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I got engaged at this concert.... Ben was singing Diamonds on the Inside and I got diamonds to go on the outside <3 BEST SHOW EVER!

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I was there for a while.

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WOW!!! It just doesn't get any better than being outdoors with my husband and our three year old daughter (HUGE Ben Harper fan) listening to Ben and Damian. This was our first show at Chastain Park and I can't imagine witnessing anyone else there. Hands down the best show yet.

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I agree the Tabernacle show was amazing. But i cant compare any show to one another. I mean its like each show is like a drug. You guys always pull something out that is totally unexpected, mold it into your own, and then rip it to shreads. Everyone i took to this show now knows why i would travel anyhwere to see Ben and The Innocent Criminals. The depth of the music and spiritual asspect you guys bring makes it an indescribable feeling. I cant stop wanting to raise my fist at glorify life everytime i hear and insturment or vocal by any member or friend of this band. Im blessed to say i have seen yall (luckly more than once, and dont plane on stopping anytime soon.) Guys keep doing what you are doing. Ben keeping bringing the soul-full gosspel, jazz, funk, spiritual, folk, and rock to people around the world. Cause like you said "you will shine the light of optimisim brighter" and from the first cd to the last it has done notthing short of that. Juan keep bringing the funk and melting faces. Peace you guys and be safe through life. And Damien singing Get up Stand Up, was incredible. Especially those lyrics "Sick and tired of the bullshit games, die to go to heaven in Jesus' name."

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Well, it has been almost a week since my first ben show in atlanta and I am still getting chills just thinking about it. I was excited to see him for a long time and the experience lived up to my expectations! I didn't think I would hear my favorite song, Amen Omen, but I was so wrong! Tears streamed down my face as it started. Other highlights included Please Bleed, Black Rain, and Crying Won't Help you Now. If I had a complaint it would be the damn curfew. I feel like the crowd wasn't ready for it to be over and Ben and those IC weren't ready either. Overall, the best show I've ever seen. It was the first of MANY Ben shows to come! I love you Ben and the IC, you guys are truly inspirational and move me on a daily basis. When I am down I go for a little "Ben therapy" and it always helps! Never stop jamming!

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I have to agree that this was a great show with amazing energy but his show at the Tabernacle last fall was hands down the most incredible concert I have ever been to. Please Bleed was the best performance and anytime Ben takes the stage its flawless.

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Thank you Ben, Thank you BHIC for another amazing show. This was my 3rd BHIC show, and I love them more each time. I've been waiting a full year (since the Tabernacle in 8-05- which was, of course, the best show I have ever seen, and probably will ever see) to see them again. I loved hearing some songs that I hadn't heard live before, especially the new CD. It sounded awesome live! There is no better live performer than Ben-his lyrics, the music, his passion-it's incredible! The band was unbelievable, especially Juan and Leon's solos. Every BHIC show uplifts me, encourages me, and inspires me- as everyone else says, it is a spiritual experience. My only disappointment was the venue- too much socializing, and a too early curfew. PLEASE, PLEASE come back to the Tabernacle soon- where we can be blessed with your music for as long as you want to play.
"I believe in a better way!!"

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A simply amazing evening of live music, well worth the 6 hour drive from Jacksonville,Fl. to see BHIC as well as Damian Marley. I have seen BHIC numerous times and don't want to pin point this as the best one ever because all of them have been excellent, but this certainly qualifies as one of the times in life you look up to the star lite sky and Thank God for being alive. My wife and I cannot wait to take our next road trip to see a BHIC concert, too bad we cannot drive to Europe! Thank you for an unbelievable evening of music.

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It's three days later and I still feel the vibrance from BHIC's show at Chastain. I went to the tabernackle show last fall as many others and vowed to never miss another BHIC show in Atlanta again! It's the most powerful and moving expierence I've ever had. I never feel more alive than when Im groovin with my best friend at a Ben Harper show. I look forward to many more. Thanks Ben! Come back soon!

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BHIC was incredible as always!!! Like so many have said, it is impossible to top the tabernacle, but Ben is always the best live show anyone could ask for!! Can't wait until they come around again... and forever was awesome, never heard it live 'til friday!! Always nice to get some Bob vibes as well.. Thanks BHIC for one of the most uplifting and memorable nights of my life!!! You guys are amazing!!!

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Thank you again Ben and "IC" for another truly moving experience! It was a beautiful night under the stars with you and my finace'. It was his first show and he had a blast. My favorite is still Tabernacle 05. My first Ben experience. What a night!

You delivered another spritual dose of love. Amen Omen(one of my favorites), Black Rain rocked! I am so proud of you for writing that song. Someone needs to speak out for those who cannot be heard...
Keep doing what you are doing. You truly are making a difference!
I love you guys! God Bless!

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This was the BEST concert I've ever seen. First live Ben Experience and it was in a word AMAZING!!!! A friend of mine went with me and he's been to several BH concerts and he agreed that this was one of the best he's seen. Thanks so much Ben, you're incredible!!

