07.17.06 Verona, Italy

Arena di Verona

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fabio_bex62695's picture

una magica serata a coronare un'estate indimenticabile...da Parigi a Verona due diverse atmosfere, due diverse tipologie di pubblico, ma una sola, esaltante, mitica band!!!musica di altissimo livello, emozioni infinite:l'Arena scoppiava di energia!!!!everybody jump!!!!!!!!!_Sabsy e Bex

anbian7819's picture

i have just to thank you and the innocent criminals for the great performance. It up not just from yours skill, but from yours feeling deepness. thanks a lot, i lost the latest concert in milano/bologna/roma, but i bring you with me every day. keep waiting for you again.take care

bludub75645's picture

I don't have words to describe my emotions. It was my third concert, and every time is great.
Befor the concert I meet Ben behind the stage inside the arena, feeling like a teen ager in front of his idol, I didn't say a word, didn't make a photo but i will remember for the rest of my life.
Thank you Ben, thanks to all the band for make me live every time a great evening and a great day.
You are really great persons...

paolacontessi93264's picture

Unbelievable, it was the best concert I've ever gone to. I cannot describe the precious brightness you gave me, the strenght. You deeply touch people in their insides and make the best of them come out. This is why, I think, yours is everybody's music.
Thank you Ben and band.

Sandre's picture

Thank you guys for that fabulous night filled with hope, peace and a whiff of magic

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Looking forward to November in Munich!

anonymous's picture

it was such a great evening...

i took my last money and a friend of mine and we went to verona...

we left at graz at about 4 in the afternoon and arrived inverone at 8.45 bought the ticket at 20.55 und you startet just ten minutes after we arrive at the arena....

it was such an amazing show!!!! looking forwart to see you all in munich in november my birthday :-)

thank you for the grat evening

cordiuz's picture

Incredible, it was my first Ben's concert and it was wonderful!
Ben & IC's live music is also better than in the cds, they make you live and dream in their songs through the extraordinary way the play them.
The first part of the concert was full of energy and power, the second was acoustic with Ben playing acoustic alone made our souls fly over the sky, the third with IC was the perfect end of a great concert.

Thank you Michael for wearing Totti's shirt!!

Thank you Ben & IC really really really much!!!!!

stefano.aquilini57565's picture

grazie Ben and the IC per uno dei concerti che ricorderemo tutti come STRAORDINARIO x tutto:pubblico,cornice e ovviamente musica di alto livello

lisa_maya_zoe32041's picture

i want to thank you for this wonderful night,
it was such an amazing show
it was the 2nd time, that i saw you, the first was too long ago, in munich.
ben i want to thank you for your music, you really helped me through a lot of bad times, and helped me to stand up again, no mather what happened.

and the show in verona was incredible,
i'm looking forward to your concert in munich in november!!

kiss and hug

nicozoni86333's picture

I Love You Ben! and i love the Innocent Criminals! You're Amazing.... I was here in Verona and i was very happy.... I hugged Leon and i shaken Ben's hand... I'll never forget it!

evelyn's picture

Thank's ben.
Thank's for the emotions.
Thank's because yuo are wonderful.
Thank's because your band is the top.
Thank's for your music.
I love you!!!!!!!!
Come back in italy..now!!

marcmadness17485's picture

Charming by the Ben's fire!
A moltitude in Verona dancing on "With my own two hands", praying on "There will be a light", screaming on "Better way".
Thank you Ben, thank you Criminals!

(And thanks to my daddy who brought my brother and me to the concert!)

rupert90073's picture


This was my 3rd concert (1st Flippaut Festival, 2nd Heineken Jammin Festival), and surely this was the best!

Ancient location for touching feelings.

Thanks Ben.


evelyn's picture

the concert in arena di vrona.Please!!