08.19.06 Berkeley, CA

Greek Theatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Radioactive from Spearhead beat-boxed on "Steal My Kisses." Damian Marley sat in on "Get Up, Stand Up."

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I know this is two months after the fact but I really wanted to come on here and express how incredible this show was. Since april, when I bought the tickets I was focused on one event for the entire summer. Fortune kept me in Orange County until mid day of the show and I had 7 hours to make it to Berkeley. A few laws were broken but I walked into the show as JR Gong started up. So happy to be here!!

Damian's set was epic. Everyone was moving as one and the place felt alive!

BH&IC was incredible. This was my first BH show and I was in awe from start to finish. The opening song was a strange selection, "You Look Like Gold" is a great song but was a downer response to all the excitement and screaming. After that I settled into a night of bliss. Being dead center about 8 people back was incredible, just felt every note pass through me, it still gives me chills. I have to say, the closing song was amazing, "Better Way" is definately a new favorite and the emotion Ben showed was intense. Dig deep brother, dig deep!

All in all it was a perfect night. Thank you Ben. I will remember it my entire life. See you soon.

aratback's picture

WOW...Words can't describe how awesome this show was. BHIC ROCK!! Ben you stole my heart yet again. My second Ben show and by far the best. Not another concert will compare unless it's Ben. Damian was great as well. Chills filled my body when Ben and Damian sang Get up, Stand up. Bob's spirit was felt throughout the song. I can't help but smile when I think of that wonderful night. I will never forget it. Thank you BHIC, please never stop sending the message of positive vibe. You all are truely amazing!!!

jennjennz's picture

This was the first BHIC show I've seen, and it was completely amazing. AMAZING! The music, crowd, spirit, everything! I will be back every time BHIC comes to CA! This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. I felt like I was witnessing music history in the making.

BTW... to that first review... I shouted back "LIKE WE WORK FOR YOU!"

hiretheresa81171's picture

First off, I must say - Thank you BHIC! You are all so amazing. All of you. This show was AMAZING!!! All of it... WOW! I am always amazed. The crowd loved you - and in return, you loved the crowd. You played some of my favorites at this concert. Some I haven't heard you play in a while. So from the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Ok - I must get something off my chest. We've been following Ben around a little this year: Bend, OR LA Greek Berkeley Greek and now we're about to go to the one in Atlanta in Sept (we may hit one more if we can... we'll see)

So, on his tour with D. Marley, Ben's been doing his set, (which was much better at the Berkeley Greek than LA, btw... he played FADED, which I haven't seen live since last year at the SF Warfield) And, usually halfway thru the set he plays Black Rain.

OK fans, here is where we come in. (Personally, I think if you stand in front, it is your DUTY to shout back the lyrics when the artist points the mic at you... people, PLEASE! Artists are very emotional (among other things) and you have to give them the idea that you know their music/lyrics and I am NOT referring to CRAP like "Get It Like You Like It" - which happens to be one of the WORST Ben Harper songs, EVER (sorry Ben) ... it's like a damn Coors Light commercial... I always look over my shoulder for a big red truck and a roaring river to appear... it is so bad - but I digress)

So, if you are in front, and the mic is turned to you - SING THE WORDS! Come on!!!!

But at L.A., Ben goes, "Don't you dare speak to us" then turns it to the crowd... NOTHING - no one knew. NO ONE KNEW! He paused and tried again. And Again. AND AGAIN. STILL NO ONE KNEW! Poor Ben left the center stage for a while let Juan and Leon do their thing. Then he came back and helped the audience this time... but still - it was very sad the amount of people who shouted back the lyrics.... AHHHH! (Maybe it was just the L.A. crowd)

OK - a week later at the Greek in Berkeley - same song, same chance to prove ourselves as a worthy live audience... really show him that we care as listeners. (This time, I am sitting front and center, five people back from the edge of the stage - Like a true fan should...)

