08.13.06 San Diego, CA

Embarcadero Marina Park South with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Jeremy Nelson was a human beat-box on "Steal My Kisses."

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smarcotte55916's picture

I took my Mom and dad to this show. It was their first Ben Harper experience. They are now HOOKED!

Walk Away was very DEEP for me during that second set. Touched a nerve that had been dormant for a while.

As always Ben, you put the SHOW back in Showmanship.

Thanks again. Come back to SD soon.

(P.S.- Damian Marley really rocked the house too. Nice to see some new takes on his dad's classics.)

jared76's picture

Great show! I'd have to agree that the audience in SD was a bit more amped than Saturday in LA. It was great to hear some of the classics, but I do miss the reggae Steal My KissesPressure Drop version. I'm waiting for the Ben/Damian collabo the the 8/11 crowd got to experience! Each show is a different experience. Is Juan tearin' it up on this tour or what? Thanks for a great show guys!

jay.cochrun64919's picture

Ben and IC's.Truly amazing!....I was fortunate enough to attend the Greek show Sat night as well (In my opinion, the SD crowd was way better then LA). To those who posted sub par reviews. if you even had half a clue, you woulda realized Ben was totally sick but of course, as always, he rally'd up and poured out his soul for us!

Ben, you are truly and inspiration to us all!!! Can't thank you enough for the sacrifices you make for us...trust me when I say...your message is being heard loud and clear!

BHIC- Please just keep doin what you do my brothas!!

PSLeon- Your smile is strait up awesome!

hwhitley55727's picture

My best friend and I usually make the sojourn to LA to see our guys and we are NEVER disappointed! It was great to have them right here in San Diego. As usual, they tore it up!!! It was so nice to hear my old favorites mixed in with Black Rain, Murder While I'm Eating and Waiting for You. BH and the IC's put on an amazing concert---once again!

frank_toledo81444's picture

the concert was great! the encore where you went solo was the best! I was on vacation down thereand caught your show, I look forward to seeing you here in kansas city

lightmeup's picture

So great to hear 'Well, well, well'! I love hearing Ben on slide more and I like hearing him take his time to get into the acoustic songs. A memorable night. These guys deserve a night off now!

anonymous's picture

I can't complain about your show Ben, being right smack in the front, it was amazing and I felt the music and lyrics straight through until I fell in bed. Considering having the opportunity to catch you at a few small hollywood venues recently, and meeting you with a hug, this concert was the first I have ever been too and it was very fulfilling, as I expected. I just wish you did a few more of your new stuff, because Ben, you really hit the beauty and hardcore max with Both Sides of the Gun. I wish you would have let out a little more of that album. Even though I did yell out to sing "Forever." My sister and I loved the show. Keep up your beautiful flow of music and poetry. It helps! Peace, Love and Happiness.

sfarm5528948's picture

This was an absolutely amazing show! If you thought this performance lacked energy or enthusiasm, then you shouldn't have smoked soo much! I am a long time fan, and I must say, this was his best performance yet! Don't change a thing. Can't wait to see you next time around. God bless BHIC

christophermodl73485's picture

Sorry to say this, but thanks for the free show Ben! I was one of the "pirates" out in the bay, on my tiny little rubber raft, and I couldn't have been happier! I don't mean to steal from ya Ben, because you are worth it, but the show was amazing from my little dingy.

sylvainbauge35467's picture

I've been a Ben Harper for a long time but this was my first time seeing him live. Great performance and great energy! Ben Harper gives gives gives. Went to see Santana last week and he didn't even do one encore. Ben Harper did 2 encores. Great Stuff!!!

johnj42491824's picture

Argh. A little disappointed by this show. The sound was terrible and the band seemed to lack its usual energy. Plus, Ben's voice seemed to struggle, or at least he didnt let it rip like I've seen him in the past, as recently as March 2006. Maybe he rocked LA a little too hard and didnt leave anything in the reserves for SD? Who knows...all I do know is that I have travelled 2000 miles to see BHIC 4 times this week, and hope that the SB and SF shows make up for this subpar performance. Not saying I didn't enjoy the music, but I've witnessed first hand the true power of BHIC's music, and this show lacked the bands usual energy and emotion.

anonymous's picture

Great show... as usual! Really loved the accoustic/slide stuff. I've been going to Ben Harper shows for years now but this was the first show for some of my friends. You impressed, as I knew you would... thanks!

Come back to RIMAC field. Embarcadero was a little too crowded.

anonymous's picture

I want to thanx to Ben and all the Boys for playing the Greatest show out in embarcadero. That show really made my weekend. Much love and forever best wishes to the Future Shows.

eduzzi2175827's picture

first Ben Harper and IC show for me after owning all the cds for years...what a great, from-the-heart show.

LikeAKing's picture

I took my Dad for his first Ben show, my (counts on fingers, toes, then gets a calculator to add it all up) show and as always it was amazing. Ben was so into it and the first encore of him playing solo was awesome. Thanks for coming to San Diego!

acerbis2433908's picture

Ben for president

anonymous's picture

this show was amazing. ben harper is so into the music and pleasing the crowd. ben is sooooo beautiful.