09.14.06 Knoxville, TN

World's Fair Park with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

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Damian Marley sat in for "Get Up, Stand Up."

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Show was as awesome as i expected....please come back to knoxville and burn one down!!!!

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I was there and still haven't got over it.If I could go to only two shows in my life this would have been one. The other was when Ben played the Orange Peel in Ashville NC the next year w/the Night Watchman. WOW you would just have had to been there to believe it. The hair still stands up on my arm.

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I was there.

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Had to get up at 4am, drive to Georgia, meet all day, and exceed the speed limit to get back in time for the show. Was the oldest guy I saw there by at least a decade. Seen Page, Gibbons, Iommi, Vaughan, Winter, Haynes, Watson and bunches of other guitar gods live. "Faded" may be the best solo I've ever heard from in front of the speakers.

Incredible experience.

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We are the Yellow Victorian House in the World's Fair Park that was serving coffee and listening to you back in 1996 opening for D. Matthews! We are still serving coffee and still listening to you! Ben your show on the 14th was livin' - What can I say 11th. ST. loves you and K-Town loves You! Coffee on us! - Loretta!

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This was my first Ben show and it will not be the last. It was the BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! If you are looking for a good show this is definitely the one to see. Thank you so much!!

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I was so moved by this show. It was my first time seeing Ben & Damian. I was so incredibly touched by the acoustic set & ben's voice made me melt. Damian's set definitely made me move! Thank you so much for coming to Knoxville. I love you guys!

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Check out, http://knoxville520.com/ for a play by play show review...

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badass show from the time Marley stepped on the stage all the way To when ben walked off after his 2nd encore
what a way to begin and i can't think of a "better way" to end it

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Ben... wow!! before you're show, id been to two Dave Matthews Band concerts and they were awesome of course! but the thing that made your show better than theirs was that at their show, we were so far back there you could barely see anything. at your show, we were 20 feet from you! and you got DOWN!!!!! you're awesome ben.. FOR SURE!!!!

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The most powerful and amazing show I've ever seen. And meeting BHIC was religious. Who was that play guitar, though? Wasn't that the tour manager?

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i have been to lots of concerts, i have seens Ben 4 times, and i have never in my life been so moved by music. it fueled my soul .....eternally grateful.

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For us three that was the first BHIC concert we have ever been to and it was amazing. Hands down the best concert we've ever seen . Can't wait till he comes back close to Boone,NC.

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My sixth BHIC show and another great one!! Great crowd and performance of "Get Up, Stand Up". As far as his message and vibe, he's the closest artist to Bob Marley by far. We love you Ben!!

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My first Ben Harper show and I was in awe by Ben's mad skills on the weisssenborn during my favorite BHIC song, "Gold to Me". This definately won't be my last BHIC show

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Absolutely fabulous!

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AMAZING Show Ben..Thanks for coming

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I can't think of anything else to say but.....

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Absolutely amazing! Excellent show. When's he comin back???

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WOW...... Thats all that needs to be said about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!