07.02.06 Werchter, Belgium

Rock Werchter Werchterpark with Depeche Mode, Hooverphonic, Robert Plant, Starsailor, Eels, Darko Jones, Nailpin

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sahara199059571's picture

hej ben harper and the innocent criminals,
When i saw the names for RW I thought by myself, who the hell is BH & the IC, I had never heard of you and wasn't planning to see you...
But then, that sunday, I did see you on stage by accident and i thought WOW! Who is that ?
When I heard your music I was astonished that I had never heard of you!
I really love your music and bought your CD as soon as I came home!
I also saw an intervieuw of you on tv and you said that the goal of playing on a festival was to please your fans and win new fans who had never heard of you, so I just want to say: mission completed!!



sander.d.l25459's picture

There are almost no words to describe yesterday's gig. I'm gonna try anyway. Starting with the slide guitar was for me the symbol of your arrival. Juan's vocal share in the show was very surprising but pleasant. The thing I liked the most was the fact that you really saw that all the members of the band enjoyed playing on Werchter. Good crowd? Will we ever know? I just know, I liked it and i'll be in Vorst Nationaal (Foret nationale) in october
Thank u for great experience

anonymous's picture

ben harper and the innocent criminals !
i am a big fan since welcome to the cruel world i have all your music last week in amsterdam and now at rock werchter ! ben thank you for being so much in europe , see you soon in belgium , germany , france... thank,s again great peformance !

Phileine's picture

Thanks Michael!

Thanks BHIC for the great setlist and performance!

Thanks Ben for the loempia! :P

See you again in Octobre!

Ispider72043's picture

What can I say??? Was out this weekend for Robert Plant, Chillis and The Who, and thought I'd catch you after Plant...

Suffice it to say it was everything I look for in a live performance, with the added bonus of being a big surprise. I have most of your albums, but had no idea just what a force you and yours could be live. My friend who I'd dragged along had never heard a note of your music, and he also thought you turned in the performance of the weekend. Your cover of Exodus brought a tear to my eye, literally. Amazing. The spirit of Bob was with us, and we were blessed.

Thank you Mr. Harper, have a great tour, and come back to the UK in November/December - I've got some people who'd love to meet you...

an_cleymans25230's picture


A lovely sunset, a beer in my hand, you, me and a bunch of good songs ... what more does a girl need ?? Thanks for the great show !


vervanmijnb18533's picture

Hi Ben,

Thanks again for a great show!!
I had a blast, sunny, a beer and Ben Harper on the stage...What a way to spend a sunday...let's do this every weekend :-) Hope to seeya soon somewhere.
Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Take care