09.02.06 Toronto, Canada

Molson Amphitheatre with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Bedouin Soundclash

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Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up." The concert was filmed in High Definition and premiered Sunday, December 16th on HDNet at 8:30 PM ET. The 90-minute broadcast included "Faded", "Both Sides Of The Gun", "Steal My Kisses", "Diamonds On The Inside", "Get It Like You Like It", "Morning Yearning", "Ground On Down", "Black Rain", "Amen Omen", "Burn One Down", "Better Way" and "Get Up, Stand Up" (w/ Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley). A 60-minute edited version of the audio was also transmitted for broadcast shortly after the event on Canada's CBC Radio.

Who Went

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I'm watching the show right now on HDNET and feel bad for having missed the live show. Amazing show on the tube (well actually 50" plasma w surround sound) -- must have been amazing live, even in the rain.

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This was my first time seeing Ben and the criminals. I was absolutely blown away at how amazing these guys really are. Perhaps better than on a recording. My best friend and I drove from Winnipeg for the show. The rain, the countless hours of driving, sleeping in the car.... Just hearing Ben's voice made all that very very worthwhile. Cheers to all the performers who made this the best concert of my life.
P.S. Would Ben and the boys ever do a show in Winnipeg?

dutch_0214616's picture

What a great show! I am a recent Ben Harper fan and had only been introduced to the music about 6 months ago. It was well worth the wait!
The concert was unreal. I had floor tickets so did not have to brave the weather but what an ominous night. The weather seemed to compliment the music somehow.
Ben's appreciation for his fans as well as the Innocent Criminals showed me that he stands alone on my list of favourite artists. I was close enough to see his appreciation for all the band members. THere would be times where it seemed like he was a spectator too. He just stood back in awe and watched his peers dazzle the crowd.
His music can touch everyone in many different ways. Amen omen and Better way were by far the best songs played that night.
Congratulations on a great show Mr. Harper! I'm a fan for life

PJGoats's picture

Awesome awesome show!

Amen Omen was unreal, I hope we'll be able to hear it again on CD.

Thanks Ben for the good times in Toronto and Montreal! It was a wicked trip and adventure in both cities! Next time you'll have to make a stop on Ottawa!

Cheers, looking forward to seeing Ben and the Innocent Crimminals again soon!

relondon246330's picture

A few days later, I sit here and think what a great show. I have seen Ben 4 other times and he and the band just get better with age.
The sick base solo and drum jam really set the night on fire... listening to the drums just made groove.
Loved the fact that they played Faded and Ground on Down - classic... Morning Yearning - Awsome new tune (just about the whole album is great)... loved Amen Omen... the list goes on and on
I just hope it won't be a few years before I get to see the Band again - come back soon. I would love to see a Canadian tour one day - playing all the smaller cities around the country (Ala PJ 2005)
Thanks for the show - it wont be forgotten

buddaforyou84599's picture

Hello i've seen some pretty goood shows in my day anywhere from pearl Jam to tool and even brian adams
i love music and i play it for the love i have for it. It makes me happy to see a someone else play music the way that i love music, and on my first tim going in to watch Ben Harper i was amazed. knowing little about him but enough about his misic to sing along. i walked in the rain to the molson amphatheater and when i got there i was soked to the bone, it wasn't for another 3 hours that ben was to come on and i was thinking of going home as not to get sick. thankfully i stuck it out, Ben went on and lit a fire in my soul that is till burning, a fire so deep that only music could be the language
thank you be for showing me you fire and passion for music, just as i burn for the art. whenever anybody get a chance you should "burn one down" with Ben

goodtymz30306's picture


That seems like such a small word to truly capture this show. The vibe surrounding this show was amazing. Despite cold rain and terrible winds, the music prevailed and the fans truly were blessed with BHIC's incredible performance.

I have seen Ben twice before. This was comparable to both those shows in many aspects. The emotion and gratitude that he showed to his fans was absolutely heart stopping. I was front row and when he thanked the fans on the lawn and dedicated a song to them, you could actually see how grateful he was at their perserverance. It was one of the first times I became aware of the weather - when we all turned around to see the trees bending almost to the ground. You fans that beared that weather out there are absolutely phenomenal! He was so damn happy and this happiness was contagious. He thanked us all for making this the time of his life and I think all who saw the show would return and reciprocate his emotions.

I was at the show with someone who had never seen Ben live before. In fact, I just introduced her to his music earlier this year. She loved it!

Get Up Stand Up with Damian was a once in a lifetime treat. This show was fantastic.

Ben brought tears to my eyes once again... more than once this time. His energetic farewell "Better Way" left us all feeling empowered. Thank you Ben for making it the time of my life. Can't wait to see you again! Fantastic!!!

muskoosis93600's picture

I flew in from Calgary just for the show, that's how much I wanted to see Ben live. I still kind of can't believe it was real, it was something I've wanted for so long now. Totally worth it. Strong set, a really good mix of older and newer material, and his performance of Lifeline during his first encore was...amazing. Still haunting me. Damian Marley was awesome, he did a great live show and made me an even bigger fan of his. And having them both together on the stage for 'Get Up, Stand Up' made it perfect. Just overall as good as I expected and better than I hoped.

azura6715013's picture

Amazing!!! This was my first Ben Harper concert I've been to and certainly not my last. I knew they would be good, but they definately surpassed any expecations I had for Ben and the band. It felt wonderful to bask in the light of their music and I look forward to hearing them again....and again...
"Lifeline" was a really beautiful song. Please record it Ben!