So there it was again. "Don't you dare speak to us..." At least the people were more enthusiastic about trying... people were cheering yelling "we Love You Ben!" But, I really feel like I was the only one who knew the right words... (I'm yelling at the TOP of my lungs, mind you... " like we work for you!" ... "Come on everyone!!! LIKE WE WORK FOR YOU!!!!!") But this time, Ben did not walk off stage, he immediately started helping (although, at first, the audience, kept chanting back the wrong words... weird....they just kept repeating what he said...) But then, he helped even more - and all was right, and the concert continued in full swing.

Undoubtedly, this will happen at the future tour dates, as Black Rain is a very poignant song in this time of strange politics... (not to mention moving... "selling false hope, like some new dope we're addicted to..." Wow - that's just lyrical genius, my friend!)

So - just in case you need to know... here it is:

(Ben:) "Don't you dare speak to us" (then he'll turn the mic your way)

(YOU SHOUT BACK:) "Like we work for you"

(Come on!!!! I can't hear you!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!)


Both Ben and audience will sing:

"Selling false hope like some new dope we're addicted to..."

Jump around to the funk-tastic bass, add some kick ass percussion, and you've got it... oh, yeah!

"I'm not a desperate man
but these are desperate times at hand"

Oh, Ben and the Innocent Criminals! Rock On! Rock On!

See you in Atlanta!!!!!!!!

katsblack91621's picture

What a beautiful show! Three of us road tripped 4000 miles to see you and Damian in Berkley and it was worth every mile. It felt like a celebration. You speak the words that people need to hear.

lorissa30196's picture

My yearly pilgrimage to the Ben Harper shows in Berkeley this weekend was truly an awe inspiring, spiritual experience. It was like going on a vision quest, to gospel choir and a political rally all in one!

Saturday night BHIC gave props to Berkeley for "living the struggle everyday" and showed their appreciation by performing an exceptionally uplifting show, probably the best I've EVER seen! The playlist was phenomenal and they included lots of old school songs for the diehard fans.

BHIC rocked so hard and were gracious and very humble to their favorite Berkeley crowd. There was a level of intimacy that was unparalled along with deep appreciation and connnection between performer and audience. I felt privileged, proud and exhilarated to have been witness to this.

I'm inspired to make a positive difference in the world. BHIC truly fed my soul and gave me the courage to go on and believe in a better way!

pl8to2262637's picture

BHIC put on the most amazing shows that I have ever had the pleasure to experience. The crowd (thank you Berkeley) was as always the best in the world. The Greek, the perfect venue, and the music. What can I say of the music: inspiring, moving I can't really find the words. I was fortunate enough to have been able to see both shows. Ben and Carlos battling what?:) So sick. With my own two hands was so inspiring. We decided on a lark to go to the Tahoe show. The music, again was amazing, but the crowd did lack the phenomenal Berkeley vibe. Still three nights in a row was awsome. Thank you BHIC for your amazing contirbution to this musical generation and your songs of inspiration.

bobbackstrom45782's picture

WOW. . That was my 6th ben show and the best, by far. Ben you are truly an amazing performer, artist, person, soul. Keep doing what you are doing. You are what music is all about. My wife and I both do not want to see another show unless it is you because we feel we will be let down.Thank you

anonymous's picture

This was my forth show and by far the best. I was moved to tears while singing at the top of my lungs during "Like a King" and " Still I Rise" I was left feeling rejuvenated and blessed. Thank you BEN!!!!

zachnasty's picture

Ben's shows get better everytime! I think I should just never see another concert again in my entire life, because I will surely be disappointed.

todd7252647's picture

Every time I hear your music, it brings a smile to my face. All last night I had a smile on my face even when I was waiting in line. Ben, if you are reading this, I am smiling and listening to your music.

todd7252647's picture

Dude, Ben is the most amazing musician of all time! I saw him live for the first time last night. His music is awesome and his lyrics are so inspiring! Everything about him is great! The Innocent Criminals are absoluely killer. BHIC you guys rock and I thank you for your wonderfull music! Please keep it coming.

pinkplymouth37520's picture

BEN ROCKS! He is an amazing musician, and the Innocent Criminals are DOPE! That was the best show I have ever seen. I woke up with a smile on my face today thinking about last nights show.BHIC has got a fan for life! My boyfriend loved them too! It's nice to know true musicians still exsist!!