09.06.06 New York City, NY

Central Park - Rumsey Playfield with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Stephen Marley and Damian Marley along with his backup singers and band all joined in for "Get Up, Stand Up." Rahzel beat-boxed on "Steal My Kisses."

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jason.roberts94268's picture

After listening to Ben for a good 8 years, I finally got to see him perform. The show was amazing! Juan's bass solo and Ben practically on the floor screaming in Better Way was definitely the highlight for me. I've always loved is slow stuff, but that moment ignited a passion in me for his harder stuff. Looking at the setlist now, I totally forgot he played Lifeline, and now I'm psyched to be seeing him again tonight at Radio City. Please play where could I go, she's only happy in the sun, put it on me, say you will ben, say you will...

blaineholien32761's picture

Came to NYC from Seattle to see BHIC. This was my 10th BHIC show and they keep on getting better and better. Nothing beats having Damian come up and play with Ben. If you haven't see Ben play, you haven't seen a concert!

bbcc1019540318's picture

First BHIC show. I was truly blown away. I haven't been that amazed since seeing phish or DMB. He has an amazing voice plays amazing guitar, writes amazing lyrics. It was sick when ziggy and Damien came out to do "get up stand up". From 9:15 until 10 he played acoustic aside from the last two songs which he also kept very low key. Completely amazing to have the confidence to end a concert this way. You could feel the energy in the crowd. He is an amazing individual and one of a few people that still believe that we can change the world. Sings with amazing emotion. Truly inspiring.

adempseykarp66268's picture

I was very fortunate to see both shows. For me, the first night seemed more personal. The second night they dug in and jammed the hell out of it, left nothing on the table. The crowd was ready for it, singing and cheering for more and more. A blast.

ppanagedes60012's picture

This was my first BHIC concert. I've tried to go to a few other shows but something always happened, SARS in Toronto, Canecelled in Saratoga NY. This concert was worth the wait, the drive and little sleep I had before going to work this morning. I was up front and center and it was incrediable. Every song had high energy, feeling, depth and soul. When Marley and the Empire came out and did Get Up/Stand Up it blew me away. Hearing a song like lifeline which I had heard before was awesome too. Leon rocked on his solo on Burn One Down and Juan the same on his solos. Marley jammed too. Best concert I've ever been to.

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Another amazing performance by Ben and the Innocent Criminals. This was my 5th show (2nd in 2 nights) and it will not be forgotten. The vibe was more laid back than the first night, but Ben was as soulful as I have seen in a while. Juan ripped the place apart during Black Rain and the Amen Omen jam to end the show blew me away. The Heart of Gold cover was just as great as the first night and as if all this wasn't enough, NYC legend Rahzel came out to beat box on Steal My Kisses.
Thanks for a great night. See you next year.