08.16.06 Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Bowl with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

I Was There
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Damian Marley sat in on a blazing version of "Get Up, Stand Up!" Scott Thomas sang background on "Get It Like You Like It."

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went to both shows at the Bowl this week and they were each fabulous in their own ways! the crowd was a bit noisy, espeicially the second night, which surprised me for SB. loved the set list the second night...started with oppression and get up, stand up with damien marley was so fun! we took 4 friends who'd never seen bhic live before and they've all contacted me multiple times this week to thank me for getting them to go! more converts, as i knew they would be. :)

thanks to the band for bringing everything they've got to every single show. it's so refreshing and inspiring to be a part of such a thing as a bhic concert...each band member is so present with the music, each other, and the audience. when the show was over and they were taking their final bow, they ALL were making eye contact with people in the audience and saying "thank you, thank you" to each person they saw. it's powerful in the best possible sense of the word and i'm ever so very grateful to get to be a part of if whenver possible. :)