melton12247101's picture

My third Ben concert and nothing has changed. He is still one of the best live artist out there.Hands Down !!!!! Long Live Ben and his innocent criminals !!!!!!!!!!!11

jaycb1982062's picture

Ben, Your the greatest. I was in the very front row at the KC show and it was amazing. You gave your slide at the end of the show to my buddy Eric Freeman (Im Jelous) Keep it up man. See you at Bonnaroo.

anonymous's picture

I was at the KC concert too, front row and touched him at the end of the show!!! IT WAS AMAZING, the rain definetly made it 10 times better, but i do remember Ben saying he will play 2 times longer next time and i can't wait!

maggie.tyson33827's picture

i'm from saint louis, missouri and my friend & i are die-hard fans so we drove the four hours to kansas city to see him. the set was amazing and we met some cool people.
the summer storm was actually perfect timing. definitely the best concert i've ever been to.
i hope he comes to saint louis soooonn!

bhay5's picture

got thinking about the show since the weather seems to be warming up and havent heard live music in a while...

all i know (or think i remember) is that ben said he would play twice as long next time because he had to cut it short.

i would take a shortened show anyday if it was like the one in KC. INCREDIBLE

anonymous's picture

I know the show was back in August, but I just wanted to say what an amazing show it was witht he storm and everything. Ben is always great every show I have seen! KEEP IT UP. come to springfield Missouri some time. We will surprise you Im sure!

p_h_pendergraft95559's picture

It has been a while since the show. I'm only posting now because I was hoping to find the show on video by now. If you had any kind of a crew on set, the show would make the best live performance dvd of all time. Ahead of "The Last Walts" by the way. Anyway, If you read this, please consider my request. Thanks for the inspiration you give in your words and music.

anonymous's picture

bad ass concert even though i wasnt very familiar with his more recent stuff, i'm glad i was fucked up enough though, it seemed like the rain was comin down pretty hard for awhile, both bands put on a good show, played very good live

ast0ner45007's picture

I have been a HUGE fan since '94 and have seen Ben & TIC over 20 times not including both Bonnaroos and this was one of the best shows so far. The rain was wonderful and the lightening was even more impressive.The skies seemed to feel the energy of the band and audience & provided us with a kick-ass light show!! I loved that the crowd stayed until the end unfaded!! I look forward to see you guys again ASAP! You should think of coming to Arkansas b/c you have a HUGE fanbase here!!!! Love you Ben & TIC!!!

anonymous's picture

one of my favorites, i caught a drum stick-thanks

lilsweetie200631610's picture

You know, I just had to get back on here and tell you that I LOVE YOU BEN! I've been waiting and checking to see if you'd write anything in your journal about the show and sure enough, YOU are the AMAZING one, and I mean that with that with all my heart and soul! Can't wait to see you again!!!!!

lacey_janee70951's picture

I have never experienced a concert like yours! It was amazing! I will definately go to another show. I was truly impressed by the talent on the stage that night. The rain and music will make a unforgettable night! 5 stars! I will always be a fan!

davidrobison242946's picture

INCREDIBLE SHOW!! I can't wait for your next visit and hope you keep the promise to play twice as long!!

Was hoping to see pics though as well. Please post if you have them!!

jsleder6342511's picture

What's up with not having photos of the Kansas City show? I was truly looking forward to seeing them because the show was one of the best I've seen. Please post them.

kirkfest33513's picture

We drove 9 hrs from Texas to see you once again! Being a newby to KC, I thought that the show was in an old Theatre? So, as the story goes, rainstorm later, we had another amazing time being apart of your amazing show. When you said, " We have to cut it short!", it only magnified the experience!
Back at the hotel, I opened the curtain, and watched the lightning show for an hour, only to hear my ears ringing from the show that we had just experienced! A
firstimer asked us had we seen you before. My comment was, "Yah, once or twice..... can't wait to see you soon! Maybe in NO for Jazzfest 2007? Thanks for your music. It is truly an inspiration.

DerekJ3031's picture

It had been a goal of mine to see Ben Harper in concert for quite some time, as he is far and away my favorite musician. I traveled three hours for the show, expecting greatness... my expectations were surpassed. The passion of the music was and is remarkable and the rain and lightnight made it a spiritual experience that I am still feeling two weeks later. I can't wait to see them again!

