bengreg76's picture

j'etais pres de toi et mon coeur vibrait ,en tant que musicien je ressen plus ta musique et ce soir la je ne l'oublierai jamais ,tes musiciens sont extraordinaires et t'as musique m'emporte jusqu'au ciel ,merci 1 milliard de fois !!!dommage qu'apres ce concert je n'ai pas pu te rencontrer et avoir au moin ton autographe ,au fait Ben Harper passe le bonjour a OLiver CHarles je ss aussi son grand admirateur
greg houelers

mad's picture

A magic concert !!! Thanks a lot Ben Harper, simply to be alive, to exist !!! You're my favorite artist with bob Marley and john Lennon, and you're the only one i can see, i can meet !!! Thank you !!! You make me fly, dream, cry, laugh and hope... Your music had help me a lot in a very difficult time of my life, when my father's dead... I was always listening to your music, in particulary at this time, the album "fight for your mind", and it gave me the power to go on, to continue my life... I don't know how i can express what i feel for you, words are not enough expressives... You're a Human, with a so good spirit, like the son of bob Marley... Thank you again to exist !!!! Take care !
I saw you in Marseille two years ago and this year, at the olympia, in toulouse and in bordeaux....
I can't wait to see you again !!! Please come back soon in france !!! We love you so much !!!!
Muriel MAD
Excuse my english not very good....

g.sapin31030's picture

Incoryable concert !!!!!
Incredible GIG !!!!!

Si Bayonne 2004 m'a bluffe par l'esprit fete du concert et la fusion avec le public, celui-ci m'a epoustoufle par la performance de Ben l'Artiste. Ben s'est essaye a de nouvelles experiences sur scene : l'acapella (lui-meme), les violonistes, l'accordeoniste. C'etait genial comme d'ab ) et le public etait a DONF !!!
2h45 de concert de OUF, qui dit mieux ???



anonymous's picture

I first saw BHIC in 2003. It was the weekend when i met my now wife. We have seen you on several occasion since (travelling from Glasgow to do so). I did see BHIC in Glasgow in 2004. We both travelled to Paris for the show on 30th June 2006 & were not disapponited. This was the most powerful performance i have seen Ben perform. Completely blew us away. You sing what i'd love to be able to say. You mean a lot to me, in a lot of ways. Do not ever stop.

mjisa's picture

Thank you so much to Mr Harper and the Innocent Criminals. That was the first time I saw you on stage and that was truly awesome. I spent a wonderful time. There is no word to describe the feeling I felt. I really enjoyed when you sang without your mic. That was as if we had the chance to listen to a great artist in our living room!
I was happy to hear Burn one down cos I love the moment of solo of Leon Mobley in this song.
There were so many great moments! It's impossible to quote them all. So thanks Ben and thanks the Innocent criminals for your talent, your genius and your kindness....

stiflerno186672's picture

We flew out on the friday morning to come and watch Ben Harper play on the Friday night. Having first heard about him through my brother when he was travelling in Australia I always wanted to see him live and after that show I cant imagine seeing anyone bringing as much energy and presence to a stage as Ben Harper. An amazing musician with the guitar playing skills of Hendrix and the words of Bob Dylan! RESPECT!

Florence's picture

It's been nearly one week (friday) since I saw Ben & the Innocent Criminals singing in Paris and it is as if it was yesterday... Friday 30th June is an unfogettable day now ! There was such a strong energy in this wonderful and magic place, l'Olympia ! Peace, love, strength, faith... We could feel of all that when listening to Ben and his Ben ! And I secretely hope that a CD from this evening will be released so that more persons can hear these wonderful moments...
1 000 000 thanks to Ben and the Innocent Criminals !
I love you !

natachon0249070's picture

Thanks, just thanks for this moment...

aurelaie2052159's picture

TRULY AMAZING... a pure moment of grace and a real communion between Ben and us...
It was my tenth concert and every time has been great but this one in the Olympia was so very special...

Ben, your music is so is the soundtrack of our lives and follows us in the good times, and helps us go through the bad ones... so thanks again for all that you've given us... Keep on making genuine music and going on tour... We will be there! See you in Amneville for my 11th :) !

matt7554's picture

We traveled from London for this concert and we knew it would be special as it was the finale of the group's performances at Olympia - we just didn't realise how special it would be.

Ben's performance of Where Could I Go at the front of stage, sans mic was one of the most powerful and moving pieces of live music I have ever seen. It was one of many songs which almost moved us to tears!

