08.20.06 Stateline, NV

Harvey's Lake Tahoe Amphitheatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up." Innocent Criminal Tim Loo played cello on "Waiting For You", "Morning Yearning", "Black Rain" and "Amen Omen." Ben threw in lyrics from Prince's "Raspberry Beret" during "Get It Like You Like It."

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one more thing...I though the venue was great...TAHOE...OUTISDE...AUGUST NIGHT...I dont think you could ask for more! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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GREAT Concert!!! I was waiting for "Forever" to play, and then came the third to last song and there he was playiong it! As to the crowd. I wasn't at all bothered...It was my girlfriend and another couple...and we just hung out and listened! WE were also on the Gen Admin..Hope you guys are going to plan on comin back! thanks for the memories!

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This concert was by far the best one I have ever been to. As far as the other comments go about yuppies and Abercrombie kids- get over it, that happens, just enjoy the atmosphere and exprerience of being outside in Lake Tahoe, with the stars out, surrounded by redwoods and nature,and Ben Harper singing and jammin for you. I think he was sincere in his comment that he had never heard such silence during his solo- it was dead quiet in those moments. I cannot wait to see him again.

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This was my first full concert of Ben & ICs and I was utterly blown away. I've never seen (experienced) a performer come across with such genuine emotion and passion.

I do agree with other posters, there were some gum-flappers in the audience. But I think they were in the minority, afterall it only takes one person on a cell phone (of which I'd never seen so many) to bother 10-15 people nearby.

Someone commented on Black Rain, I felt as if Ben was almost directing that anger to the audience. As if to elicit some reaction, which he seemed to working for and not getting most times, but I was in that crowd too so I'm probably also lame.

I don't Ben was sarcastic with his thank you, just because sarcasm doesn't seem like Ben's style.

End result, my respect for Ben & IC's talent is renewed. Thanks for show, it's the soul in your music that shines on us Ben. We're wise to appreciate it.

alanneufeld@sbcglobal.net's picture

I agree the venue could have been better.As usual Ben and the Boys were absolutely fantastic.I don't think he was being sarcastic about the crowd. I was at Fri's Berkely show and the crowd kept shouting during Ben's solo set.Thank you BHIC for being so special.

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one more thing.... first time i've seen Michael Ward with the band and I just wanted to say welcome. You're guitar and vocals compliment the guys wonderfully. Thank you so much! I hope this guy's around for ever!!!

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I think Ben was genuine when he said thanks for the calm and quiet during his solo set, and because of the quiet he decided to play "forever" as a way of saying thank you. It obviously was a change in the set list. Does anyone think he was intending for the crowd to continue the verse in "Black Rain" when he stopped at, "Don't you dare speak to us"? I couldn't tell because I didn't hear anyone singin' along. I must've got lucky because the crowd around me was vibin' to the music the way a Harper crowd should. I don't know how he makes an entire crowd feel as if he's playing for each and every individual. He provides an undeniable intimacy that truly reaches out to his followers. Plus I met Juan Nelson at Fat Burger in Harrahs. Thus, it was the best show I've ever seen! Ever! Thanks Guys! See you soon!

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great show but i agree with other reviews on the crowd. love outdoor venues and i do love this one too. but the crowd isn't the greatest. lots of people were wasted! loved the solo set. went up to the bleachers for that and it wasn't as loud up there. loved Another Lonely Day and Amen Omen. Ground on Down was the highlight for me. Always my favorite!

another great BH show!! much respect!

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I agree with what everyone else has said about the crowd--people around us were talking so loudly that we kept having to move to find a quiet spot.

The show, however, was brilliant as always. I wasn't sure it was going to be at first because the crowd was so awful (and I had just gone to 2 nights in Berkeley which were fantastic) but Ben and the band adapted and, IMHO, eventually reached even the drunkest, loudest person out there. Ben is the best thing to happen to music in a long, long time. Leon and Juan ROCK MY WORLD!

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Ben & the Criminals were awesome, as usual...The music and weather were perfect...

My wife and I combated all the "chatty mouths" in the crowd by moving around until we found the pockets of "conscious-minded" people. I'll support Ben & the boys wherever he plays...Overall, a great time....


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Excellent show! I've seen BHIC many, many times over the last eight years and they are always solid! I'm laughing with posted reviews regarding the crowd. Oh, man....'nough said! Our plan is to hit up Berkeley next time, too. I've never heard 'Forever' live so that was super nice. I always appreciate Ben Harper for being real and present on the stage. He's honest and offers it to all who are there....listening, feeling...... so a huge thanks to continued excellence BHIC!!!

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That was an amazing show. I also have to agree with the previous posters that certain members of the crowd most definitely did not rock, but despite the assorted uncoolness, the show more than made up for it. I'd never seen Ben and the band live before, and was blown away by how much better they were in person. I can honestly say that I have never seen a performer show more love to a crowd than Ben did last night, and it was an awesome time, even if we did have to assume linebacker stances to avoid being crushed. MAJOR propes to Ben and the Innocent Criminals, I am a fan for life now.

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Well I am on the bus with the rest of the reviews. Ben and the guys you were awesome. This was the 7th time I have seen you and you just keep getting better and better, and the new songs from both sides of the gun sounded great live. Unfortunately the Tahoe crowd was lame and unappreciative. The sad thing is that I am from Tahoe, but I can also say that the majority of the crowd either came from Sacramento or Reno. I can guarantee that 3/4 of the crowd probably had no idea who Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were. And Ben I hope you were being sarcastic when you made that comment, because those yupi, abercrombie kids felt it was more of a social event than a great concert. I knew I was going to kick myself for not making the drive to Berkley, next time you are around I know where to go. Take it easy guys and have a great tour!!!!

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For me it was just such a great show because it was the first time I had seen Ben with the rest of the band. I'm also wondering if he was being sarcastic... it just sounded weird when he said it. But I absolutely loved that solo set, and then followed by Amen Omen which is one of my all-time faves, that was amazing. And about the annoying crowd, it was pretty bad but okay for me once I got the screaming girls behind me to leave. They were screaming and being extremely loud during both Waiting For You AND Morning Yearning, so I was glad when they finally shut up and left. I loved seeing a live cellist playing! That was really cool. I definitely say that next time Ben should come to Reno/Sparks instead of Tahoe. And sadly, there is almost nowhere to see a show in the area that's NOT a casino. That's just something that sucks about Nevada. Anyway, another one of my favorite parts of the concert was Better Way... that whole song was great and I loved the end when he had the crowd chanting. Also that the background had "I believe there's a better way" in different languages. I could probably go on for awhile about this since I loved it so much, but I'll leave it at that.

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Ditto with getoffthebus. As Ben said, it was a beautiful night for music! As much as I love outdoor shows I think the casino related shows encourage knuckleheads to show up. Allthough a couple years ago in Reno was a good crowd. Still trying to figure out if Ben was being sarcastic when he thanked the crowd for being quiet during his solo set.

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Just got back from the show and what can I say? The sound was great, the band was incredibly tight, heard some of my favorite tunes, but it was honestly one of the lamest crowds I have ever experienced. Trust fund brats abound, pushing and shoving people all night long. Sadly it was a true representation of the Tahoe mentality, we have money look at us. I hope they never play there again. However, even with all of that said, there were moments that for me were truely magical and powerful enough to help me rise above the mess on the floor and realize why I love the music so much. Thanks Guys