jed34349987's picture

This was my Last concert ive been too. And By far has been the best one ive been to.

sgrmagnolia42070654's picture

EXCELLENT!!!! My friends and I arrived to the show at 4:20 p.m. (yeah, we did). Let me just say that the 3 hours spent in line & in the front row waiting, was well worth it. It was our first time seeing Jr. Gong (definately not our last!), & my husband and I had the privelage of bringing 3 first-timers to see BHIC, and in the front row to boot!!! I'm sure you can all imagine their truly unique experience! Also, one of the best shows that my husband and I have attended! We love you Ben!

anonymous's picture

Ben Harper for president! My friends and I were the first in line... waiting about 6 hours in the heat and it was soooo worth it! That honestly was the best performance I have ever seen... period. "Superstitions" almost made me cry it was so amazing. And Ben... ah Ben what a sexy man. Anyways, I vote Ben Harper for president next elections... anyone else with me?

method80195278's picture

Everytime I've had an opportunity to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, it just get better and better everytime. I just barely received my "Both Sides Of The Gun" on vinyl today and usually I just start the record at the beginning and listen to the whole album. But today was different, today I started with the second record. Hearing the first track "Better Way", brought me back to your second encore when you ended with this specific track. I've heard this sond hundreds, and thousands of times. But there is something about hearing a song peformed live that really makes you catch what the artist is saying or expressing in the song. You could absolutely see and feel the conviction, passion, and love in the lyrics being sung. I can't even to begin to express my gradtitude to Ben and the Innocent Criminals. May allah bless your travels and may he he'll bless you and your families while out on the road. Thank You!!! a-salaam-alaikum. Rawsheed Jenkins.

sethamathers56668's picture

All I can say is AMAZING. The energy at this show is hard to put into words. The whole band was on and the crowd was feeding off of it. So much better than the show last year. AMAZING!!

tommerz39086's picture

If you dont like my fire then dont come around, cause I am gunna burn one down......... best concert I have ever been too next to Pearl Jam. It was AMAZING! Ben and Damian are a great combination.. I swear Bob Marley was there in spirit during Damians set, and Ben has the greatest vibe during his set, it truely was the greatest concert experience.

flower500955429's picture

Music for the soul. Excellent show. Highlight was visiting with Jason Yates after the show(i'd tell him this personally but I seem to have the wrong email address) This band has the amazing ability to perform like it's the last time they'll ever be able to. They give everything they have, and you feel it on a very deep level.

anonymous's picture

OMG!!!! Ben rocks. I have waited 5 years to see him, and what a payoff. Ihad goosebumps through most of the show. Better Way was so awesome. I will never forget that show and will wait with bated breath for the next.

shawn_d_payne44067's picture

Well, another awesome concert from Ben and Co. I have seen all of the concerts BHTIC have played in Utah...I have yet to be disappointed. The positive vibe at the show was in the air, especially with Damian Marley laying down the regga beats, and the smell of the "happy herb" in the air. Going to a BHTIC show is a reliqous experience! And it's always great to witness musicians--not just performers--who can play more than a few chords. Here's to many more years. Cheers.

telemarkstark56170's picture

This concert was ridiculous. Ground on Down/Superstitious was the greatest song performance I have ever heard live. Truly incredible.

moobark_cowdog94921's picture

I dont know about anyone else but i sure as hell am joining ABCD!!!! Ben always makes a good show and this year didn't disapoint me! he always has a way of making sure we know he appreciates us, but i want him to know how much we appreciate him! yaaaa I love you Ben!!!!!

anonymous's picture

Awesome concert!! loved the ABCD religion talk. Better Way was UNREAL i had goosebumps.

anonymous's picture

This was the show of the year... Ben Harper was great like always, and Jr. Gong did his thing.

mattyharris1166978's picture

That was my first Ben Harper concert and I couldn't believe how good they were live!!! That show was incredible. Better Way was my favorite.

c.d.whipple57703's picture

Why does it seem that every time I leave a Ben show I hear myself saying, "That was the best show I have ever been to."? With that said it was an amazing show, Faded, Own Two Hands and Better Way, were my favorites. The acoustic songs were amazing, he has a way of making it seem as if there are about 20 people there instead of 20,000.