You've started an amazing thing Ben. Thanks from all of your satisfied friend/fans!

flashsquare63438's picture

Thank you Ben and all the band (Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason, Michael, ...) it was a really pleasure to see you guys again. The last show for me was 1 year ago, and the time that I have waiting for you was too long... The show in the Olympia was fantastic, like a mystic halo above our head during 3 very specials hours.
Thank you so much!!!
Dave & Elsita
Special thank to Michael Ward for wearing france shirt, he helped France to win -)

anonymous's picture

Pure magic at the best venue. I can't believe BHIC played for more than 2.5 hours without a break. Musically intense, melodious miracle, vocal wisdom, total pleasure, physical endurance, I can change the world (and my hands go above my head) with my own two hands. A quiet symbol and I believe, I can change the world and you showed us it is possible. Peace not war! THANK YOU!!!!

gesinekoepp4690's picture

Hi Ben, we would travel anywhere to see you and your amazing band. Thank you so much for this wonderful evening in the Olympia. After Amsterdam, Berlin, Amneville and Hamburg in 2004 we are very happy to see you again!!! And looking forward to Hamburg in November!! You rock... All the best from Anthony and Gesine (Dublin/Ireland)

dadalap28104's picture

Thank you for everything Ben. It's the best concert than I lived. You have us make to vibrate and to enter in communion thanks to your music. Your passage "a capella" has me literally transported. thank you for all to you and the Innocent Criminals, and see you later to the Zenith of Dijon.
Good road, and god blessed you!

thomas.meziere18144's picture

Thank you very much Mr Ben Harper !!!

You are and you'll stay the best musician for me.
Your show was quite simply magic !!!.
Thank you for all that you bring to us.
Your music transports us as in a dream which one does not want to leave.
Thank you also with the innocent criminals ( jason, mickael, leon, oliver and juan ).
This intimist concert will remain ever engraved in my memory.

Thank you so so so much !!

bonnetdelphine81731's picture

I'll always remember this show, especially the wonderfull "power of gospel". The moment Ben put his guitar on the chair was mistic.
Thank you BHIC, for the strong moments you still give us and the message you bring.
See you soon.

xaviermaingonnat31398's picture

What a wonderfull moment spend yesterday night. My friends and me are greatfull for what he transmitted last night. We even had tremors travelling on our skin at some moment...
I also was impressed by 2 things
with my two hands, if only every body could have seen all those stand up hands
when you spoke about angels, i found one on the stage
This makes me think you might bring peace on earth with so powerfull text man.

Thank you, that was awsome
Take care

bastounc75472's picture

What a wonderful world, tadadadada, when you go to see Ben Harper, in a beautiful evening of the summer !

What a solo of Weissenborn ( special dedicace to Hermann P ), it didn't sound look like others instrumental solo of Ben : great moment.
Other thing very special, Ben had say a new sentence in french : " ca va ?! " ! lol

Thank you very much for this concert BHIC :)

guillarmou65338's picture

Wonderful show and audience.
Here tehe setlist:
1-Both side of the gun
2-Brown eyes blues
3-Xcuse me Mr.
4-Please don't talk about murder while i'm eating
5-Heart of gold (neil young, thanks for this gift)
6-Musicians Introduction
7-When she believe (with accordian)
8-Diamond on the inside
9-Steal my kisses
10-Jah Work/Exodus
11-Ground on down
12-Burn one down
13-With my own two hands/War

1rst Encore
14-Walk Away
15-Weissenborn impro (ben played a wonderful instrumental during 5 or 6 minute in an incredible silence
16-Pleasure an pain
17-Power of the gospel(with the violin)
16-Waiting for you
18-Black rain

2nd Encore
19-Amen Omen
20-Where could I go
21-Gold to me
23-Better Way

After the show ben thanks the audience for giving strenght to carry on everyday.
He takes a Brittany Flag and puts it on his mics and feels emotional ...
Thank you and seen you soon...


loikarm14651's picture

I've always loved most of your songs and i've been waiting such a long time to see you on stage...and now that i did,my only commentary about your show would be: in the musical world, you're the greatest guy on earth nowadays Mr Ben Harper: you sang Power of the Gospel with only violins & a viola, you sang part of a song "a capella" at the Olympia tonight and we had 2hours and a half of show!!!! Please,please do not change and keep making us dream...
Best. A music maker and lover