08.12.06 Los Angeles, CA

Greek Theatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Jeremy Nelson was a human beat-box on "Steal My Kisses."

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Great show as always! Best part was when they tried to kick Ben off stage and he basically said Fuck you and kept playing, Even though it costed him in fines! Ben you are the man

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As always the show was great, although a bit subdued. Hearing Lifeline and the audience participation on There will be a Light was definitely a highlight. I'm looking forward to Sand Diego, both nights in Berkeley, and Tahoe. Great show by Ben and the Criminals, keep tearin' it up guys! The new album is rockin'!!

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Beautiful performance of 'I shall not walk alone'. Ben plays a longer intro to 'Waiting for You' that is really nice also. Leon keeps stealing the show with great solos and high energy. Love these guys.

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This was my 6th time seeing Ben and my second night in a row at the Greek (see my review for 8.11 as well).

Saturday night, I thought was much better than Friday, but I was in the pit, so how could it have been bad?! The sound up front was great! The sound where I was on Friday (Section B, Row D - pretty decent seats) was NOT great. It was very intreresting to compare the two. It made ALL the difference. That being said, it's hard to say for certain if there was more energy on Saturday, but I think there was. (Keep that in mind when reading reviews, people! It's a shame, but it's true.)

Opened with "Both Sides of the Gun." Much, better than "Steal My Kisses" on Friday. Juan's son Jeremy came out to do the beatbox on Sat. They closed with "Better Way," which was cool. They didn't play that song Fri. "Black Rain" was a highlight of both nights, as was "There Will Be a Light."

"If you wanna be cynical about the Light, you can kiss my ass."
Ben Harper, 8.12.06

Lastly, once again, no "Faded." VERY disappointed. According to this website, he hasn't played that song since July 2005. Bummer.

robertsheehan578706's picture

Wow !!! What a night of music and life. Ben and the boys got off to a nice start with the new stuff early but I must say that Ben's acoustic set was simply amazing. I got goose bumps hearing "Waiting for an Angel" and the new song "Lifeline" just hits right at home for what needs to be happing right now for peace in the world. Thanks BHIC for showing us a Better Way !! Peace Love and Happiness.

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While BHIC was (as always) passionate in their playing and gave a great effort, I walked away regretting the set list. I just don't care very much for the last three BHIC studio albums (Burn, Diamonds, Both Sides) and greatly admire the first 3 (welcome, fight, will). The fact that the set list was weighted towards the last three is understandable, but it made for a boring night for me. Ground on Down, Waiting on an Angel, Please Me, and the instrumental were the highlights. The lowlights were the sickingly poppy Steal My Kisses, the sophmoric Burn One Down, and the just bad Get it Like You Like It. The prominence of the new guitarist and organist on songs from Both Sides of the Gun (Better Way, Black Rain) is distracting. The Ben-alone set was much better. I know it isn't fair to BHIC, but I would prefer the setlist to include more of the older material. I've been a fan now for a decade and have been at shows since 1997, so maybe I've just become a crotchety old man that pines for the days of yesteryear. But the new albums aren't as good as the old ones, are they?

mor's picture

what a beautiful beautiful touching show, plus I was in the need for some upliftment - so that worked well for me. Juan's son joined them onstage for Steal My Kisses - very great. I saw Friday night's show as well, but Mr. Harper seemed a little more into the one on Saturday as himself, and he was a lot more talkative than I usually see him at shows (or maybe I"m just thinking that because I was dancing a lot less and paying more attention to the show - but Ben's dancing WAS in key!!). The slide show in the background is a very nice addition - mostly pictures and designs (obviously). AND most importantly, we all got to hear Lifeline - yay- after what had to be the sweetest acoustic set that I can remember for a long time - or ever!! Acoustic set was Waiting on an Angel, I shall not walk alone, There will be a light (with audience participation - very nice and touching), the beautiful instrumental that he's been playing, and then Lifeline!! Very very beautiful indeed - such a sight for soar ears - and it was very clear - the whole acoustic set was (even thought the microphone or something seemed to crackle a few times - but he completely overcame that no problems)!! He spoke to the audience about some people asking him how he can play such a positive song (there will be alight) in light (or lack of it) of all the bad things that happen in the world, or how bad the world is, and before he started into the next song he said he is back in the light and he thanked the audience for being his light that night!! And of course I can't even explain what it is like to be able to hear a new song live, especially a touching one like that - thank you Ben Harper, thank you for playing it for us - it was a very beautiful night - and I was just a little emotional that day to begin with, so it was very fulfilling in that sense - and I knew there had to be light at the end of the day. Damian Marley also put on an excellent show - I pay to see him regardless - but I missed half his set that night due to reasons I'd rather not ever have to think about again - but God Bless You too Damian and crew and we love you too! Thank you for such a beautiful show and safe travels and god speed to everyone involved for the upcoming tour - and then, of course, I can't wait until next time!