08.11.06 Los Angeles, CA

Greek Theatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley came out during "Jah Work" to sing a full version of "Exodus" with BHIC.

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Three rows from the stage. I was totally elated with everything about the show. Loved Burn to Shine, and all of it. Loved the playlist, and stage show backdrops Juan and everyone accompaning you Loved it. Played to all your hometown people. Nobody should complain about Ben and his band and what you "didn't get to hear him play." Ben, you and your band are a gift to us all and I thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and giving us your music and art. It just makes me so happy. You are all amazing. You can play anything you want and I will be enlightened. Just don't stop.

Jackie from Huntington Beach

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I remember sitting on the floor of the Grove House (Pitzer College cafe) and watching Ben Harper play for the first time, I was in total amazement. This was the same feeling I had at this concert.

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the show was AMAZING!! it was my first time @ the greek and my 1st time seeing ben in concert (besides when i saw him at amoeba records in hollywood)....i must say, i really thought he would open with "better way".....or at least play it! i was sooo bummed to not hear that song....but still the most AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!

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Highlight was on JAHWORK AND EXODUS with JR GONG and BHIC ending the show in style. Big Ups

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Here are some of the pictures that Archer asked for, plus another review. Enjoy!


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I have to agree with the last review about the sound. We were right behind the soundboard. They had some real problems on "Burn to Shine" and "Glory and Consequence". They worked on it for a few songs and got it taken care of. After that, it was great. Ben line of the night, "I've been told I play too long. But that is usually by the record company or the critics. And neither of them ever buy a ticket!" Rock On!

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This was my 5th time seeing Ben. Overall, I have to agree with the fellow who said he thought the show lacked energy. It started out very mellow. "Steal My Kisses" was the opener. The sound mix wasn't very good where I was. On "Burn To Shine," all I could hear was organ and tambourine when it should have been rockin'.

They did get into gear eventually. The first time he sat down ("Forgiven") was when they started to get going, but with the exception of "Ground On Down," I don't think they ever really got there.

Ben playing "There Will Be A Light" solo acoustic was another highlight though, I must admit.

Lastly, once again, for my 5th time in a row, he didn't play my favorite song, "Faded." I was very disappointed about that...again.

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I think this was the third time we have seen Ben and the gang this year. We were fortunate enough to see him warm up the new material at the El Rey theatre here in Los Angeles before the album dropped and before the world tour started.

I thought Ben and the Band were in full gear at that show and was blown away. So much energy and the small venue helped. I love the new material.

We also got a chance to see him at the KCRW festival in Los Angeles as well. Same thing, lots on energy and totallyt captivating. Ben even jumped off stage and I got a high five from him.

The show at the Greek seemed lacking in energy. I cant hold it against them though, they have top be road weary considering they just barnstormed Europe. Mellow energy and very much a greatest hits show. Always a good time, just missed the energy.

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One of the heaviest versions of 'Excuse Me Mr.' I've heard. And Jah Work/ Exodus, the "song that cost them 3,500" was well worth it. A truly beautiful night.

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The Dodger shirt was amazing!!! Go Blue!!! I was in the pit. Lots of people taking pics. If anyone has a picture of Ben where you can read his shirt...could you be so kind as to forward one to me @ benlovesdodgers@yahoo.com. I will give you some amazing shots in return. Thanks!!!!

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Great show as always. Damian killed the opening. Best highlight was Damian coming out and joining Ben to sing Exodus for the finale. Ben did a lot of slide guitar and had 2 or 3 instrumentals and a few solos. Very tight. O yea and Ben was rocking a LA Dodgers shirt. That's right go Dodgers.