ann34074's picture

I have not been able to get this gig out of my mind. I am a relatively new fan but no less passionate about Bens music than if I'd known him forever. I was stunned by the energy and emotion in the delivery of those great songs. Ben you sing with such sincerity - how I would love to meet you. This was my first gig of yours and I will not miss any others in the uk. Please can you come to Manchester soon. We need you!!

anonymous's picture

this was a fantastic show but, now you've published the setlist - what happened to 'both sides of the gun' - i may be gettin senile but i'll swear you started with that. thanks for george's slide

lanegold83873's picture

this was my comment after the gig - dont know where this picture came from - martin (fingers flynn)

also the comment a couple below it is from my son george - he still has the slide ben gave him that night - and his guitar playing and songwriting have continued to develop and make us all very happy (thanks in part to the inspiration you gave him)

many thanks

lpg5780132's picture

Amazing gig... ended up missing the train home so sat on a roundabout in the middle of no where burning one down with some friends ... hope you tour here again soon guys ... slaterz

anonymous's picture

A concert to remember it totally blew me away. I was very lucky to be at the front as Ben gave me his slide And The guitarest Michael Ward gave me his picks , lucky for me i play guitar. Thankyou to Ben Harper and the innocent criminals you've just made a 10 year old boy very Happy.thankyou to Ben Harper. also your music has inspired me to become a musician just like you. ive also took a big liking to your song excuse me Mr. i can now play it all the way through. once again thankyou and Hello to everyone at Apollo last night.

mart_adan75535's picture

Many years ago, in my dear Madrid, fall into my hands"The Will To Live" for the first time , and growing along with others albums, I kept them as a close companions in my adventures through life..
Yesterday night, for the first time, I met the magician himself. 5 meters from his shy grace at first, warming up to cretae the eruption-volcano's synergy of his own fire works creations and the audience passionated response.. The Weissenborn, impresive instrument, wild and powerful as delicate and sutil.. soul reflection..
The Innocent Criminals, fantastic musicians, but I must give the colour of the enjoyment to Leon, beautiful contageous smiling spirit, diving my feet into the rythms.. And Juan for the finger trip of his strings..
All of us could have enjoyed even more if we'd understand that in a concert, there are moments for silence(audience) as an element of respect to the musicians and to open the world of listening with all the senses. All of this goes for Pierce Faccini, and some solo acts of Ben, Weissenborn and without micro .. Respect!

Never the less.. It pierced my insides.. A memory that will ever go from me..

Thank you, Ben

P.S: In your tour, look after my dear Madrid, I'm sure they will look after you..

See you soon x

andysnipper52811's picture

Finally got to take my son to see Ben (he was ill for the Astoria gig) after we discovered you at the Milton Keynes show years ago..
Ben, thanks for giving us such an awesome performance. The band were 'on it' and your vocals - when the sound allowed - were the best I've heard from you. I couldn't believe the passion in the air.
Loved every minute!

dwallan30975's picture

AMAZING SHOW! I've seen Ben in a few different venues - he never ceases to amaze...everytime! Thank you so much for the music! I was brought to tears by 'Walk Away'. Great night and good crowd!

mike_naylor29960's picture

The passion you exude and influenceyou have through your lyrics and actions is infinately infectious. You have the abilty to bring a group of complete strangers together in a world of uncertainty and segregation. A modern preacher, a master musician and profound poet. Ben, You have the respect of millions. We Love You. Last night's show was as energetic and moving as always. Black Rain being one of many highlights. Come back to the little UK soon. Please.

josh_winward83384's picture

Awesome Gig!!! I've been to see Roger Waters fromm Pink Floyd, and I've seen the who recently, but I don't think either of those compared with last nite!!! I've loved ben's music for years, and have been waiting for the day I could see it up close. It was everything I expected and a hell of a lot more!! The slide instrumental was incredible, and burn one down was a fantastic crowd pleaser!! I was lucky enough to be basically right at the front, making it even more special. I cannot wait for him to return to the UK!!!!

bianchig21067's picture

This was my first Ben Harper concert..I was absolutely astonished.
How versatile Ben is!!!He can play any kind of music, he's absolutely amazing..
First time at the Apollo, too, and I was pretty impressed...can't wait to see Ben Again...San Diego in August??

Once again, thanx Ben!!!

anonymous's picture

Awesome show last night, really showed why he's the complete performer from the awesome slide instrumental session to bringing the packed Apollo crowd to silence with raw voice alone. Old songs, covers and new tunes - one of the best gigs i've been to in ages!

cannonivers94099's picture

His shows are oozing with passion. It is as if he has so much energy and belief in the message that his songs deliver, that he cannot contain and harness it all. Fortunately for us, it spills out into the crowd and affects each and everyone one of us.

The show was the best I have seen! I agree with your Mother, you should speak on stage more often you have such a powerful ministry to every person who is fortunate enough to glimpse the essence of what your tracks melodically speak about a crafty showman.

As a friend put it, he does not need any other instruments aside from his voice.

Please keep encouraging us all!

Thank you!

johnbeale012573's picture

Iv loved Ben Harper for years but always missed out on seeing him. My first time and it was fantastic! He had a lot to live up to and did so well. So happy to hear some of the older tracks that got me into him along with new funk. Another lonely day im sure is always a croud pleaser and sure was last night. My girlfriend was new to Ben Harper and said it was one of the best gigs she has been too. An amazing night and cant wait to see him again as soon as possible.

cyberdufus44632's picture

Out of the 9 Ben shows I've been to, this one was definitely in the top 3. Outstanding vocals especially the no mic version of "Where Could I Go"...that simply blew me away!! A longer review to come when I get back home to Toronto tomorrow.

Glen w/1N

jdaout77523's picture

Outstanding show but the sound was awful!