Wooderson72's picture

The man is amazing. There IS A BETTER WAY ! What energy. Amen Omen. Ground on Down. Faded. Glory and Consequence. Another Lonely Day. Burn One Down. Sexual Healing. Waiting. Kisses. Diamonds.
Ben, Juan, Michael, Jason, Leon, Oliver. Thanks.
There is A BETTER WAY.

chavala_3232828's picture

The concert was absolutely amazing. This was my first time seeing Ben Harper, have waited about 8 years to see him....and loved every minute of it. He is such a beautiful man, I felt great honor being in such presence.
This concert solidified my appreciation and love for Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. I will definitely see them again.

lukasvos21820's picture

Unforgettable show, despite the forgettable weather. Amazing slide guitar work and killer bass licks. I loved all the instumental intros, outros and interludes. Never mind the fanstastic vocals. And some of the guitar work was very Hendrixesque. Solid, soul-filled performance. My rain-soaked clothes are still hanging to dry a day later :)

newman8r's picture

Just thinking about how good that concert was makes me want to find another show of his I can make it to.

This was my second show of his this year. My first was the Sasquatch festival so I have had bad weather both times but the music makes me forget about the elements plus I came prepared.

When he opened with Faded I knew the the night was worth it, and now that he is playing this newer version where he speeds up his solo instead of slowing it down like the recorded version it makes the song that much better.

During Black Rain Juan took over the song and made it his. He started with a 2 minute solo that had the crowd cheering so long loud that when Ben went to start the song again he just looked at Juan pointed and stepped back for another 4 minute solo. I have never heard anything like that on a bass ever. Juan you are trully one of the best Bass players I have ever had the privledge of hearing. Thank you.

When Ben ended his first set with Get Up, Stand Up with Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley I was going out of my mind. I couldnt believe it was happening. Then for his first encore when he played Lifeline I knew this was a concert I would never/could never. I had only heard this song once before and I now want to hear it everyday.

His second encore made the concert. When he started to play Burn One Down I knew I was in for another amazing bongo solo from the one and only Leon Mobley who as usual blew it out of the water and had the entire crowd on their feet cheering for more. And to top of the night Ben finished with Better Way and was on the ground shouting the best part of the song.

Thank you Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason and Micheal for another great show and I look forward to the next one.

bhicthegospel's picture

Just awesome, it goes down as my second favorite Ben show(I saw Ben & Mike at the Mod club in Toronto, 500 people!!!)
What a way to end the summer, old and new, hard and soft, WOW.
The only problem with going to see ben is that it ends and unless I travel it will probably be year or so untill I see him again.


pdsemple66317's picture

Wow, just an utterly amazing show. I wasn't able to catch Bedouin but Jr. Gong started it off right. Welcome to Jamrock and Road to Zion were both amazing live. Then Ben's set was terrific, with lots of ups and downs, constantly switching from the heavier tunes to the light acoustic ones. Toughing out the storm was almost part of the fun. The emotion that that man puts into his live show is unbelievable.
Highlights were Get Up Stand Up with Damian Marley, Amen Omen, Sexual Healing, and then the final one-two punch of Burn One Down and Better Way.

Torontonian's picture

Just got back and thinking about the show...

Man we hit the tail end of the Hurricane and so it was a fitting way to end the summer )

Get It Like You Like It... we got it how we like it.

Great setlist and great crowd. Band was in good spirits and great to see Jr. Gong come out to play with Ben :)

Always fun to brave the elements with friends... felt like we were all camping together with Ben playin' acoustic for us.. we just needed the warm fire.

david.yeardye32541's picture

I just got home from this amazing show. From beginning to end, Ben was in a high energy mood and the crowd reciprocated. The entire band was in top form, some of the best I've seen. We were treated to a great mix of old and new, roots and rock, crushing and empowering. Juan Nelson is killer...I've heard stuff come out of that guy's bass that leaves me questioning all existance! The weather, on the other hand, was awful...buckets of rain and driving wind. However, Ben and company made it WELL worth our minor discomfort. By the second verse of Faded, I had already forgotten my wet toes! And at points, the weather seemed to ebb and flow with the tide of the music, adding a strong 'this is larger than all of us' feel to the night. Ben's always a very humble fellow, but he seemed truly touched that we braved some ugly weather to spend this gorgeous night with him. Seeing Damian sing his dad's 'Get Up, Stand Up' was pretty awesome, too. I've been honoured to see Harper 6 times. This outing runs a close second, topped only by the intimacy of 3/13/98 at the Metropolis in Montreal, QC. Thanks so much guys...truly, truly, an amazing night! I'm only now coming to realize how great it actually was.

mariekemay29021's picture

This was my first Ben Harper concert with my sister and we had so much fun! Damien Marley got us up and dancing, I've never seen him before by the way and he puts on an awesome show! Ben was everything I expected and more... I even forgot it was raining for a while during songs like "morning yearning" and "amen omen".... It was the best concert I've been to for sure and he ended it right with "sexual healing" and "better way". I dont think anyone wanted it to end!...I will definately never miss a Ben Harper concert ever again!