10.05.06 Madrid, Spain

Palacio De Deportes with Ojos de Brujo

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Gracias, merci, gracie, thnaks, dank sie, 谢谢, obrigado, eskarrikasko, gracies, shokran...

o00o__ (O,O)__o00o

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The concert was fantastic!Your music is so emotional and I still don't believe that the last week I was enjoying your songs in live.
I hope you come soon to Spain once again.

Benito forever :D

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I dont believe what i saw in Madrid. I was listening your music for nine years and never I saw your show in live. Your music gets "into my venins" in every song.
I need your music to live, thanks for all.

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Great sound, great show, we just enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks you all guys

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Your music is the best.

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Ben, you do it, like your grandmother, you make people happy with your music. Yesterday it was so great. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Innocent Criminals, you are simply the best. Please come soon! We miss you!
MADRID LOVES YOU! Madrid want to see Benito, Juanito and all the rest.

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DRUGS DONT WORK RULES Please!!!!!! today in Badalona!!!!!
I see you tonight!!! The concert of my live!!!

Thanks Benito!!

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By the way, BHIC played more songs than shown on the setlist. Ben harpers acoustic.

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Speechless, best concert ever in my life. Congratulations, BHIC are the ones. Morning yearing in live is simply brilliant.

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Unbelievable show, unbelievable performaces. Dear Ben (an Innocent Criminals), please come back to Madrid soon, we miss you already. Thank you very much for such a wonderful show, thank you very much for being so talented and enjoying yourselves on stage and thank you very much for making the effort of keeping the ticket prize as low as possible.

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GREAT!!! So intense and emotional...Thank you! A bit too short maybe - cannot get enough of you I guess. They also played Please bleed.

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And also played...
Please Bleed, Amen Omen, War...

Benito, Juanito y el resto. Increible el concierto desde la segunda fila. Si algo nos gusta de BHIC es su entrega, y ayer, como siempre, lo dieron todo y sono genial.
Gracias. Hasta la siguiente!!.

Ben, Juan and the rest... That was a fantastic show near the scene!. We really love the deep feeling in every song. Yesterday, the sound was great and amazing.

Thanx, See you soon!!

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awseome and beautiful and intense. thanx!

there were also played: another lonely day, walk away and well well well, not displayed on this site.

ben, please come to madrid soon! we loved every song every moment!