08.23.06 Morrison, CO

Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in on "Get Up, Stand Up."

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Hey Ben, I recently had the mighty priviledge of seeing you and Damian Marley perform at Red Rocks. I have been to many concerts before and never seen a show so awe inspiring as then. I left the show amazed. Thank You.

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Now i have not been to vary many shows but the craowed was awsome, better than widespred at red rocks and i love widspred. and mabey it's because i never ben to a ben harper consert before but as i rember it be harper was in aw of us. We never stoped cheeringfor him(we as the whole aduence, he stood back and almost starting to cry. So i dont know why everybody got so upset over the crowed, i think the people that where upset had bad seats or a bad trip or somthing. For the lack of a better word it was awsome!!!!!

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I am a musician that is really trying to make it big. I have been listening to bens music for seven years (since I was 9). I have also been listening to Bob Marley since first grade. Damian Marley is definitely the closest thing you can get to seeing Bob Marley Live without going back in time. Not to mention the devout fanaticism that ben has for his fans. I went to the infamous 4-1-06 show in boulder with my brother charles and not only did he play all of the amazing BHIC songs that I love, but he also played walking blues by Robert Johnson. Ben and Robert are the two people that have influenced my music the most. He also just so happened to toss me a slide!!!!! Although, I had already been playing slide for a little while, having that slide made me feel like Ben actually cared that I become a slide player and lived out my dream. Ben has such a great talent for making people feel significant.

Peace to all my fellow BHIC fanatics. Luv ya Ben!!!

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I saw BHIC for the first time at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, MT. My sister took me and dragged me up near the stage and I have been a fan ever since. My son, who is 10, is also a huge fan (I'm happy to say he was a fan before me!) I took him to the Red Rocks concert due to it being an outdoor concert.(The 10 year old doesn't need to get lit yet!) He really enjoyed the show and was so happy to see Ben and Damien Marley as Bob Marley is one of his favs also. I was a little disappointed at the energy (lack of) but after seeing him with only around 500 people it's hard to beat that! Great show Ben and the 10 year old loved the show you put on! Come back to Missoula sometime as Montana loves you!!!

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I had an amazing deep and righteous healing from this show. I was blessed to be a witness with amazing seats. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Love you always - Remember you are being the change, live it through and through.

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Thank you for giving such a Blessed show. Me and My Girlfriend Drove 14hrs from St. Louis, MO to see you. Red Rocks is The best venue in the WORLD. I will remember this show for the rest of my life. THANK YOU BEN HARPER AND THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS... NEVER STOP!

livinthemoontime23324's picture

Plain and simple THANK YOU! Ben ya'll were SO close to making that FULL ON connection. I sat there in awe at the beauty of the moments you stoked up. It just barely fell short of pure ectasy. For me it was fattabulous!!! It is not surprising that the collective didn't quite get it. It is indicative of the way things are right now but at least we're moving in the right direction. Thank You for taking the stand you have, you are a pillar in our community and a HERO for many including my self. Its pretty great in my oppinion that a grown man can still find a HERO out there. Shine on you crazy diamond, even if they are on the inside. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals @ Red Rocks was Gold to me. And a special thanks to "Jr. Gong"!
Jah LOVE, Jah LOVE, protect us!

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One song made this absolutely amazing... "Lifeline" WOW!!! I remember my first Ben show (at Red Rocks) and when he played Walk Away I freakin' cried along with Ben. I was listening to him play Walk Away this time and remembered that feeling of emotion and missed it. Then he played Lifeline and it happened all over again. I am a grown man and Ben gets me crying every time. As with most BHIC shows, some of the crowd doesn't understand an intimate part of the show when it hits them in the face, and I have now grown accustomed to this. The fans were very respectful at the Fox shows, but you can't expect that with 15 fold the amount of fans. I think it was pretty quiet considering 10,000 fans being there. Thank you so much fella's for making it such an amazing night, once again. See you in Austin!!!