DerekJ3031's picture

It had been a goal of mine to see Ben Harper in concert for quite some time. I expected greatness... my expectations were surpassed. The passion of the show was remarkable and the rain and lightning made it a spiritual experience. Can't wait to see BHIC again!

anonymous's picture

This was my first BHIC show and it lived up to every expectation I had. We had great tickets for last years Zooma Tour stop in KC and we're devestated when the tour was cancelled. I checked the website weekly, anxiously waiting BHIC's next stop in KC. We tickets went on sale for this show I had to be one of the first 10 people to purchase them. We waited in line for about 3 hours and ended up 3rd row center. The band was incrediable and the rain and lighting show was just an added bonus. Thanks Ben and the Innocent Criminals for an experience I will never forget. We'll see you next time you are in town.

handsareme41004's picture

Wow. This was my first BHIC show and definitely will not be the last. It was also my first date with my now current girlfriend. We were slightly aware that it might rain that night and when it did, I knew immediately that this was the beginning of something extremely amazing, not only with the concert but with her. Thanks for a truly amazing night and damn the 'man' for cutting the show short. Make the time it takes you to come back short.

jsleder6342511's picture

Come back soon Ben, great, great show.

rivernymph92594306's picture

I just want to thank Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for an amazing show. I drove four hours with my sister and waited outside the gate for eight hours just to get close to the stage. We were very happy to find ourselves third row center, though I think the energy and soul, pouring out of the musisc would have been just as powerful all the way in the back. I don't think anything in the world can compare with the way people connect through music that stirs something deep inside them. That kind of connection was visible in the way it circulated the intense energy from the band to the crowd and back, even more amplified by the lightening and thunder above. Ben's performance was astounding. There is something really special about hearing and seeing someone so wholly devoted and passionate about the expression of what is basically their own soul spelled out in lyrics that have the power to inspire. Thank you so much and I will definately be seeing you next time you're in KC.

christianwhiteinks37370's picture

This was my first Ben Harper concert...And I hope that it is not my last, Seeing Ben live was a truely amazing experience.The rain,lightning just made the experience even better. I was there with my wife, and best friend, I coulden't imagine being there and experiencing such a mind blowing concert with anybody else. Keep rockin,We will see you again

anonymous's picture

I was so excited when my ticket came in the mail late summer, I had been looking forward to that day for many years. I had never been able to attend in the past. I have been a huge fan of his for quite some time. His music always seems to inspire me unlike anything else. I accually shead tears of joy because I was in his presence and over whelmed by the spirt that exsits so strongley in his music. He has been so blessed with his talent. This show was my first BHIC concert, and wow, it was incrediable, for lack of a better word and I was excited to enjoy it with my family in the sixth row center. Thanks so much Ben for doing what you do!

anonymous's picture

This was my second Ben Harper show, the first being the last time he was in KC. The last time I saw him I went with my dad and brother this time I was able to share the night with my mom and sister as well. I have never sat as close to stage a s I did that night (sixth row center). When the rain started and Ben started his first song something amazing happened. The energy that I felt and the rest of the crowd seemed to feel has been unmatched. BHIC played like they were on a mission. They hurried between songs, but played songs longer and with more feeling than I have heard them play before. The set list was right on. It's to bad we weren't able to hear the entire show, because they seemed unstopable that night. I can't wait for the next time they come to town. And Juan Nelson, you are the man. Thanks BHIC for a memorable night.

anonymous's picture

Wow! The show was amazing, I am almost speechless. I have been a fan for many years and am so pleased to have had the oppurtunity to see you guys live. Thank you very much for putting on such an awesome show.

This was, by far, the best concert I have ever been to. It was so powerful and moving, very spiritual. The lightning and rain added something very magical to the whole experience. Ben played Where Could I Go and when he first sang the lines "now I'm coming to you with arms open wide, where could I go" he paused for a second then continued "but to the Lord" And as if on cue, as soon as he said Lord, lightning lit up the sky over the stage. Very awesome, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I will definately be back as soon as you are Ben. Keep doing what you're doing, you rock!

jacksonruble69164's picture

BHIC...thanks for such an incredible experience. We sat in the sixth row center and were able to see and feel the energy experienced by the band. The set list was incredible and touching. During Where Could I Go, I noticed tears streaming down my daughters face, she was genuinely touched. In addition I was privileged to be at the show with all three of my children (and one of their girlfriends)who are all in college. The rain didn't bother us, it rained the last time BHIC came to KC. This may have been the best show I have ever seen and I've been going to concerts since the mid-70s. This was without a doubt the best crowd I have seen a show with. Thank You!

