08.31.06 Indianapolis, IN

The Lawn At White River with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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First ever full band version of "Waiting On An Angel." Damian Marley sat in during "Get Up, Stand Up."

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I have to say this was my second time seeing Ben and it was alot different than the show in Chicago last August. I can't make up my mind which was better but i know he rocked it hard!! The full band version of Waiting on an Angel was absolutely perfect!!! Can't wait to see him again!!! AWESOME SHOW

mr.paulg's picture

well after getting introduced to ben about three years ago, thats how long ive been waiting to see him in concert. his music always lifts me up and brings me through things. to finally get to hear benand the innocent criminals was incredible. one of the best nights of my life. i cant wait till he comes close again. mr ben harper i thank you for believing in your music.

alkaline21310621's picture

The best show I've been to --ever. Damian was truly amazing, and, ofcourse, Ben and Gang were incredible and Get Up, Stand Up was a practical Audible Orgasm. Can't thank the guys enough for stopping through Indy. More than welcome anytime. Peace, Love.

sarariggins55396's picture

it was my first show and it was breath taking.

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This was my frist Ben Harper concert and it rocked! Ben's performance was very moving and venue was great. Seeing BHIC live only makes me appreciate their music more. Can hardly wait until next time!!!! Keep bringing us this great music.

bhall29's picture

one word AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daforrds9974's picture

Incredible, the man pours his emotions into his music and let the audience feel it. It is amazing to see the words, music and emotion he writes, and performs erupt into a sea beautiful music. Simply inspiring and amazing, you need to give no thanks as your music is a gift to us all. thanks

pat79012's picture

Amazing! I've seen some great shows in my life, but this one tops everything. Ben sure can play that guitar!This was my 2-year-old little boy's first concert. He loved it! He ran through the crowd dancing and shouting "Ben, guitar, Ben, guitar!" (he recognized Ben and the music from the Hollywood Bowl DVD that practically lives in my DVD player). Great show. Great family venue. Wow, what an experience!

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This was my first Ben Harper concert and It will not be my last! I loved every single thing about it and him and the Innocent Criminals! The performances were electric. Not only is the music itself gripping, but the meaning behind it all is awesome.

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This was my first Ben Harper concert and I was amazed! I love his music but he is a true force on stage!! You have made me an addict!

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I've seen Ben a few times and now, because of this show, no other musicians even compare to Ben. All the songs he chose to play were the songs I wanted to hear. And finding out only a day before the show that the venue changed, I was very worried I wouldn't get the tickets I paid for....I made it right up front....and loved every minute of it. Damien totally rocked....and BHIC took the show. Thanks so much, Ben...Deer Creek woulda sucked. I loved it all

DPDM031's picture

Sweet show. Highlights include an awesome Black Rain, more emotional than I've ever seen Walk Away, Amen Omen, full band impromtu Waiting on an Angel, and many more.

terrapinmoon57403's picture

Ben Harper is SO amazing!! I am just moved by his presence on stage and ability to bring flowing emotions from within me.
We took our 2 year old daughter with us and she had such a great time. She's still talking about the show. :o)
THANKS BEN for being the amazing soul that you are. I look forward to seeing you and the innocent criminals again soon.
And, just to add.......I'm grateful that you decided to add a fenced in area for those of us that purchased advanced reserved seats for the show out at Deer Creek. I stood out in the rain the morning that your tickets went on sale to get the best seat possible. When the show was moved and changed to GA, I was bummed out. Thanks for making it a most amazing (room to groove) night.
Hope you saw the sunrise!

ozark2327495's picture

My third time to see Ben in Indy, was amazing as ever, I would have to say that 'Please Bleed' electrified was the highlight of my night, awesome show, was only about 6 feet from stage, simply awe inspiring!

SteveDint41's picture

BHIC, are the greatest musical group on the planet. I don't understand how they do not rule the world right now. Ben brings so much energy and passion to every performance and you can tell that he and the rest of the band just love what they do. I had a chance to meet Ben after a show in Chicago 4 years ago and he is exactly like the person that you get to see on stage. Calling me out and telling me that he appreciated me respresenting in the front row I was honestly speachless. This man, this band is full of nothing but greatness. I wish them the best luck in everything and I can't wait til the next time I get the opportunity to see them again. Thanks guys, you left me high.

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Ben is on a higher plane of music and artistic presence than any other musician out there. The show absolutely rocked. My wife is 5 months pregnant with our first, so this was our baby girl's first concert. Got to get her hooked on Ben early you know.

emilydchew88664's picture

Wow, what a Thursday night!

The unearthly sounds of Harper's electric lap guitars, the beautiful city nightscape, the magical weather and the near-palpable energy combined to make this Ben Harper show one of my best overall concert experiences.

The resonant layers and depth of his music can only be experienced live. Hints of southern gospel, honky tonk, delta blues, reggae, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

I had never been to the venue - The Lawn at White River State Park. I highly recommend it, except for the long lines for drinks and the one-drink-at-a-time limit. It reminds me of Deer Creek before Deer Creek became whack.

teamphish771772360's picture

A beautiful package. Incredible show. Harper drives right through you.

gretch43388's picture

I have seen Ben many times. This show was by far the most amazing. The Innocent Criminals rocked, and the crowd and venue was great. (minus the loud mouths during Ben's accoustic set.) Ben pours his heart and soul into EVERY song. I LOVE that about him and it comes through to me. Damion was wonderful too. I will be purchasing his CD soon.

rdwynkoop13171's picture

I have been seriously missing out. This was my first Ben Harper show, and I was truly blown away by the show. His presence on the stage was amazing. He is a master with the guitar. I am hooked.

anonymous's picture

amazing. i didn't think it sould get any better but then marely came on a and get up, stand up with harper... that's when it then became off the hook!!