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BHIC shows have been and always will be the best times of my life. I have formed friendships (shout out to Todd, Casey, Nate)while waiting 12 hours in line, only to be certain that we were front center for Ben's performance. All five shows I had been to before the Red Rocks show were indescribable and lifechanging. I had the privelage of meeting Ben Harper at the show at the fillmore in Denver in summer of '05. His eagerness to discuss music with us and his display of appreciation to us as his fans was overpowering to say the least. This show at Red Rocks was only second to when I saw his infamous 4-1-06 performance in Boulder, where he even happened to toss one of his slides to my little Bro. Ben's music and love for his fans is so powerful I don't see how anyone could let a few discourteous people in the crowd ruin that for them. True fans have to realize that as Ben's popularity increases there are going to be more mainstream concert goers at venues who are there more for the concert atmosphere than Ben Harper's music. We all know which kind of fan's Ben's playing for. Sick show Ben!! Don't ever stop. If you play all of your life, we'll be seeing eachother at concerts all of mine.

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This was my first Ben concert and my second at Red Rocks (Incubus 2004). This time I was lucky enough to sit in the third row, and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. For someone who has the expirience of being on stage and trying to create an environment for your fans, I truly have an appreciation for all the emotions shown on stage and passed through us the crowd from the band. This was by far the best show I've ever been to, and I really don't see anything topping it. I've heard people saythat going to concerts of some artists can be like a religious expirience, and that night was the closest thing to that I have ever expirienced.

In reading the other reviews I've noticed a lot was said about the lack of interest by the crowd. I didn't notice that in my expirience, but to those people that were dissappointed I say, I'm sorry that you felt that way, but I guess that I was focused more on the stage and couldn't take my eyes, ears, or mind off the great performance happening in front of me.

There is really no way to express the thanks to Ben and the Innocent Criminals for the truly amazing night. It was one of the greatest nights of my life, and I hope to have the honor to see them again and expirience what I would have to say is the most amazing concert out there.


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Ben and Damien were fantastic. Our eyes were glued to the performance all night.
How do I get the job of 'flag waiver?' That was the question of the night.
In response to the previous posts about the crowd, unfortunately I don't think that a lot them have Both Sides of the Gun yet. Hence the disregard to the "Don't you dare speak to us like we work for you" lyric. I also think it is indicative of Americans today: we don't want to be burdened to think about hard subjects like Black rain addresses. This show was the perfect cornerstone after seeing the Reggae on the Rocks show the same week.
Thank you Ben, thank you Damien!

trhickey48092's picture

I've read the previous reviews and agree with the statement about the crowd, but for me it didn't ruin anything.I had an amazing time and enjoyed the times I could applaud and yell for the great performance. As for the others, I compassionately regret they didn't feel the way I did.

On to the show.. I have never seen so much intensitywhen Ben sings and plays, it is as if he is truly feeling the lyrics as they fall from his lips. He has incredible positivity and appreciation for the experience. Knowing his strong Christian faith, and not personally having the same religion, I really enjoyed his perspective on it and could see how he used it to energize the space around him. If this is Christianity, sign me up.

For me it was all about the lyrical content. I consider him a huge influence to my life because of the strong concepts he speaks, so experiencing those lyrics live, with the intensity so raw before me, just had a euphoric effect. And man does he have talent..so much talent..you heard influence from all types of music, funk, gospel, 50's, tribal, reggae, rock, ragtimeamazing. At one point in the show, he quieted the crowd and walked forward to talk unamplifiedit started to work, but then he decided it would be too difficult so he backed away. During the pause for the Black Rain lyric I proceeded to give him what he asked for.unfortunately few knew it so it didn't go off very wellbut he picked it back up and screamed it out..you can be assured that people know that lyric now. That was a big part of the show he gave everything, but also asked for something in return. I dig that. He wanted a reaction and when he didn't get it he gave just a bit more, which was then enough for people to respond. By the end of it, at the end of the second to last song, they ended the song and stood stoic, eliciting huge applause, he soaked it in.i mean you could almost see him actually soaking it in. Again, I think his strong faith, allows him to go beyond in a way that is full of light and healing.

