10.04.06 Lisbon, Portugal

Pavilhao Atlantico with Pierre Aderne

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I Believe!! =)

thank you! )

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Hi! One more time we wave you and thank you very much for giving us a magic concert. like you said (and I agree) : "If theres no justice in day-to-day living, theres for dawn sure gonna be some justice in my music..."

Best luck to you and yours closesones...

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thanks all of you for one more amanzing concert. i think it was the best concert ever in portugal. keep doing what you do, BHIC!!!

Come to Porto also!!!

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link not working so check


PS - Gavin, keep up the excellent work you've done so far.

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Hi there Ben, Leon, Juan, Oliver, Jason and Michael
Once again thanks alot for a wonderfull night.
Seems like each year you're getting better and better. I can't really put it into words, but it was like a purification of the soul, so thank you guys for making it possible, thank you Ben for singing with and from your heart.

Here's one of the pictures I took during this gig in Lisboa, 04 octobre. this one is from Better Way final moments: the staff had the lights on, but the band stood firm on stage. Attitude is what makes BHIC different and much more special than other bands.


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My god! You really made me feel in my best when you played Better Way! So much feeling, I've felt just as emotioned as you and as your band... one of the greatest moments of my life! Thank you, Thank you!!! I also believe in a Better Way for this world...

PS: Thx also for playing that sweet solo of slide guitar

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"We're keep waiting for U." That's it, for real D

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:) ...
Hello, Mr. Harper (Ben), IC guys & everybody around!
It's been passed already 5 days so far, since of your tremendously amazing performance on your concert, here in Lisbon. I could have done this previously, seems like I've waited all this time by purpose only to do it after 5 (it has a hugeful meaning in my little world) days.
You were utterly astonishing... fulfilled me with an harmonious joy, plenty of positive vibes... words won't ever be fair enough as an alternative to explain the great feeling that came into me in that day.
I am, we are so grateful to you... all of u: BHIC.
Perhaps there's not that much reviews that u were probably expecting from Portugal, but there are enough quality (love, loyalty, belief, union & good willing) on those already posted.
May good vibes keep surrounding us all.

P.S: We're still keep wiating for U!

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This was the 8th or 9th performance of Ben Harper and the IC in Portugal, and I can only blame myself for not have attended his previous concerts! But this one was really great, Ben, is such an eccletic and skilled musician, and IC are a terrific band. The simpathy this man has for Portugal is obvious, if we notice that the Atlantico setlist had more 3 or 4 songs than the average setlists of many other concerts in the 2006 Tour ! And what a marvelous setlist! No Sexual Healing, but a nice surprise:Neil Young's Heart of Gold cover was fantastic!
From now on I will not miss you again, if you return to Portugal, and I hope it happens soon! Portuguese fans are definitely devoted to you!

Jorge P.

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I just want to say that was the best concert of my life, you and the band are simply god's that bring happy and strength to the people,we feel the power of your music come back as fast as you can, you will always have a home to stay

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It was the fourth time that I went to see you and the Innocent Criminals. And I'll always be there. Once more I loved your concert .

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Great concert !
Great songs !
Great night!
- Thanks and come back again for a beautiful night !
Kisses !

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i forget to say.....

One of my FAV moments in my LIVE!

Tks for making me so Happy. u top us on the top of the world, just u and your guys!

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Dear Ben,

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing the stage with you.
the sun will shine beside your music waiting you in Brazil.
I felt the music was sailing in a good vibe at that wordeful wood ship (Pavilhao Atlantico) last wednesday.
in music,
Pierre Aderne

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i dont know how to say what this concert meant to me.. u're my muse. I loved too much to see u once again.. ill always be there when u back (please, be back quickly)!

To the band: u play FuckingLutly SO GOOD

Please: BACK!

we love u

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one more thing! i also believe in a better way! thank you OBRIGADO

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ben! i'm so glad i went to ure concert! u inspired me! "with our own towo hands"

thank you for everything! really! i can't describe this feeling!!

A very big big big OBRIGADO!
you will always be welcome here in portugal! and ill be there again to see!


PS wish i could have met! it would have been the even perfecter night!!

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Great concert, thank for your hug after the show and It was great to meet you in person. thank you so much

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Thank you for Wednesday...

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Wish I could turn back time. Want to remember every detail, want to keep it always in my mind. Behind unbelieveble. Thank you so much all of you what a night... be backk!

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uncle BEN u're t man!

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Juan Nelson (you were amaaaazing! what a voice!), Leon Mobley (man, you stole Ben's thunder quite a few times! You were just amazing!!), Oliver Charles (we felt you feeling the music), Jason Yates (you are really fun! Great!), Michael Ward (you play really well!) and Ben Harper... Ben Haper! "With you WE were blessed!"
I just wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed your concert! And that I LOVE your lyrics as well as your music. You all were just the best! Hope you come to visit us as soon as possible! I wish I could go backsatge with you, guys. But you can be sure I felt you there from my spot!
I know you're all used to all these complements... but don't get spoiled! ahah! You really are role models, specially for your humility.

"you make me wanna sing
with all the joy you bring
you look like gold"

Keep up the good work!

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Gorgeous...only you could give us such a beautiful night! Congratulations! The best concert ever...I'm waiting for you here again because only you can make us believe...make me believe...!!You are true...)

