10.06.06 Barcelona, Spain

Palau Olímpic Badalona with Ojos de Brujo

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covago_guay56173's picture

Well, I don't know what to say, I saw you in Barcelona and it was awesome!!
The energy that you gave me with your music... You are the best!!
Will you come back?please!We need you!!xD (colud b possible with jack johnson?) kisses

romuloalba88000's picture

Hi Ben & IC:

Sometime we dont need words for saying something. Music is the best gun for this world and you the gunner.
I saw you after the concert in Barcelona and promise you that Ill see you again. With your hand over your heart, making a cross, you repeat me: " you promise me, you promise".
And I did it in France in one of your last concerts. You write me in a autograph: thank you for your energy. Thank you to you. See you in France

natxsurf's picture


first of all thanks for the present that you,BEN and the CRIMINALS,gave to us!!!

then i wanna tell you that being in a show from you is like an orgasm or better :P

I thought i couldn't caught you!!! i arrived in barcelona that evening coming back from Panama. I had lost my conecting flight madrid-barcelona, so i had to paid an extra plane ticket It cost me 200 plus 37 for my surfboard...
but in that moment it wasn't a problem to be at time in Badalona....I just arrived 5 min before the beginning of your show!!

I was lucky to be with your again!!! it was my fourth time i could listening you in live... First time was in Sala Bikini, second time was in Razzmataz, third time was in Pavello Vall d'hebron, finaly in Badalona...

i guess it could be incredible see you with jack johnson, donavon frankenreiter, xavier rudd playing together after a surfing day looooooool just dreaming!!!

I wish you and the Criminals the best for the next times and i hope to see you in Catalonia realy soon!
you are a friend for ever !

IGNASI - natxsurf

mcollsala91602's picture

Days have passed since the concert, but anywhere I be when I close my eyes and I remember your voice, your vibrations and all the feeelings I had during that evening I use to cry and I feel,... I don't know exactly how to describe it, like now I really believe in love, frendship, kindness, I believe in people, I believe in us and in you.
I feel like if something inside me have changed, we only need our own two hands to make things better.

I wish you all the best Ben and Innocent Criminals and keep on with your music, 'cause our lifes grow up with it.

yellowlove777671's picture

Thank you so much BHIC!!! You gave us all a huge gift that we will carry in our hearts for a loooong time. I would have loved to see you in a smaller place, but you have reached so many people with your music that it has to be such a big space.
Thank you so much for With my own two hands: I could not stop the tears from falling and my body from feeling all the energy in the song. Also Better way in the end, I was waiting for it during the whole concert! And when you stopped playing I was telling my boyfriend, "no, it's not over yet, they haven't played better way!" Thank you!
I want you to know that your music has lived with me throughout more than 5 years of my life, which is a 1/4 of it!!! Please receive all my love and thankfulness for bringing this music into the world, it would not be as beautiful without it!
Love, and more love,


xubeira77237's picture

Uff Ben, unbelievable you guys really made a concert that touch our hearts I saw you first in Paris, on the Olympia, early this year, then after in Barcelona, and I'll try to follow your concerts any time I can. Please, do not stop playing this music, I think it makes us feel on a "Better Way" Thank you and come back soon. Xavi.

stonegosard20464's picture

Amazing!!, unbelievable!!!.
It was like a movie, you see it but you can beleive that is happening.
People like you and pearl jam, ... make me feels that all is posible on a stage.
Thank you guys!!

jordi_171430693's picture

Thanks a lot Ben, I think you will never read that, but you give us some good feeling.
Thanks a lot, for come to barcelona.

anonymous's picture

Dear All, dear Ben,
Thank you for coming to see us, for what you and your music represent to all of us. We loved the concert but feel that smaller venues suit you better! The Razzmatazz concert (july 2001) is still in our minds as one of your best ever!!!!!
We felt the audience didn't quite let you perform as you wanted, as you felt???!!!
We believe in you and for sure, there is a better way....we hope to see you again soon, there's never quite enough!!!!!