Oh and one very odd thing that my friend had noticed..when Damian came back out and they did "get up stand up".it was awesome, but Mike looked back at the crowd and noticed a sea of white people singing along about oppression. Hypocrisy defined..but then again I think Ben's opinion is that we as citizens of the US are actually becoming oppressed by this now corrupt and inhumane government.

coconik's picture

When I saw that I had a chance to see Ben Harper at Red Rocks, I didn't have to think twice, my tickets were booked!! I've only had the opportunity to see Ben one other time before, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have to say, I will always be eternally grateful for that show Ben's presence, his spirit, the energy coming off the stage was a gift, and the crowd reciprocated in ways I've never experienced before at a show. No, the crowd at Red Rocks was not nearly the same...but you know what? I wasn't there for the crowd. I was there for Ben...and man, he delivered like no one else can. Crowd or no crowd, there is not one thing that disappoints me about that evening. We were all there for our own "thing", and people who don't get what Ben Harper is about, lost out...but that doesn't change my experience of Ben Harper. And Hey!!! What about Damian Marley, fabulous show, great energy...glad I was there to experience it. Thanks guys.

kauai style's picture

We were fortunate enough to meet Ben outside his tour bus at 2:30 am after the show. He said that Red Rocks was his favorite stop on the tour so far. We asked him if he ate the Krispy Kremes we gave him (yeah, that was us), and he said the roadies got to them first. He told us that "Lifeline" was a song that he's had parts of for a while, and recently finished - look for it on the next CD. While he was autographing our stuff, he told us how high he was from the energy of the show and the crowd, and that he would stay up all night. He took snap shots with us and thanked us again for coming. We traveled all the way from Kauai, and had the privilege of seeing and meeting one of the greatest musicians of our time. Ben is righteous. To all of our new friends from the show, to Ben and the band, thank you so much! Aloha for now. See you next time!!

kizzychicky8396's picture

Are you kidding? It was an awesome show (one of the best I've ever seen) and the crowd was great. 20000 people can't be silent. I can't believe that people left with a bad feeling. I was lifted sooooo high by Damian and Ben both........and the crowd. I loved every minute of it. Not a bit of dissapointment. Thank You Ben...you truely inspire.

jtallent970487's picture

The show was at the top of my "concerts seen" list. First of all I have never experianced red rocks. The atmosphere was exceptional, beautiful and full of life. Of of this last album..Black rain moved me the most, and was my leading interest for the show. A lot of you have said that you were dissapointed in the response of the crowd during the song, and I couldn't agree more. Definatley not the response I wanted, but I did not let that ruin my harper experiance. I got what I wanted and Can reluctantly say that It was my fav concert of all.

gorfamart30287's picture

As a longtime BHIC listener and fan, words can't explain the Red Rocks show. Truly an emotional experience. The band was tight. The crowd was in a joyous mood. It's Red Rocks for Heavens sake. The place oozes good vibrations. Any BHIC show is a rollercoaster of vibes and emotion. I think the crowd was indicitive of that, at times respectful and most other times overjoyed. The helicopter flyby during God Fearing Man was awe inspiring. Red Rocks 2006 was everything I ever hoped for in a BHIC show...and more.
Joy and tragedy, it was truly living on both sides of the gun.

zavala39796's picture

I'm reading other peoples reviews of the Red Rocks show and there's a central theme to all of their scribbles and squawking. "The crowd wasn't into it". Wake up people, this is what happens when you go to a mass venue/arena and try to compare it to the smaller venues that Ben has played at previously.

There's amble argument that the crowd didn't react to specific instances or gestures made by the band, but it didn't deter Ben from reaching out. This is my 5th Ben Harper Concert (within a 15 month period) and it ranks 2nd best to the 04/01/06 Boulder theatre show. You can call it a "Greatest Hits" setlist but what's unique about BHIC is that a lot of the songs were different renditions then previous live performances that I've been a witness to heard via bootlegs or any official live recording (over 50). My favorite bands (rage against the machine, deftones) fell into the "same ol' dog and pony" show where every concert sounded the same (ala Tom Petty) but not Ben. This is the one of the many reasons why Ben Harper is one of the greatest performers of our generation.

cast821533444's picture

This was my first B.H.I.C show and the band was amazing. Great music and emotion, it was truly an experience for a first timer. The covers were great too. You guys really put art into artists! The crowd sucked and for that I hang my head low, but again amazing night and thanks for the memories!

easteraries's picture

An Apology: to Ben and the Criminals

Hey Guys,

Strictly serenpidity blessed me with a seat at 2nd row, center for this show. And though my gratitude and satisfaction for what you shared with us in Colorado is boundless, I must say that I was dissapointed in fans in the front section.