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I'm speachless...
What a great performance of yours. I would like to congratulate you all for your music.
It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

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I BELIEVE!!!! :)

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Much better than in august...you (Ben) seem angry...maybe a bad day!
Ben Harper - Go for it and do it your way! Shine!!
Leon Mobley - don't stop smoking...burn one down! you have some extras now!!
Juan Nelson - ...Keep it funky...great bass...giant dude!!!
Oliver Charles - Someone have to stay on the back...but nice :p
Jason Yates - great job...with the cuddly toy...and the rest :p
Michael Ward - niceeeeeeee...

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Unlike most prophets that try to lead,
You're like the sun, that brighten the way

Keep the light on ...

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Last night I went to see you with my ill girlfriend, and had to stay back because of all the smoke so that she wouldn't feel bad. And no i didn't force her to go, she MADE me go. hahaha
Really nice concert, you were the happiest I've ever seen you live, I only got to see you for the first time in 2003 ( I think ), anyway, FADED, FORGIVEN, BETTER WAY sent shivers of happyness, completefulness, uniting me to every soul that was there. You have a gift man, please keep believing because I will till I die, and alot because of you. You showed me a light through the things you write in many moments that only darkness and despair came to me.I thank with all my heart you and the ones that help you get the message across. I thank my friend Rafael for letting me know such a human being like yourself existed. There will be a better way!

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Yeah man, great concert! It was the best of my life! Thanks once again man, the fusion you get with us is unique! You said that this was one of the places you most enjoy to perform, well, keep enjoying and keep coming, we'll be there!"Burn One Down" was really awesome, like everything else, but with something special...Yesterday you burned one down with us...THANKS!

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I believe.......Forever :D

Thank you!!!

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I BELIVE IN A BETTER WAY. just beautifull. it's impossible forget that day. thank you so much. you're BEAUTIFULL. everybody love's you here in portugal. come back soon please. thank you so much again. great concert. i never felt so great. this feeling it's so great, the best, that i can't explain! thank you and the innocent criminals, and thank LEON to give me and my friends your drumstick, you're the bets. i play djembe too and you're my idol. LOVE YOU ALL. OBRIGADO :')

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The greatest concert ever!!Too bad you didn't play sexual healing but that's ok cause the ending was just perfect!!You made an earthquake in Lisbon yesterday man!!Thank's for making us all BELIEVE IN A BETTER WAY!!!peace and love.come again soon.we love ya MUITO OBRIGADA!!

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Youre unbelievable.... Nobody forget the day, 4th October of 2006, in Lisbon. The greatest guitarrist that ive ever seen in the all world... Come back soon please... "Ill be waiting for you..."

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I went to the concert yesterday and i must tell you... It was a lifechanging experience. The energy set by the band, Ben and the audience created moments of really great music and love. It was a soul-freeing couple of hours and I believe that the feeling we all experienced during the hole concert (but especially in the end) will inspire me for a long time. I believe in a better way. And I believe in you, Ben, for making us all believe in our own two hands :)
I really love everything you do and wish you all the best. Please come back to Portugal soon :)

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Yesterday was a pleasing "Deja vu", the vibes from the 98' concert were present. In music's like Faded, Black Rain, Amen Omen and so many others, rushes of Goosebumps would frequently invade your body and exploded in your head like no other drug. Lisbon trembled with Oliver Charles, smiled with Leon and got wiser with Juan Nelson. Jason Yates gave the groove and Michael the lightning.
Ben Harper was the light in stage, singing from is soul and playing with is heart. The last words go to the sound crew, everything was just faultless.
In name of the G.D.F in attendance I can't thank you guys enough for the great performance. Please come to Portugal as shortly as possible. See you all in Rome next week. OBRIGADO!

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I still can't find the right word to describe your concert! I think that it would be necessary to make up a new word like "amazinglastic" because that concert was behond description! It really felt like there was apenning a revolution of love and peace inside everybody's heart! And we felt that you were really giving everything you could to us all!

I Believe! ') Thank you!

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There are no words to descrived the amazing performange!

Best regards.

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Mr. Ben Harper.. that was something.. thank you for being so good to us! You and IC are a light to a better way.
I loved Morning Yearning and Forever, my two fav songs. All songs were great but "Better Way" has it's power and we showed you how you can put us. Thanks for saying Portugal is one of your fav places to perform:)

Please visit:

Good vibs to everyone.

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absolutely amazing... better way was the perfect ending, and the lights on made it even greatter. i only wish you had played sexual healing... :) the whole concert was spectacualr, loved the solos. come back again soon!

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First of all, a great concert, the only problem, (and i've been to almost every concert you gave in portugal, since the first one in aula magna) is the acoustic of the Pavilhao Atlantico!
that place has a really bad acoustic...the sound bounces from back to front, and we end up hearing echoes...and when it's not a crowded house..it gets worse.
the next time you come to lisbon, please demand playing at the Coliseu, that place has a fucking great acoustic!!!

either way, great show...and even with the production having the lights on, no one would shut up. i hope you complained about them turning the lights on for you guys to stop playing!

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what a concerttt!! loved it! we could just feel the vibe there! never felt so great.... ben is great..but even better live! too good to be true! innocent criminals had a great performance also! thank you for the best )

keep doing what you do...cuz u do it good!

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look man... you are the greatest guitar player of the world.... i saw you after the concert... have a good trip benny be cool and play it nice and loud

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After such a night, i don't think that there's a person able to say "I'm not sure i believe...".


......... you (all of you) were like a trigger to our souls waiting to ignite!