07.06.06 Sheffield, England

Don Valley Stadium with Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 2006-07-06 - Don Valley Stadium - Sheffield, England

Opening for RHCP! Doors: 3:00 PM

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As usual, Ben + the guys had it nailed down - I was saddened that too many were ignoring him even though he clearly outclassed the headliners. Greater things must surely beckon aftre all these years - Serve Your Soul was my particular highlight, Cheers fellas

danielcatch975274's picture

Amazing, just a shame so many people didn't even bother to take notice, more interested in throwing beer bottles around instead. But as always Ben Never lets us down! Superb!

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i'd never heard of Ben harper and the innocent criminals before, but they amazing, i'll definatly look out for there music, it was the perfect opener for the chili's.

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The last track that Ben did called Serve Your Soul, was the best, most incredible guitar solo my ear lugs have ever feasted on!!. I think John F must have felt a little humble... i know i did!! What a God of strings, Im off to buy his entire C.D stack now, see yea.

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Fantastic! I thought Ben and the boys made the chillis look a little silly. Can't wait for the London show! Thank you Ben....

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never heard of the guy before but he was bloody brilliant

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Amazing yes,ASTONISHING aswell,great opening to the night for me!!

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only 1 word needed