07.03.06 Reading, England

Madejski Stadium with Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Madejski Stadium - Reading, England

Opening for RHCP! Doors: 3:00 PM

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thesweaty-tw50495's picture

to be honest with you, when i first heard ben harper and the innocent criminals..i didnt really like it and when i heard they were supporting RHCP at reading, which i had tickets for, i couldnt help making fun of my friend who introuduced ben harpers music to me. however when i was at the concert, i went towards the front to hear bhic and i was blown away by his passion for his music, and i loved it. i didnt know any of the songs so i couldt sing along, but i groooooved down all the same and had a great time. Jaun's bass solo, after his bass broke was amazing, and ben's slide guitar was amazing. and not only was it a great experience, but it was followed by my absoloutely mind blowing show from the chili peppers. the highlight being 'me and my friends'.

cheeers guys, loved it.

ollijoy33452's picture

ben harper and the innocent criminals have been one off my best loved bands for a while now and it was turly amasing to see you guys perform a great live show!!! and i thank you for saving music and to keep doing what you do best! now i must try and come to london to see you play your own show!

seb_99939851's picture

On my way to the concert, i was expecting there to be two young and unheard of bands that were absoloutely rubbish. I was so wrong, there was one rubish support band. ben harper was amazing, it was groovy, funky and completely inspiring. once i got back i felt i just ahd to buy his altest album, both sides of the gun. I was gobsmacked completely, as he was followed by more immensely brilliant music by the red hot chili peppers. A truly great show. i only have one other thinbg to say.
You work for me!

anonymous's picture

I went to the gig with one thing on my mind-the chilis. Then you guys came on and I was blown away instantly. I have fallen in love with your band and I can't wait to buy your whole back catalogue!