10.07.06 Toulouse, France

Le Zénith with Piers Faccini

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tlamoure32834's picture

A great moment of my life !!!

Thank you ben & IC, keep care :)

mad's picture

Again a GREAT moment !!! An unbelievable show !!!!
Thanks you BHIC for all you give to us !!! It's like dreaming awake ! We need a lot of weeks to stop flying after your shows !!! Take care, and please come back soon in France !!!! I will see you each time !!!
We love you !
MAD Muriel
Tank you to make me believe in a better way !
Sorry for my english...

c_romy2551894's picture

It was just like all the time : wonderfull-brilliant -beautifull- enormous-fabulous-splendid ... .... and so much others. But it was too much short too...because one never wearies oneself of this pleasure. Thank you guys so much. Come back soon in Toulouse ! Good road & POSITIV VIBRATION.

tom_58144108's picture

Ben c'est enorme ce que tu fais...
It was the third time I see you on stage, and I can't wait for the next time.
Bravo et merci

manudreuil37237's picture

Thank you Ben for this great moment! It was one of the best concert I Have seen. A great intro with "Glory and Consquence", a great final with "better way" and a very cool bass solo by J.Nelson.
Thanks you very very much to you and Innocent Criminals.
Tu reviens a Toulouse quand tu veux.

reygautier70452's picture

thank you BHIC !!!

ludietjul57462's picture

Dear Ben and IC!
This show was AMAZING!!
I saw you in Toulouse for the 2003 tour but this one was better and I didn't thought it was possible!! What a great moment!!!
Meeting you after the show was the best gift for my 25th birthday! While we were waiting for you, I met wonderful people and had a lot of fun with them.
Thank you for all the good you bring in my life since many years. The First dance for my wedding was "When she believes". Your music is the rythme of my life.

A lot of respect to you and your wonderful musicians. Take care. God bless you all & your family.


stephanie_rolland61718's picture

Smashing, wicked !
Thanks a lot for this wonderful show .. This was so magic.. the atmosphere in the crowd was fantastic.. At this time, we've could have changed the world with our hands claping..
Sexual healing was just unforgetable !
Million million thanks ..

Thanks to the musicians too
there were great..

Wish you all the best for this tour..
Take care

thesteve3777137's picture

Dear Crew,
i'm so happy to have seen this show, it was my sixth concert of you and it was the best, always better!!! and last night i was really 'high' with you, Ben & the Ic !!! i love it, and i hope i'll can take your hand on a next show, maybe in Lille !!! just to meet you one time :D
Last night i thought of Bob Marley, of course there was Exodus which is very 'beautiful' song into Jah Work, but your power on Better Way at the End of the show was really magic and sooo intense, sooo amazing xD !!! Thanks Thanks Thanks Again !!!! cauz we need to believe !!!!! (there was so much beautiful other things, with Juan Nelson wonderful Solo, and many many other beautiful details !!!) xD See ya soon guys !!! and i really wish you a wonderful tour !!! many blessings !!!!

tusarebecca7407's picture

By far the best show I've gotten to see. The fans in France were awesome. The set list speaks for itself. Can't wait to catch a few more shows on the European tour.

Julboud's picture

The best concert i have ever seen !
Magic songs, magic crew... magic BHIC !
Thanks you very very very...very very much.
Bass, drums, keyboard, percussions, guitars and vocals were incredible !
Can I ask you something ? Is it possible that you contact me via my e-mail (julboud@hotmail.fr) to send me a autograph of BHIC ? Thanks you so much
I love you Ben, I Love you IC !

anonymous's picture

Merci beaucoup Ben pour ce concert memorable!

I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Toulouse.
I would have loved to talk to you a little after the show, you know, and couldn't...
so keep the same vibes! I love your new song "lifeline" and I hope your next album will be as great as the formers!

mynameisnicolas5177's picture

Thank you Ben for this wonderful show. It's simply the best concert I have ever seen.
Thanks for Exodus, and for Ground one down (with the tooths :D ). Thank you Juan for the solo on bass ). TO LOSE!!! :D

anonymous's picture

The gig was awesome, by far the best I have ever been to!! The atmosphere in the zenith was fantastic, the crowd were brillant, amazing musicians, great performance, WoW, WHAT A NIGHT WHAT A BAND!
So please if someone has a bootleg of the night, feel free to post de link!

jonathan.cr30653's picture

Thanks Ben!
A fantastic moment, the second time in Toulouse since 2003! An extraordinary Leon Mobley with Burn One Down. Inimitable and unforgettable Sexual Healing. What else?!
Thank you so much!!
Hoping to see you very soon!

pedro.lopes46343's picture

When it's good it's so so good

and saturday 10.07 IT's SO SO GOOD MAN .

Tanck's Mr Harper and the Innocents Criminals
Positiv Vibration

sandrine's picture

Simply amazing! It was a great moment, so great show! Thanks you Ben and the IC for this magic moment. I hope that you really appreciate our welcome. Thanks to you we rose very high (and without drugs! )
Thank you a lot, Ben, for your disponibility for your fans after the show. The waiting was worth while.
(I just hope that you have got the occasion to read the letter! )
Please, take care.

I'm waiting for the next concert !!

Take care, and a lot of love and happiness in your life