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Bennihana's voice is amazing! Sounds better and better everytime I hear him live. ICs rocked the house. Lots of energy during upbeat songs. Amazing set. Lots of new stuff, looking for more slower/unplugged old stuff. All in all, one insane show.

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fucking great was tighter and rocked harder than i'd ever seen them...better way is super strong live...want to say thanks to ben and oliver for talking with us after the show, and for the photos and t-shirt autograph...funny side note, as we were waiting by the tour buses after the show, a van pulled up and the lady said she was catering, as it was, she carried 2 boxes of krispy kremes into the back door..conincidently, all the krispy kremes in AZ shut down the next day...haha, great show, and thanks again guys

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So amazing...sounds just as good in person as CD!! Such a moving experience..."Walk Away" made me cry! Can't wait to catch the show again in Atlanta (Sept. 15) Love you guys!! :o)

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Great show tonight. Opening with 'Fight for your Mind' was a really nice surprise. 'Forgiven' and 'Glory and Consequence' were great also. I loved Ben's comment that in his mind he plays like Steve Nash.

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Ive seen hundreds of concerts by hundreds of different bands,this is one of, if not the best show I have ever seen!

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We traveled all the way from Houston, TX to see this show. It was my 2nd time & it was even sweeter than the first. My girlfriend & i danced away to "Burn One Down".... what an amazing show from BHIC. Thank all of you guys for pouring your hearts out for us. We will most definately be back for the next time. Please swing through Texas next time though b/c airfare was a bit exspensive. Who am i kidding, we will fly anywhere to see Ben.

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Incredible show. Thank you so much for playing Amen Omen, you made me the happiest person ever. Come back soon!

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Excellent show! My first time seeing him and the Innocent Criminals perform live. Would definitely see them again. "Ground on down", "Burn one down" and "Better way" were highlights, as well as the all accoustic 1st encore. One of the best performances I've ever witnessed.

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WOW! Last night was the first time I've seen B.H. live. Absolutely impressed with his voice and his band. I can't wait to see them again! Keep it up.

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As good as it gets! My 7th time seening Ben and the boys and they never let you down. Good mix of rarely heard live tunes from burn to shine. Thanks boys!

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What a great show! First time seeing Ben and I was blown away! The encore was awesome...Burn one down followed by Better Way...both so amazing!