08.27.06 Chicago, IL

Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in on "Get Up, Stand Up."

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I love tis man. His lyrics are poignant, his demenour reserved Moreover he is completely underrated. One of a kind

edwardblevins68304's picture

This was the most amazing concert I have ever seen! I was in the second row and it was absolutely incredible. It was everything and more you could ever expect from a concert! Please, please, please come back to Chicago or Minnesota (Summertime) very very very soon and often!

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the first... and definatly won't be the last!

jamespkoch69809's picture

Thank you Ben for an amazing night. Perfect venue, perfect pairing (Marley/Harper). Come back to Chicago soon!

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I agree with Amy - nothing against this concert (Damian Marley exceeded my expectations as the opening act - in fact, he was superb the physical setting of the concert on the lake was great "Get Up, Stand Up" was amazing "Sexual Healing/Let's Get It On" was awesome too among other things), but compared to other BHIC concerts I've been to - Royal Oak (Detroit), Michigan last August 2005 being the best one ever - this was a bit of a letdown. Not that we should need to compare concerts - this one was AWESOME nonetheless overall this show was amazing. Great job, Ben, the Innocent Criminals, and Damian Marley.

dr.nitram48763's picture

it was the greatest show i've ever seen!
it was the perfect setlist and the perfect mute.
i'm very proud that i came (from germany) to see this awesome conzert!
I'll come to strassburg in november but this will still be an experience i'll never forget!

ALH's picture

If you were at the Royal Oak show last year, this show would have been a let down. It seemed like he just wanted to get out of there too quick.

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This was by far the most phenominal BHIC show I have ever seen. I woke up the next morning still singing.

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Wow, what a great show it was last night, the breeze off the lake and the intimate new ampitheatre really made this a magical evening. damian marley was alot better in concert than i thought he would perform, usually artists that have alot of production like marley's last album can be a let down in live, but damian, the closest i'll ever get to seeing bob, was rhythmic, loud, and was a rude rude bwoy.
Harper was brilliant as he always seems to be, very congenial, enegmatic and chock with charisma and inspirational gravitas. Loved "Black Rain" especially with juan nelson's prolonged, but funky solo, enjoyed hearing "There will be a Light", as you don't often hear this song live, "Murder While I'm Eating" and "Get It Like You Like It" (slowly becoming like a springsteenish/eighties sounding anthem for fun it seems" were full of energy. Also heartily enjoyed the depth and call for change in "Get up Stand up" with marley's able assistance, great/somewhat predictable closer with a seemingly planned delay of playing Burn One Down into Better Way.
Couldn't have enjoyed this show with friends and plenty of eire extracurriculars at the show. Can't wait to see Ben again! Until next time...Peace

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Hate to be critical but everyone posting was either high or it was there 1st show. Booring...came out rockin and then went straight to snoozing. Where is the old Ben Harper we used to know and love. Marley opening was the highlight, more Inocent Criminals!!! Brought people to the show that had never been and I was hoping they would leave the show new fans but instead got a lot a reasons to go get a beer. Venue was sweet, too bad he couldn't take advantage of it. I want my 40 back.

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Ben was truly in rare form. I saw him in Milwaukee years back and was convinced that I had seen the greatest performance ever. I can now say, proudly, that this concert exceeded all other performances. Never have I seen such passion and emotion in a performance. The singing, the playing, it all sounded perfect. The set was constructed beautifully. A smooth rollercoaster of highs and lows. Every member of the Innocent Criminals was hot. And I was standing in the front row...can you ask for anything more?

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i just wanted to say thanks to Ben and the band for putting on an excellent show.... they seemed to have played a little longer for us in Chicago this time and its much appreciated.

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How can you go to a Ben Harper concert and not leave thinking he's the most talented musician out there (along with his crew of course)? I brought along some Ben Harper-live-in-concert virgins and they both walked out floored at his talent. It's hard to describe how unbelievable the show was last night. Too bad for those who missed it. Thanks for Amen Omen.. been waiting to hear that one live.

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I want to see this show on a dvd...great set list, great show, great venue!

ari7036's picture

Another great set by Ben and the IC. Just posted a full live review on my blog, SomethingGlorious.com:

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I've spent the past 20 years in pursuit of live music, almost to the point of addiction. I've experienced some really incredible shows from musicians of every flavor. Although I've continued to enjoy them, its been years since I've been "moved" by a live performance, one that was so beautiful, so inspiring, you could literally "feel" the music. Ben Harper is without question one of the "great" voices of our generation. His guitar playing alone is so unique in style and delivery that his sound is "one of a kind", and like Hendrix, Page, Duane, Michael Hedges, etc. you know who it is from the 1st note. If that wasnt enough, Ben Harper is also the best, and most relevant, songwriter since Bob Dylan. His lyrics and passionate singing is one of the most powerful forms of expression to be witnessed.