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Incredible show. How about Superstition and when Juan sang a bit of Ray Charles' Girl over Town spliced on the end of Murder. I saw the Red Rocks show as well this tour and they were both stellar. One of the most impressive thing about Damien Marley's set was that when he started playing there were only several people really into it, as it was still early however, somewhere in the midst of the final three songs he totally took control of the crowd. When Stephan and Juju Marley came out for 'Could you be loved" the attention circle was complete and primed for Welcome to JamRock. thanks boys.

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Incredible can't really expect it to duplicate the Tabernacle show...I believe that was a once in a lifetime experience...I kept waiting for a walk around or at least a high five, since I was leaning on the front rail of the pit.....Chastain is just not a good venue for a rock concert due to sound and time constraints....especially for an artist who is so spontaneous...But Ben coped very well and put as much in the show as humanly possible...and like others have said, he played my two faves, Amen Omen and Please Bleed...another thing, the crowd was deafening at the Tabernacle, but at Chastain the sound seems to evaporate into the air and it was not loud at all up front...but it didn't dampen the mood as Ben was the greatest as usual. It's always a spiritual experience...

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I drove all the way from Oxford MS for what?
THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE! I have seen been twice before but this time it was so amazing! AMEN OMEN and Please Bleed were my favorite songs!!! i love that kid!
If you see one concert in your lifetime it MUST be ben harper!

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this show was amazing.. i have not seen chastain like that ever... it was incredibally packed and everyone was into the show... it was AMAZING... truly one of the best shows i have ever been to.. i cant wait to see them play again

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great show. much different atmosphere than my two previous ben concerts (TABERNACLE aug 05, HOB orlando march 06). couldn't have asked for better weather, truly beautiful night. damien blew me AWAY. i'd priorly only heard welcome to jamrock, and i was very impressed with his other material. and what a treat to have two extra marleys show!! julian and stephen are phenomenal as well, stephen's voice comes as close as anyone i've heard to bob's. the rasta flag bearer was also extremely engaging and a great addition, as were the backup vocalists/ dancers. very similar to the I-threes but with that damien marley hiphop flavor. it was surprising to see how empty it was for the opening act when they're such talented musicians. as far as ben. he was extremely focused, not much talking, really quick breaks between encores, really speedy guitar switches and very little hesitation between songs. but he did manage to get a good amount of material in before the 'curfew'. they were musically fantastic and as a whole group they seem to be taking it to the next level as far as maturing their artistry. leon's solo on burn one down was inexpicably memorable. i've heard him really go off on the song before but this was far far beyond that. it was so great. i was in awe and amazed and completely moved to a different state of musical ecstasy. i also really enjoyed hearing juan's vocals. all of the band's strengths really shone through and every member's incredible abilities were showcased well. the overall energy wasn't quite as sizzlingly electric as the tabernacle, but that is going to be a very, very tough one to beat. only thing i didn't quite get was how much people moved around. there was a whole lot of walking around, back and forth and in and out of the rows and that was slightly distracting. and of course there's always some of that breed that pay for the 60 tickets to get too blusteringly inebriated to remember the event, but there wasn't a whole, whole lot of that where i was at. also. the actual tour's tees were 45. which would have breached my concert t-shirt bank about twice over. but they had an uncharacteristically wide selection of merch. and there wasn't really a way to wait around for the band after because the busses were in a gated area. but anyways. wonderful experience. can't wait for no.4.

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Nice show in a nice others have said, it wasn't quite as good as the Tabernacle show last fall, but it was one hell of a show. I brought my whole family along. My dad, who's never seen ben enjoyed the show...especially all of the well placed covers, and my mom, who's seen ben before, was grooving from the start of Damian's set. It was a great show with an interesting setlist, but a great show none the less.

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Another great show with positive energy! I brought two BHIC virgins and they quickly understood why I rave about this music. Seemed like the encores were cut short, possibly because of a curfew. Strangely, not nearly as many people in the pit as usual. Highlights definitely include Jr. Gong's band, especially the flag man, Superstition, One Road to Freedom, and There Will Be a Light.

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Not quite as good as the tabernacle show last summer, but I had a great time and BHIC put on a great show. Anytime he plays Amen Omen it makes my day.

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This was an amazing show! Ben came out with tons of energy like he just couldn't wait to start playing. Opened the show with Murder while I'm eating and it got crowd completely fired up (athough Damien's set already had me going, wish it was longer). Juan was the MAN last night awesome musician! Leon was awesome. The highlights for me was when they played "One Road to Freedom" and "Please Bleed" back to back. It felt like church!! I needed some church cause I haven't been in years! It was very spiritual for me. The other highlights were "Forever" and There Will be A Light", although its hard to pick favorites from last night's show, everything was great! Maybe this calls for a trip to Europe?!? Thank you BHIC for an incredible experience.

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AMAZING as always! Ben put on an unbelievable performance. His version of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" and then "Get Up, Stand Up" w/ Damian Marley were truly incredible. I dont think Chastain Park has ever seen a concert this good.

Thank you Ben and the IC's for an awesome night!