent... cependant je dois aussi ajouter que contrairement aux precedents concerts que j'ai vu celui-ci etait charge d'une emotion profonde presque palpable avec une audience extraordinaire qui a su donner a BH&IC l'accueil qu'ils meritent. Il y avait quelque chose de surrealiste dans le regard de ces musiciens emus par un public en trance qui a succombe aux ondes bienfaisantes de Ben et de son spirit . Ben, guys, if you read those words please know that we do truly love what you are doing and the way you do it and I wish we could see you playing again and again as long as you can please never stop!

jerome.autret52141's picture

oh la claque une fois de plus mais la oh la la la la enormissime le truc de fou. 22 titres dont la famaux jawhak, 2 ola, le guitariste avec le maillot de l'equipe de france, un titre a capella du public ( with my own two hands), des reprises de bob marley, du pure bonheur et le meilleur pour la fin, un titre sans micro de MR HARPER. vraiment excellent, dommage, j'attends toujours depuis les vieilles charues Like a king et Power of gospel mais bon.

auquine83841's picture

J'ai retrouve pour la 2eme fois le meme esprit que lors de son concert mythique de Bayonne en 2004

Incroyable - une tracklist des plus hallucinantes et le mix Jah works - exodus enormeeeeeeeeeeeee

Vive le pure son - vive la gratte - vive les innocents criminals


anonymous's picture

Je developpe un peu : c'est la 4eme fois que je le vois en concert et je n'ai jamais vu une ambiance comme ca, de la folie !
Ben etait tres emu, un des moments les plus forts a ete celui ou il s'est arrete de chanter apres sa partie a capella - magnifique - ou tout le public l'a acclame comme jamais et a fait la hola...moment unique qui restera dans ma memoire, comme ce concert et comme toutes les fois ou je l'ai vu et celles ou je le verrai encore.
Merci Ben, ne change pas !

anonymous's picture

concert incroyable

Phileine's picture

There are no words to discribe this concert!!

I will carry it in my heart forever.
I'm very happy that I could be a part of the crowd that night!

Thx BHIC and thx fans for the wonderful music and atmosphere!

Greetings from Belgium

barbouzin42773's picture

Just would like to thank you, musicians and all the audience of l'Olympia for this so special show... a wonderful moment, a special atmosphere
so good music...
so good vibrations...
so much Love...
Thank you so much to share some much things with us !!!

maruko52447's picture

Ben and the innocent criminals simply gave us a moment of pure magic. I guess that's also the way he felt facing this amazing Paris audience in such a special venue. "we have been to many places but there is none like this one. Thank you for lifting us up and making this music the best of what we do". Ben and the Innocent Criminals seemed very moved. Magic was on both sides of the stage. Thank you Ben for just giving us what comes from deep in your heart, guts and soul. We shall no longer walk alone after listening to your music.

sand's picture

whhooawww thank you ben harper and the innocent criminals for this night of fire !... Another walk for peace and for happiness in life...

jeff_le_bandit17251's picture