07.04.06 Plymouth, England

Plymouth Pavilions with Piers Faccini

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brockerly42367's picture

i'm a bit surprised no one mentioned the awesome bongo drums solo that lasted about 5 mins.....brilliant! otherwise i agree with everones positive feedback!

come back please!!!

Thom's picture

This was an opportunity I had been waiting for. Ben Harper is one of my ultimate idols and to be seeing him in person was mind blowing.
The support, Piers Faccini, was pretty good. I was impressed by his guitar style and he seemed to have a lot to. A Dylan cover was welcomed and his orginals definately lived up (well not quite) to BHIC.
When the band walked onto the stage I was completely awestruck. This was what my life was for. He sang with such expression and feeling it was unreal. He played with somew conviction I have only ever seen in a few musicians. When he screamed without a microphone I could feel exactly what he was trying to say. The rest of the band also played with such a passion. When Leon got out onstage in 'Burn One Down' I was pretty happy. His improve was inspiring and made me pick up my djembe as soon as I was home.
Anyway, here's a run-down of my perfect songs from perfect set list:
'Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating'- this was powerful. Major expression for a major work. Slightly reminded me of an MC5 performance.
'Burn One Down'- always an amazing song. Leon completes it and made us all dance. It was exciting.
'Jah Work/Exodus'- this got to me, shook my soul.
'Black Rain'- funk at it's best. The politicians better have been listening to this. Conviction made it true and truth made it roll.
'Another Lonely Day'- this shook me. I can't think of anything to say.
'Get It Like You Like It'- it rocked. It made us feel complete. We smiled.
'Like A King/I'll Rise'- political music at it's possible best. He screamed it, he made us feel it, we loved it.
'Better Way'- the perfect end. We all needed this, we al loved this.
But none of the above really matters, all I need to say is thank you to Ben and the Innocent Criminals.

yrubnats180587's picture

Saw Ben at birmingham academy a few years back..it's such a great moment when you find yourself in close proximity with someone who has provided such a valuable contribution to the soundtrack of your life..still trying to find the adjectives to accurately describe the plymouth performance..words, no matter how eloquent are simply inadequate..although a little dissappointed that juan did'nt break out one of his signature bass solos! many thanks ben, the innocent criminals, & fellow music lovers that made the atmosphere so alive....

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WOW!! What an awesome show. I have been a fan for a few years now, but had never had the chance to see the main man live. I was absolutley shocked but over the moon that Ben and IC were coming to Plymouth!! Persuaded a friend to come who had not really heard of Ben, and has not stopped thanking me since! She is well and truly a Ben H fan! I can agree with comments from Lisa about the sound, Pavillions sound isnt the best. I don't think that mattered on the night, we were thoroughly entertained and treated to an awesome 2 hour 40 set. Please come back to the South West we love you!! What a talented man and the IC's were ace, thank you so much for making a trip to Plymouth!

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From one of the few older people who were in the audience -
Have waited for a few years to see the man and What a concert I feel privliged to have been there definetly worth waiting for. Come back soon to the South West.

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Saw the great Ben Harper & the IC at Plymouth Pavillions, What a truly great night it felt like a special moment in time for everybody there,
The crowd were awesome & i think the guys were amazed by the feedback they were getting, they performed with such passion for 2hrs & 40 mins it was a privilege to see it.
I have read other reviewers talking about the sound in the pavillions having been there many times i can tell you that is the nature of that venue it is never perfect but it does bring out the best of any performer i have seen there.
I dont know weather Ben ever looks at this sight but this is my opportunity to say THANK YOU man for one night you made us all feel special, you moved us, you rock.

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With your eyes closed, lost in the heat and love of the crowd, i believe i felt enlightened. Like sitting out back on a booming swell, life could't of felt better!!!! Bens set lead me and my friends on a trail of emotion and passion. HOW DARE PEOPLE STAND STILL in such a thumbing beat and amazing environment. All we from Cornwall can say is ' Thank you'

Power to the peaceful!!!

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Wow what a cool night that was. Ben and the IC were unbelievable. That they played for 2hrs 40mins just goes to show how engaged they were with the crowd. There would not have been so many songs if we had not kept showing our appreciation and screaming for more.
I agree the vocals were a bit muddy and the bass a bit boomy but I was impressed with the overall sound (much better than when I saw them at brixton academy).

There were so many moments and songs that rocked my world including please don't talk about murder while i'm eatin', black rain, steal my kisses, burn one down (many did!) through to woman in you, like a king / rise, and the bit where Ben managed to quiet down (most of) the crowd and sing without any mikes. This was especially humbling as it really gave a feeling of being right there with him, like he wes just a friend singing a song round a campfire. I'm sure many people around me felt the connection
just as i did.

I was slightly disappointed not to hear With My Own 2 Hands. I saw a few people gesturing for it (with there own two......) near the end, as I was.

The air conditioned arena was greatly appreciated on such a ridiculously hot day, but even so I couldn't have gone through a much longer set. It was a good length.

The place was full of beautiful people (which made me smile) and I don't think i've ever seen so many dreads in one place at one time. Plus it was a good friend's birthday and we got him all the way to the arena without telling him where we were taking him. It slowly dawned on him when we got to the car park and saw all the aformentioned beautiful, dreaded people that something was up!

The amosphere, the sunny day and Ben & the IC's amazing performance made for an amazing gig I will not soon forget.

Peace & Respect to everyone who was involved

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What a fantastic gig- great vocal performance (wouldn't really expect anything less!!!) and a really tight back up from the innocent crims. I took a couple of friends who were not already harperites (like me) and I think they have well and truly been converted!!! All I hope is that Ben makes more appearences here in the South West we really don't see enough of you over here Ben- same time same place next year??? We can only hope!!!

creamofdevon_206349's picture

Awesome Gig, one of the longest sets i have ever had the pleasure of hearing. With non stop action from ben. A great performance all round, cheering all night still buzzing the next day

howbedoing78681's picture

What more can i say than a truly awsome concert, piers Faccini opened with a great set, and then the man himself!!!
What a master Ben came on stage at 8.15pm and gave it his all for 2hrs 40 mins. Just as you thought that the end was comming he would bash out another.
The highlight was Ben Singing on his own without a mic when a man can do this in a 2000 seat arena and the people can still hear at the back that is just pure class. Thanks ben for mone of the most memorable concerts of my Life

emma86482's picture

gee simon & kay... very positive.....
they were great, it cant get any better than this... such passion put into the concert... his voice was amazing! great human being, puts all his effort in what he does... and the innocent criminals... AMAZING.. they were all amazing.. is really amazing considering they give concerts nearlly every day, and yet are able to deliver a show of this quality... i had the priviledge to meet them backstage and theyre what the portray through their music, OUTSTANDING human beings! I loved it!!!

smithsontour82989's picture

We had waited for seven years to see Ben & band & weren't disappointed!
An exhilerating & passionate performance featuring older favourites and some newer material.
Highlights were Bens short acoustic set & singing without vocal mic!
The Innocent Criminals were as tight & professional as it can be. Only two gripes......Bens vocal mix was initially muddy.Midway thru the set, it improved, but by the end of the gig, from where we sat, we couln't make out what Ben was saying. Also, as a bass player, i felt that the bass mix was lumpy and Juan's lines were lost in low end BOOM!. This aside, it was a magical night and we came home to Cornwall feeling that we had been part of something really special. We love you Ben!
Sime & Kay