08.26.06 St. Paul, MN

Roy Wilkins Auditorium with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in during "Get Up, Stand Up." Ben threw in lyrics from Prince's "Raspberry Beret" during "Get It Like You Like It."

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I love BHIC- they are by far one of my favorite bands to see. I even believe that his music has saved my life or helped it in many ways..... This was my 7th time seeing them. This concert was supposed to be in Wisconsin, but at the last minute was changed to St. Paul- that was frustrating since we had planned to camp nearby.

That said- they were as awesome as ever BUT the audience is where I had problems.. I was up in front with some friends and for the ENTIRE concert there were people (3 mainly- 2 blond ditzes and a big burly jackass) attempting to shove me from my place. I am a very small woman, but would not allow it to happen- this was my first time in the front! During the song Black Rain I was getting real into it- waving my hand along with the music when the big burly guy (who had been shoving me all along) threated to snap my neck if I accidentally hit him (which I was very careful not to). I told him off (I said- did you- YOU just threated ME- little ol me??? Fuck you- you asshole!") and attempted to calm down and enjoy the show. Eventually they got bored and left... guess they were real big fans, huh?

It was SO disheartening... Usually Ben Harper concerts are filled with peaceful, friendly people so you can imagine the disappointment (and horror) of having such a negative experience.

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I have been to alot of concerts in my time. This however was by far the best show i have seen to date. I didn't get a chance to see been this year (2007) but i am hoping he will continue touring throughout the years to come. The set list was wonderful, and the energy was amazing, from both the crowd and Ben and the IC. I was not only front row dead center, but afterwards i was lucky enough to have the privilage of meeting Mr.Harper. He is one of the most real, Inspiring, and Gracious people i have ever meet. One of the best nights of my life, thanks Ben Harper and the IC.

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most mind-blowing concert ever. i felt like the audience and the performers were in one. the aura was amazing. B & the IC, thank you so much for an amazing experience.

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Simply UNREAL! I've seen alot of ridiculous shows, including ben and the IC's in the past but this was the best show I have ever experienced. Ben put it all out there and evolved as a live performer, the new music is great and Damien JR. Gong was fantastic. Keep it up Ben.

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This show was such a spiritual experience. I can't put it any other way. It felt like the whole room was elevated to a new level, Ben. Utterly amazing. Tears rolled down my face, then I looked at my husband and realized he had tears in his eyes as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You touch people's souls, Ben Harper. It's the most incredible thing.

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I never thought I would see another BHIC show that could top my first time seeing them at Redrocks Aug 27th 03, but I was mistaken....This show lifted my spirits to the sky and I danced with angels....You could feel his love, and see his faith in the dimly lighted auditorium leaving none untouched with there passion for life...When I close my eyes I can still feel the crowd, and band touching my soul....Forever this night shall be with me....I give thanks to all that attended and to the band for putting on a show that shall ever remain apart of me.....

Ryan Rogalla

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This was the first time I ever saw Ben live, and I now know it won't be the last. It was one of the greatest experiences in my life so far. I was truly moved by this concert, and I believe those who listen to him are better people for it. Thank you Ben for you timeless music. You are a gift.

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I am from Minneapolis and had seen Ben perform a few times in this area. I saw that he was performing at Red Rocks on 8/23 and could not stop thinking about seeing him play that venue. I flew there and rented a car. I got a hotel room. I enjoyed the show at Red Rocks tremendously but wasn't able to make his Minneapolis show 3 days later. After reading the reviews, I deeply regret not canceling my weekend plans at a friends' cabin to see his show. I completely agree that Ben's passion is unlike any other. Since I began listening in 1998, there hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't listened to his music. Then I see a live performance and each performance is better than the last. I cannot see how Mr. Harper can deliver such emotion and passion night after night. Is he superhuman? I am so taken by his songwriting and lyrical ability. I am just nervous that something will happen to Ben and I'll never be able to see him perform again. I am nervous that his voice will give out or his ability to write songs will end. Ben and the Innocent Criminals get me through good times and bad. What a gift. Thank you so much for filling us with true passion and soul, which you don't find every day. I know this sounds a little over the top but . . . I am still naming my first born Harper after you, Ben! Thank you for all that you do.

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Wow! Ben is amazing! It was my first time seeing Ben Harper live and I was blown away. When Ben sang w/o the mic it gave me chills. He sings with so much passion. Ben you are my HERO!!!

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Funky, amazing, memorable!