vrubiolo749034's picture

Thanks a lot for such a great concert, the best I've ever been.
I wonder you come back again soon, Ben

figueroskova28598's picture

Thank you all. I was there, just listening to your music and a revelation came to me. Ben is a prophet of our times. At the end of the show I was just looking around and all faces were transmitting wisdom and kindness... WE ALL BELIEVED IN A BETTER WAY... we all understood what that means.. people is the key .. the only thing we need is faith... and Ben was spreading energy to all of us... This moment will remain forever in our hearts. Thanks for make me believe that is possible... We just need our two hands...

anonymous's picture

I belive that during "with my own two hands" I flew!! and veryveryvery good "Better Way"...
Thank you Inocent criminals and Ben!!

rosaguri28269's picture

I love Ojos de brujo and I love Ben Harper and The Inocent Criminals...so it was the best combination for me! I've been all the weekend reminding friday...it was and unforgetable moment, the best concert in my live!!
Thank you very very much!!and please, return soon to Catalonia!!
fins aviat!!

fbc197868026's picture

I've also been in the Madrid show and this was better!!!
Starting with "Glory & Consequence" was an amazing surprise, and "With my own two hands" in an acoustic version it was really magic.

See you in San Sebastian!!!!!!!

cargolina6935571's picture

Ben, thank you so much for your music and for this concert, the best one in my life! you touched my soul very deeply inside. I could feel like if I was just beside you! you trasmittted and incredible and wonderful strength all over the place. I'll be waiting for you, for seeing you soon. Gracies, Ben.

larius2246908's picture

..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FANTASTIC CONCERT!!!The best concert i've ever gone. yOU mADE ME cRY! I was in the sky yesterday night..simple perfect.... Please come back soon! WE VERY VERY ENJOY YOUR MUSIC!DON'T STOP WRITTING NEW SONGS...my life is much BETTER with your music!!!....Just Great...I don't have enough words to explain the way you (and your songs-lyrics- ) make me feel.
Thanks to The Innocent Crimminals too!-)

pezotesg15504's picture

BHIC: Thank you for walk with me in this life!!! and Ben, thank you very much for the slide!!!.Theres no words to explain this show. Dont forget Spain please, we are waiting for you!

sebas8987's picture

Thankyou, Ben. Gracias por llenar la noche de sensaciones , de alma y de hacernos creer que otro camino es posible.Come back again .

daniel_srv35574's picture

It was an amazing concert! Juan Nelson was fantastic on "Black rain" and "Steal my kisses" solos. Thank you Juan! I really enjoyed the acoustic version of "With my own two hands". I think Ben Harper persuades a lot of people to make this world a better place every concert. Thank you for being so kind after the gig. It was a pleasure to shake your hand. We hope you'll be back soon!

freakkisser95611's picture

Thanks Ben for your music...You've also inspire us with you're voice & music, I've touched the sky yesterday, and I'll be waiting for you...what else can I do,but waiting for you(r next concert)?


xesquerra96606's picture

The best concert i've ever gone. Simply incredible. Proud to be Harpenian.

MARTA's picture

Last night was simply incredible!! The best concert ever in Barcelona!
THANKS FOR THAT GREAT CONCERT, the ending with "better way" was awesome!!!
I also would like to thank you for being so kind with us!
Come back soon, Catalonia loves you Ben!

annavallugera66705's picture

I hope that the next time we don't have to wait 3 more years to see you in Barcelona again.Come back soon

joan6891125082's picture

BH&IC your music is our life!

Yesterday we lived a fantastic night.
It was a storm of feelings: hope, love, tenderness, anger... and we had never heart a musician playing and singing with so much strong, transmitting to us his soul.

Yesterday God passed to Badalona,
Thanks for your music Ben,

Joan i Maria (Girona)

P.D. Hoping to hearing you soon in Catalonia.

paco.duque94914's picture

Greater than ever in Barcelona. It was a fantastic setlist with the perfect ending. "Better way" was sublime (Gallina de piel oiga).
Every time Ben Harper comes to Barcelona we (my wife and myself) will be there.
Laura & Paco.