Last night was one of those nights. I've been seeing Ben Harper since the mid-90's, mostly in small venues, and all were great. Last night, I dont know what it was, but "amazing" just does not seem to capture it. Old songs, new songs, cover songs, anything this guy plays is gold, and filled with the emotion of someone experiencing lifes dreams and nightmares for the very first time.

The Innocent Criminals were incredibly tight, they were in sync from AZ. For me there were a few newer faces, but some of the best musicians on the planet play in this band.

Juan Nelson. Damn. This guy should be a household name (and likely is), I cant recall the last time I saw someone play a bass like that. This guy's groove could find anyones funky bone and the flavor he brings to the table is one of the reasons this band is worth seeing (again!)

You would be hard pressed to find a more savvy percussionist than Leon Mobley. He brings so much definition to Harper's sound, its hard not to be watching his every move. Who knows, maybe it was me, but I could swear this guy was on fire last night, and if there werent enough reasons to check out Ben Harper, Leon Mobley is more than just icing on a multi-layered cake. Seeing him double up with Oliver Charles on drumz, you'd think these guys had been playing together their whole career, they were tight on every tune.

This isnt really a dig, and maybe it was the audio mix, but the 2nd guitar player...I dont know, I just didnt hear where the guy fit in. I think he played well, and he was clearly respectful not to overplay Ben, but with few exceptions, I think if he wasnt there I wouldnt have noticed. Maybe its perceptual, but when you see a guy walk out on stage with a massive double-neck guitar...well, I'm not saying I expected the guy to play "Stairway to Heaven", but you do expect a little more, and I just didnt hear it. I was surprised how much I liked the guy on keys and how well he filled in the bands overall sound. It seemed as though he played more as "filler" than lead, even when Ben would give him opportunity during a tune to jam, but regardless, this band is tight.

After a remarkable electric set with the Innocent Criminals, Ben came out solo Acoustic. I was amped by the "full band jam", especially the truly fantastic "Get Up Stand Up" with Damian Marley, and ready for what Harper was going to pull out. Although we could have left at that point and been completely satisfied, Ben Harper proved, as he always does, that he alone is why we were all there. He played several beautiful songs, but of them, "Another Lonely Day" and "Walk Away" were played with such heartfelt emotion that even Harper himself had stop and take it all in. If it was anyone else I'd think that the deliberate pause was part of the stage show, but it was clear to everyone there last night that these songs meant something and he was thinking about the experiences that drove him to write such moving lyrics. It was a treat to say the least and it proved to me, as it has so many times in the past, that Ben Harper is so talented, that he continues to improve himself over the years, so much in fact, that everytime I see him I think he is at his "all time" peak.

It was one of those shows where you are really glad you went out of your way to make it. A show you'll remember, a show that leaves a mark, like Ben himself, one of a kind....

lilshogs0977521's picture

I thought it was amazing, i loved how he came out during the 2nd set solo and then slowly welcomed the innocent criminals back. AMAZING ALL THE WAY AROUND.

tanseymd72523's picture

Unbelievable show. I saw Ben 6 years ago, and have been waiting for an opportunity to see him again ever since. I didn't think it was possible, but this performance topped the previous performance I witnessed in 2000. Never have I seen anyone bleeding such raw emotion on stage. Started with more upbeat classics then came out with a slow set that was extremely intense. "Walk Away" was probably the highlight of the slow stuff as Ben pretty much broke down and then candidly admitted to the audience how painful it is for him to perform that song even more than a decade after writing it. He continued on for two encores in which he played a very high energy rendition of "Get Up/Stand Up" with Damian Marley. The second encore included "Glory & Consequence," which was a huge crowd pleaser. All in all, an unbelievable performance @ a great venue.

anonymous's picture

It was an amazing show, Ben played a wide range of songs throughout his collection. As usual he left it all out there. It was awesome to see his intensity while playing, he practically broke down during Walk Away. Truly it was a great show, everybody in the band was spot on and with cool air on the lake, the atmosphere was perfect. The pace was great, mixing it up from loud to quiet and back, he played for about 2 hours and the fans were ecstatic. Ben definately showed Chicago its due and Damian Marley started the show off right, getting the fans into a groove. Great show all around, i'd love to find out if it was taped and listen again.

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Set list was great, started with the "popular" songa and then went into deeper cuts. The long acoustic set made the night, topped off by what we all think is a song called "Lifelines". That being said, the highlight was either Sexual Healing or the duo with Damian Marley of "Get Up, Stand Up". Amazing concert, Ben and the IC really seem to give it their all when they perform.