09.01.06 Rochester, MI

Meadow Brook Music Festival with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up."

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This was my first Ben Harper show and WOW! I was turned on to him in 2003 and promptly went an bought ALL of his discs (did NOT download them, gotta' help musicians get paid). I took some friends who were only mild fans and they agreed with me that this was the best show of the year. Please come back every year Ben?!

jonathan.ytterock14975's picture

Thank You Ben. It was the first time I saw him, and I hope so much not my last. Words really can't describe Ben and the Band's performance. They are so together...so unified. All I could say to him is thanks...for the music, for the fashion, for being sincere...thanks.

tlc_06's picture

This was my first show, and it was amazing! I've never experienced so many emotions in such a short period of time. I bought tickets for the guy who introduced me to the music, and we had the greatest time ever! I never sat down through the whole set, it was so intense. I can't wait to see a show again! I will definately be there!

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had a super great time. Ben you rock! thanks for a great time AGAIN!

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When people ask me who my favorite artist is I say quite simply, "Ben Harper, Hands down." He is the best thing in music right now, and sure everyone has their favorites or their opinion on who is the best, but when you see him live you have the proof. I'm not quite sure a lot of people in the crowd realized what they where watching Friday night. This man never takes a night off and always gives the crowd something new. This is the 3rd time I've seen him live and each time was different, but consistently great! Last summer's show in Royal Oak was so great, I don't know if I'll ever see a better one, but this show was a straight up jam session with rock, soul, funk, reggae, folk, country, jazz, gospel......Who else can blend all of these styles so seemlessly? Anyway, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir on this one, but the songs he sings and way he and the band play mean a lot to me and to a lot of people, so enjoy every moment of it when you're there. Thanks to Ben and the Innocent Criminals for putting passion into music!

Gurillavideo's picture

Excellent show! This must have been my 7th or 8th time seeing Ben. Probably the 3rd best set/show. The crowd was pretty good (relativly quiet during the soft songs) and the after party was off the hook!

I've been backstage at 2 shows previously, the first, In Claremont 2003, couldn't be topped. The other time was a couple years back at Meadowbrook as well.

It was really cool to hang out and party with the band again. I was alot less starstruck this time arround, and was lucky enough to sit down and have a conversation with Ben, Jay, Ollie, Juan, Dog, and, for the first time Michael individually.

I talked with Ben about how he feels when people are loud during the slow songs, and when he's going to bring Fight For Your Mind back into the lineup (SOON!)

I mostly was on a campaign to get them to start playing FFYM live again. Jay said he already has something worked out on the keys (led Zepp-ish he says). Juan is obviously still up for the solo, and Ollie and Dog continue to rock the hell out of the song.

All I can say is these guys seriously know how to work a room. Leon is a party animal, and they all took an active interest in meeting with the fans and hanging out for a while.

Thanks alot guys, see you soon!

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One of the best live shows I've ever seen. From the opening moment with Jr. Gong to closing moments of BHIC, I stood the entire time, such amazing energy. I can't wait till they come back around.

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Thanks to the entire band for an amazing moment and contribution to the history of Detroit's People.

This show was my 2nd time seeing you guys at Meadowbrook. First time was with Jack. This concert was circled on our calender all Summer as it was my Wife's birthday and my opportunity to let her see the live show for her first time.

She was amazed. Everyone in the crowd had an intense experience. Whether it was the adreneline, the bacardi limon, or the 'smoke' we had for 'burn one down' the song before...my wife sat down and passed out in the middle of 'stand up for your rights'. Irony.

All was well. 'Serve Your Soul' was a highlight for me. If anyone has a recording of this performance please contact me. And Ben...if you want to press one up...you have Detroit's blessing on this one. :)

Godspeed and I wish I could travel to see more shows on this tour.

lizbeth00796626's picture

Just like someone else metioned that it was their first time seeing Ben live, it was mine as well. The show was awesome! I'm glad I have friends that introduce me to new music. If your ever in MI again, I bet I'll be there.

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Great show last night! Heart of Gold was a great suprise. Song selection was a variety of all of BHIC catalog. Always wanted to hear a live "Sexual Healing" and he blew me away when he went from "Sexual Healing" --Prince's "If I was your Girlfriend"-- "Let's Get it On" -- Sexual Healing. (Thanks Big Al for the Prince Catch). Looking forward to the next trip BHIC makes to the Detroit area.

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This was my first Ben Harper show, and I have to say it was amazing! When you ended with Better Way, I just felt so inspired. Loved Heart of Gold too..totally unexpected!
Thank you!!

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Words cannot even explain the show last night. First I met Oliver before the show and talked with him. Second it was my sisters first concert ever and my fifth. Third the coincert itself was awesome. Highlights for me were Burn to Shine, Serve Your Soul, Ground On DownSuperstition, Burn One Down when Leon took that joint from someone in the crowrd, and Lifeline acoustic, and Black Rain with Juan's jam. I guess I would have to say that the whole show was awesome. Every note still fresh in my mind. Cannot wait to see you in Maryland with my brother.

LonelydayDREAMER's picture

Wow a-freaking-mazing once again!

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Great show Ben!! Front row, center was insane. See you next year!