I have seen Ben several times, and by far this was the best ever. He is on a mission to spread his word and music and it was a blessing to be able to experience it. Loved the "Get Up, Stand Up" with Damien Marley, had the crowd chanting. It was great that he gave props to Prince too with the Raspberry Bureau from the rythum of "Get it Like you Like it". Wish I could see the whole tour!

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the show was a wave i could have rolled with through morning. ben and his band transmit a raw emotional current through the crowd. the opposition of pathos and inspiration leave me reeling still. thank you, ben and the innocent criminals, for the experience.

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Ben was truly in rare form. I saw him in Milwaukee years back and was convinced that I had seen the greatest performance ever. I can now say, proudly, that this concert exceeded all other performances. Never have I seen such passion and emotion in a performance. The singing, the playing, it all sounded perfect. The set was constructed beautifully. A smooth rollercoaster of highs and lows. Every member of the Innocent Criminals was hot. And I was standing in the front row...can you ask for anything more?

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It was fucking awesome conecert. My third concert of Ben and the band. My best moment was when he did get up stand up with damian it was great. And of course Burn One Down, I burned one down. Heart of Gold was great as well. After the show me and a friend went to were his buses were and waited for BEN he came out after and we meet got his autograph. i also meet leon mobey. it was the best ben show i seen. Peace and Love, Thanks Ben fot putting on a great show. Come back to the Roy again ok. And you should come to Rochester, Mn some time please. Thanks.

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Incredible! When I was younger my older brother and I would have an argument and we would always get over it by driving around and listening to Ben Harper. Now many years later I finally saw his show! It was absolutely amazing and I am totally stunned at his performance. My brother was unable to attend and I sat there with my cell phone and him on the other line just so he could here Ben sing "Burn one Down" Thank you for coming to Minnesota, thank you for being an inspration, and thank you for your music!

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Incredible. When he quieted the whole crowd and sang with no mic, I can't even think of words to explain how moving it was. The crowd was great, the music made it that much better

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it was my first ben harper show and i really didnt know what to expect, ben exceeded all expectations and then some with his passion for his music, and the appreciation he has for his fans, the show was simply unreal, something i will never forget

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What an amazing show!

BHIC and Damian Marley were both unbelievable - best concert I've been to easily.

Ben's performance on Where Could I Go was incredibly touching and impressive - singing without the mic. But the whole concert was awesome. Definitely worth the 8 hour drive from Winnipeg, Canada. And the Neil Young (a Winnipeg native) cover was an extra special treat for all of us from North of the Border.

Absolutely amazing show from BHIC - I was so proud to just be there and be a part of it. I'll never forget this show.

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It was truly an honor to be at the show last night! The music and overall vibe were something I will never forget. Thank you for such inspirational and passionate music. I am proud to consider myself a Ben Harper fan.

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What a phenomenal show! This was the 4th time I've seen him & the shows just keep getting better. The crowd was into the show from the minute they took the stage. I've never heard a crowd so into a show the whole night. Thanks for bringing the positive energy to MN - can't wait for another show.

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Pure and amazing. What passion and intensity...through 2 1/2 hours of super fantastic music. Once again, I am in awe...

Juan's bass solo was uber cool during 'black rain'...what great musicianship and flexibitliy when the unexpected happens!

How could one not get chills when Ben stepped out to the edge of the stage and belted out as if he was singing to the heavens? Pure soul...truely divine. Nothing artificial about it...it was as thought he was singing right beside you.

To watch a man perform with such passion and soul in each every song is such a pleasure. If you keep giving us music Ben, we'll keep giving it life.

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I was truly moved when he quieted the crowd down and sang, "where could i go." He quieted the crowd down and sang it with such amazing passion! I've seen Ben 3 other times and yet he still amazes me everytime I see him. He always brings a phenomenal show to the table. This is why Ben Harper is and always will be my favorite musician! Artists can make great music, but few can perform their material as well as BEN HARPER!!

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AWSOME, INSPIRING...It was the most uplifting concert I've ever been to! True, humble, open-hearted musicians playing with their hearts and souls...Highlights: Leon Mobley's solo was pure rapture! Ben's "Better Way" blew my mind. My husband and I are so grateful for such a GREAT concert!

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Ben Harper was so awesome last night!! He plays with a different kind and stronger passion than I have seen in a long time. He seems to truly enjoy it and it gets the crowd going. He played a wonderful mix from all of his albums. We drove 5 hours from home to go see him. I would do it again in a second.

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Wow. Just insane.

Ben, the ICs, even the crowd were at the top of their game. Ben somehow always seems to obliterate expectations. Thank you for yet another incredible night!