abdolmo_jaco58907's picture

Thank you for saying what we were all thinking. This was hands down the single best concert I have ever seen...even for BHIC...Sasquatch just doesnt know quality, life-changing music. Plus Ben and the guys played all 3 of my favorite songs in one concert...a 3 which rarely overlap and one of which is rarely played...Amen Omen, Walk Away, and FOREVER. Thanks BHIC for the time of my life.

anonymous's picture

this was my 7th show, i went both nights in Boston. the setlist for this show was awesome, one of the best i've seen him play. he skipped Steal My Kisses and played Forever... are you kidding he never plays that... Sasquatch has no idea what he or she is talking about. next time you want to jump around go to a hip hop show. come back when you can appreciate real music played with emotion... on second thought don't come back, BH nation doesnt need you.

lawnboy72169745's picture

To Sasquatch- There was no way the kid in front of you was "napping" during such an intense, zealous encore. If anything, he was more than likely passed out. Anyone who was bored with such a entertaining show obviously doesn't appreciate Ben Harper or quality music in general. I thought the concert was great, both Damian and Ben put on a memorable show.

mc_faherty41846's picture

too bad to hear that anyone had a bad experience at this show, but my girlfriend and i had a blast. this is my fifth show i've seen, and i had a great time. i've seen you bhic in a few different states, and i'd have to say, boston gets into it. thanx for another good time, and we'll see you in the future

sasquatch_0253988185's picture

Boring. I have not sat down at a concert for so long in a long time. Kid in front of me took a nap during the encore. It's amazing how the crowd could get so amped up for Brown Eyed Blues then they play slow boring music for 45 minutes straight. It I wanted acoustic music, I could have saved 40 and gone to the local coffeeshop to hear someone play accoustic. Jr Gong stole the show. When Steven and Julian Marley came out for "And Be Loved", the crowd rushed the tent. The whole crowd nearly jumped to the roof for "Move!!!" Too bad Damian got me all jacked up for Ben and he pulled off a sleeper.

anonymous's picture

One of the better shows I have seen, and my first live Ben Harper experience. Great variety of songs ( I have to admit "walk away" is pretty relevant for me right now and things got a little steamy but dont tell my boys). Great show and better slide guitar. I love the respect and connection with the crown, what is music without it?

ryotahirata46166's picture

Great show!!!Very awesome setlist! I was just so happy to be able to hear songs by BHIC that haven't been played in a while!Looking foward to more shows!!!Keep on rockin'

danidolphins93939's picture

I've been "immersed on Ben Harper's culture" the whole week and yesterday at his concert was a hightlight in my life! No doubt is staying forever in my mind and heart! Thank you BHIC for using music to extract all the best feelings and thoughts hided deep within ourselves. It must be a mutualism interaction!! You, also, can "Get it like you like it"! Can't wait to see you again!

anonymous's picture

Quite impressive set list. Excellent coverage of some songs I haven't heard in a while. Great sound and quite emotional moments. Amazing.
I especially liked Ben replacing Johnny Damon with David Ortiz in "Get it like you like it."

leahchabre54319's picture

Excellent show with so much soul!! I was a dancing machine for Get it like you like it, crying during Waiting on an Angel- then dancing again for Burn one down! This concert was a roller coaster. Ben is so diverse and is sure to be a legend in music history.

mr.toof69422's picture

I've been checking out BHIC since 1996, and musically they just keep getting better and better. The range in Ben Harper's voice seems to be increasing with each album, and leon mobley's solos were amazing. Gone are the powerful moments when a quiet song could leave a whole crowd mesmerized. The music is just as intense, but the crowd too big. It's for this reason i've passed up big shows the last couple years, but this one was well worth it. The music and lyrics are as powerful as ever & the band was smokin'. Great mix of songs and really interesting dynamics! Thanks!

kirkfest33513's picture

Nothing better than getting a cellphone pic saying" Wish you were here"! A fan sent a pic to us back in Texas tonight! Of course, I texted back, ya, you should have seen Harper in KC BABY! What a great show in the rain storm......

abdolmo_jaco58907's picture

Best set list of all time. Great crowd...ben was into it. Doesnt get much better than this.