They apparently did not understand what an honor it is to see you guys perform. And men, it truly was an honor, as always.

As much as you deserve the praise of applause, you also deserve the respect of silence.

Mike, Juan, Jason, Oliver, Leon, Ben: Thank You, and thank you for coming to Red Rocks.


mggehring86408's picture

I love Ben and the boys, but last night was a little disappointing. Not because of Ben, the band, or even Damian it was simply because this was the worst crowd I have ever seen at a Ben show, or for that matter at red rocks. It was something that was so distracting that I left early (I have never left a show early before). Which after seeing the set list I was quite disappointed. I would have loved to hear heart of gold. The people around us were starting fights, and having conversations like the were listening to some third rate cover band.
Ben I am sorry that I missed the end of the show, and hope that this is not a trend for your shows, or red rock shows in the future.

kristi_moriarty28258's picture

The last BH show I saw was ETown and that was stunning. Last night was not on the same level, but that was due to crowd rather than the artist. I enjoyed hearing some of my old favorites and the heart string tugging songs as well. Ben, your music is inspiring! Salud y Paz:)

anonymous's picture

Just experienced Ben last night at Red Rocks. LOVED the show. The sound was exceptional. A bit embarrassed during "Black Rain" Crowd didn't get the intensity of the song. Sorry, Ben-some of us did -but we were drowned out-ironic?
Ben was perfect.
His albums are moving, but his show's are so much better (we saw him in St. Paul year ago).He rocks out, dances around on the stage while enjoying the music that fills his ears and the sound and feel of the cheering crowd that fills his soul. It seemed like that he often would just listen and soak in the sounds around him. He was so appreciative of being there, of the audience, of sharing his music, of people spreading it around the worldhe said he couldn't thank anyone enough. I knew he "felt" every word he sang. To see someone enjoying his surroundings and his lyrics so much was quite inspiring. It was a moving night.
I devoured it.
I dreamt about him last night.

camdecoster40278's picture

This was a great show. Lots of great songs and covers played. But I have to say the highlight was Lifeline. I had never heard that song before last night and I loved it. I was looking forward to downloading a bootleg until I discovered taping was no longer allowed. Downer! Hopefully Ben will release an official bootleg at some point so I can continue to enjoy the song. I also really enjoyed hearing Heart of Gold. That was unexpected.

eldridge668351's picture

On behalf of the true fans of Ben Harper I feel I must apologize for the apparent lack of interest by the crowd at Red Rocks. More than half of the crowd missed the key verse of "Black Rain." The problem wasn't that the crowd couldn't hear Ben it was that they simply weren't listening. This is a song that should be a rallying cry for everyone who is fed up with the current state of affairs. This was a chance to unify the people, but instead was missed because the people seemed more interested in drinking or smoking than paying attention. It wasn't until Ben started singing cover songs, which were good covers, but this is Ben Harper he shouldn't have to sing covers to get people interested. The band sounded great. They were on point and I will definitely see them again, only next time I hope the people come ready for the message. It is time to get fired up and recognize the bigger picture that is affecting all of us. Thanks Ben and please keep spreading the word.

zillerari's picture

Playing with Damian Marley brings out a Roots side of Ben. To see the two of them channeling Bob Marley to us was an amazing experience.
The energy between the rocks seemed concentrated and intense as Ben worked the crowd. With frequent trips into the front row, Ben broke down the barrier with the crowd in front (scoring a box of Krispy Kremes). Without the aid of his microphone, Ben was able to connnect with his fans in the back row.
They stunned us with Neil Young's Heart of Gold and brought down the house with Where could I go.