n_mees4715's picture

Besides the show being shut down early due to a amazing and beautiful storm(by my estimates, almost an hour early) it was a perfect evening. My wife and I won tickets to sit on stage during Ben' set, and while the sound wasn't top notch, it was still an amazing expereince. To watch the lightning from the stage and the reactions of the crowd and the band was great. Ben has grown as an artist and performer since I saw him last (2000) and I have a feeling he will only get better. I truly hope that when he returns to KC that he gets the chance to make good on his promise to "play twice as long."

fitch_guy4466892's picture

ben ur show at the starlight was absolutely amazing .... i drove 8 hours from fort worth tx that day and it was worth driving a million times that to see that show ...... u and the rain and the lightning were a perfect fit .... ive never had a better feeling at a concert than i had seeing u live ... ur truly a gifted artist and i cant wait to see u again .. it was a perfect way to end my summer ... keep on doin wut u do cuz ur damn good at it

anonymous's picture

The show was truly amazing! The rain added a perfect touch to an already perfect evening. My wife and I were only 3 rows back from the stage and it made for a great seventh anniversary present. I have been to many concerts and being a musician myself I take in every aspect of the show. Never have I seen such an energetic show and such a genuine and humble host. Thanks Ben I would drive for miles to see you guys again.

anonymous's picture

I believe the quote of the night just might have been . . "You guys (Ben speaking to the crowd) put the West Coast to shame . . . and we should know - we're from the West Coast."

Ain't no part like a KC party 'cause a KC party don't . . . well, not unless severe lightning storms shut the show down but otherwise . . . a KC party don't stop.

jhamon0059868's picture

The show was AMAZING!!!! I went with my boyfriend and our friend Zach! I am a huge fan of Ben Harper!! The rain didn't bother me at all! In fact is made it that much better!! I will never forget when BHIC walked out for the first song. I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing them live!! I had a wonderful time and I will never forget this great experience!! I hope to see them again!! Thanks for such a great show!!!

whenitrains8480778's picture

The show was absolutely incredible! The storm only made it better. Starlight was perfect! Sometimes it felt like the lightening was answering the music. Extremely complimentary. I can't wait for BHIC to come back to the area. I will be there! Thanks for the most memorable night of my life!

s27634219969's picture

This concert was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Damian Marley roacked out to start the night off. Ben Haper just totally amazed me. The Starlight is the perfect place for Ben to play the crowd was great. Everything was perfect and I just want to thank Ben Hraper for the show of a lifetime.

garrettphillips37462's picture

Hey! The concert ROCKED! I have always been a huge fan since I was younger and finally getting to go see you was amazing! It was deffinetly a life altering experience! Can't wait to see you again! Love you Ben!!!!!!

catbrn's picture

WOW!!!!! Great show.......My husband and I are in our 50's and we have not had such a great time at a concert in 20 years...The show is one of our top five concerts we have ever seen. Due to our age we have seen a bunch of concerts and this is one of the best of them all. Thanks Ben and we are looking forward to seeing you again. P.S. Having aches and pains from dancing all night, great exercise for the old lady.

kelli.carlsson8626's picture

There is nothing like listening to "Morning Yearning" with the rain pouring down...a truly spiritual experience. Thank you once again for a great show.....and come back to KC! I will definitely be there.....

ilovetheword60638's picture

I have been a fan since I was a young girl and this was my first experience seeing Ben live. What words can be said to describe the experience? There aren't really any that can. The hour and 45 flew by even though we were all soaking wet- it just added to the experience of it all! The crowd was great. Ben and the ICs energy is just as powerful as his music exudes. They are really a beautiful group and I can't wait to see them again.

anonymous's picture

Last night I was reborn. The Ben Harper show was for lack of a better word Amazing. Half way through the first song, the rain just started coming down and nobody cared. We all danced in the rain and sang along to Ben's songs. It was the best concert I've been to in a long time.

anonymous's picture

Great show Ben! It was truly a religious experience. Nothing like a Ben Harper show in the pouring rain to cleanse a person's soul. My two brothers and I picked your show to come to months ago. It is the first thing we have all done together in about 6 years. You are my younger brother's favorite artist. He had the opportunity to be second row dead center for the show. We all will never forget it Ben. Thanks for the great memories and keep rocking in the free world bro!