09.08.06 Boston, MA

Bank of America Pavilion with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up."

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the show on friday blew me away, i had been looking forward to it for about 8 months and it exceeded any expectations i had, it was almost like a dream. damien marley was an awesome opening act and really got the show going, then ben harper and the innocent criminals came on and amazed the crowd with a big variety of songs including heart of gold, which was a beautiful surprise, get up stand up had an intense vibe throughout the whole venue and every musician blew me away, especialy juan ripping up that bass solo. thank you for a dream come true, im definitly gonna see them again next time around andrew S

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This was a phenomenal show. I was a little disappointed with the venue because it was a little hard to see from some of the seats, but that didn't effect the show at all. Damian Marley rocked of course and Ben's talent on the lap steel was sick. When he did the part without the mic, I was completely blown away. It was annoying when people starting yelling and whooping though. "get up stand up" was incredible along with every other song he did. At the end, it was great to see that ben was so appreciative of the support he received from the fans.

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This was a phenominal show. If I were to look at this set list i would think it to be a moderate concert, but everything they played turned to gold. Crowd was really into it though a little loud during the acoustic set. His new song Lifeline blew me away and Juan's bass solo was insane. Get Up, Stand Up was also a huge highlight thanks to all its energy. Can't wait for another show tongiht.

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This show was incredible. Juan's extended Bass solo during Black Rain was great. Leon's solo during Burn one Down was awesome as well. I was not expecting to hear Ray Charles, but when Juan broke into "I've Got a Woman" the crowd erupted. Damian Marley and band joined in for "Get up, Stand Up," which was really cool. Another hightlight for me was "Where Could I go?" This was a very solid show, one of the best concerts that i've ever been to.