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This was my first time seeing BHIC and I had only been listening to them, knowlingly anyway, for about 2 years or so when my girlfriend introduced me to them/him. The show was absolutely AMAZING!!!! the rain didn't hamper the crazy, ecstatic energy or vibe from the band or the crowd in the least bit. In fact I think that the fact that it was outside and there was no roof to blow of this 'venue', the absolutely mind-blowing show, energy and vibe blew a hole in the atmosphere itself!!!! Like I said before this was my first show and I cannot wait to see him again!!!!!

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This was my son's first Ben Harper concert and he was still in my wife's belly (8 months). It was cold and wet but it was awsome. "Forever" is our wedding song, and my son's middle name is Harper. Loved it. Thanks for a great show.

i_am_aurelian42757's picture

That was an amazing night .God bless you ,Ben and thank you so much for your music.

jameslarson67618's picture

best concert ive ever been to both ben and damian were truly amazing i had great time even tho it was raining

yasuchichi75504's picture

wow wow wow!!
BHIC, you guys are truly amazing!!
You always give me a huge power?to embrace myself and everything around me...Despite the weather, I felt so warm. I really enjoyed and so tired today...
I love U so much, BHIC & Damian!!( also thanks so much for all crews!) Come back sooooooon!!

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Ben Harper is a living legend and he proved that to the willingly wet Central Park crowd on Tuesday. A few pics and review on Fresh Bread Music Blog:

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Weathered the storm for a great show. BHIC is a truly an amazing band. I remember seeing them first open up for Pearl Jam years ago and knew from that date they would and are an amazing band. Keep doing what your doing. Not too many bands I'd stay to see in the rain, but you guys are one of them.

bigumz4446993's picture

I woke up this morning throat sore - soaked, muddy shoes outside the apartment, and the feeling that I experienced the greatest live performer of our generation last night. From the sick jams and energy throughout the set - to the quiet, pin drop hushed Another lonely day first encore - it was nothing short of amazing. That accapella gospel was unforgettable - along with this one moment - with everyone cheering, Ben was still, and took in the moment, the people, and the great New York night. Thank you BHIC!

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Holy smokes, my mind is blown. despite the downpour Ben blew up Central Park w/ an amazing set. Some highlights: Faded to start, blistering Forgiven, Both Sides of the Gun is superb live, Juan's solo during Black Rain right in front of us (the man is a gift from above), Ben's slide on Ground on Down, Two Hands (extended to finish to the first set - no War), Another Lonely Day / Walk Away / Where Could I Go w/ Ben singing without a mic and the crowd silent like a house of worship in the first encore, Heart Of Gold/ Please Bleed / Burn One Down / Better Way wrapup. Have to clean the mud off my shoes for tomorrow night. Can't wait. Should have brought a tent.