09.11.06 Philadelphia, PA

Festival Pier at Penn's Landing with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up."

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the show blew my mind, I can honestly say attending was one my favorite experiences in my life. I heard one of the most beautiful songs ive heard in my life, im still searching for its name. The one with the soulful piano riffs, if anyone knows please share. I will be attending another show asap

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How about that new Martin! Bens guitar was sounding as if he were 3 feet away and without amplification... It just couldnt have sounded better! Thanks Ben, Thanks Martin!

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Ben and the IC brought life into those whe might be struggling and extra life into the rest of us and even himself. You could just feel it throuhout the concert. As far as the date is concerned, I think that all of this life that was created might have made such a tragedy a little less painful and to open us up to a brighter future. Unlike any concert I've been to--no one was shouting for more in the end--the concert was a blessing and everyone was content with the whole performance and happy. It was perfect--something I've never seen before. Everyone was clapping for ten or fifteen minutes after it ended myself included. Best concert ever. the IC were amazing and Ben you could tell was as happy as we were, thanking everyone, holding hands, I could see it in his face. This concert couldn't have done it without BHIC and it couldn't have done it without every soul present.

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One word to describe the show...unreal. From the moment Damien stepped onto the stage, it was bound for greatness. Then Stephen and Jullian. All unbelievable musicians but it all came together when Ben took the stage. Every song seemed to have more power than the last. It seems like Ben continually outperforms himself especially with the lap guitar. The energy peaked with the bongo solo... What an experience. Can not wait for BHIC to come back around.

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My 6th Ben Harper show was another great one from Ben and the IC. He was so appreciative of how quiet the crowd was during the acoustic set ... he said we were the quietest of the tour. Great show, great energy. Better Way is a fantastic closer.

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So amazing. Definately the Best show I've seen from Ben. Damian really got the show going and the extra Marley brothers were a great suprise! ben's acoustic session put me in awe. One of the best shows I've ever been to. thanks for a great show.

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gr8 show...ben and dame both. i took my girlfriend, whos pregnant (we're naming the baby Marleigh also)...she had an amazing time as well. all around feel good show, and nice environment on SEPTEMBER 11th. god bless all who were involved. thanks and come back soon.

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Amazing show..Damien did an amazing job getting everyone up and moving. One of the best Ben Harper shows I've been to..great venue,awesome sound, played some songs he doens't do live very often...good change of pace.

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Once again, a truly Amazing experience. I can't wait til Ben comes back to Philly! Make it soon!

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Amazing as always, Juan Nelson killing it on the bass, bongo solo's were off the hook, and the covers of Neil Young and Get up Stand up with the Marley's were incredible. Thank you again Ben for a great show!!!!

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awesome, three marleys and 1 harper equals greatness