stelchan64514's picture

Lot of thanks for this so amazing concert you and your musicians offered me in BERCY !
I saw you for the first time this monday and I met such a wonderful man....Come back soon in Paris
Take care

anonymous's picture

Hi Tom!!
I am in France for the moment, doing contests. My amplificator il "sigma 35".by

anonymous's picture

pas mal thomas, pas mal...

tom_bockel42332's picture

Your show friday night was so, so nice.
We really enjoy these two hours of pure sound and then you began with one of your best song
we have a little question for you.
-please would you like to tell us what kind(or type)of amplificator did you(and your band) use to make a sound like that? PLEASE answer it's for fucking school work.
AGAIN THANK'U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

living..'s picture


filippo.lonardo68345's picture

It was my first time, and... I couln't believe it! We were yours! all yours! and you were ours! Perhaps for you it might be always different, no matter where you play. But if you didn't notice, trust me: Rome has given you something extraordinary, something She gives to very, very few people.
Because you deserved it.
Oh, by the way, I keep a picture of Jesus in my wallet (since before DotI), and I really wished you played It (since I think it is the most beautiful song of the past 10 years). Thank you for everything (posso cambiare il mondo con le mie mani).

emanuele8059473's picture

Thanx Ben!
There could be many words to display what I felt last frida in Rome, but maybe only one can be the right:EMOTION.
Thanks, Ema

simijimisrv68825's picture

Grazie Ben!
Sono un chitarrista e da quando ho ascoltato la tua musica ho cominciato a suonare diversamente, il concerto al Palalottomatica era per me il quinto, ma se ce ne fossero 10 ogni anno sarei sempre presente. Grazie ancora
"there must be more good than bad"

sara_levi18785's picture

F@&ng amazing concert! I wanted to kill the idiots that were screaming during your very moving solo... please come back to Rome soon, I really learned to love your music.

Mimmo's picture

...your performance for "where could I go" has been unforgetable...

satellyte59773's picture

Hi Ben, hi IC!!!
The show in Rome was overwhelmig!!!!!
Can't tell you how i talked to my soul.

Thanks indeed and see you soon.

zonia1385546's picture

Dear Ben,
this is my fifth concert....and every time is so amazing and powerful....but it's impossible to describe what music can do to our soul!
i love you all Innocent criminals!

lbedini84910's picture

I think you are the best in the world.
Thank's for your mind.

gondo83147's picture

Ieri sera, al concerto di Bologna, e stato bellissimo cantare con te: I can change the world With my own two hands.

phabbio70763's picture

....che dire....a dir poco fantastico...e stata la prima volta che venivo ad un tuo concerto ed e stato un viaggio continuo...sono arrivato in "posti" e in "situazioni" inimmaginabili...GRAZIE



...with my own two hands....

alexandrine_raczinski36512's picture

Thank you so much for your show, it has been a great performance and a big emotion. We really loved it and we look forward to your next show in Rome

jennifer.martini86514's picture

Sono stata a vederti per la prima volta a Roma.. il 13/10/2006!! Troppo bello.. un concerto da mille e una notte!!

flavianom4042's picture

Great soul, great voice, great show, great band...

Ben & Eddie and no one else!!

"Waiting on an angel, she has diamonds on the inside..."

pajata21192's picture

Grazie ragazzi,
suonate in una maniera fantastica.
Venerdi sera ho assistito a uno dei piu bei concerti che abbia mai visto.

Ciao e grazie ancora.

cristian.sileo86898's picture


..and..tears on "Where Could I Go"..


..grazie per la compagnia straordinaria di Jahnluka, BelovedOne e Living..

..grazie vera gioia e condividere..

..see u..!..

curlzkel234272's picture

Hi Ben and Band,

You guys were amazing on Friday night in Rome! My friend and I are studying in Siena (we are from California) and went to rome to see you guys play. The show was incredible- we especially loved the song "there will be a light" and loved watching all the musicians rock out. Next time we hope to hear By My side... but it was still such an awesome concert. We got to meet you back stage ben and that was incredible as well, thanks for putting on such a great show and for being so cool! look forward to seeing you guys again in the states!
Kelly and lulu

cristian.sileo86898's picture


..just thank u BHIC for "Faded"..

..acoustic set too short.. :-( ..

..but it's ok! :-) ..see u next time..!..

..all the will,..


punkarre1276245's picture

I'm really sorry for you,cause you'll never try what it means to be a your fan..
I really appreciated your concert,most of all the opening part,you were so determinated to give us a great performance..
I'm also sorry for my fellow-citizens,that didn't understand immediately that they had to be quiet during the amazing "where could I go"...i have still some shivers..
I was waiting for "Amen Omen" one of your best song,that mean so much for me that I decided to use the words "I put your world into my veins" to a tattoo...So i was a little disappointed,but I thought that will be forever disappointed cause There are too much songs that I like and 3 hours is a very short time...
COME BACK PLEASE and DON't wait 3 years..

Wade Michael Arthur's picture

I know this is an old post, but worth the shot.
Do you have a pic of your tattoo? Would be very interested to see what it looks like.

dp_ale96644's picture

I'm still keeping on dreaming with your songs and in your guitar's sound inside me. It was incredible the atmosfere you created yesterday evening inside all of us at the Palalottomatica in Rome.
You make me fly with your magic voice and your magic way of singing and playing. You are gorgeous. I can't explain what one colud feel listening to you singing...but it is an extraordinary feeling. Thank you Ben! Come back to Rome very soon!

marco.mezzatesta87732's picture

Grazie Ben! Yesterday your voice has given to us the greatest emotion! It will be impossible to forget the silence of twenty thousands people around us,the vibrations from the drums of Leon Mobley and the bass of Juan Nelson.Thanks a lot BHIC. "Where could i go"...Come back soon.

marikilla's picture

Ben....ben harper....finalmente pude verte,oirte,sentirte despues de 4anos esperando ir a un concierto tuyo y de esa magnifica banda!!!
what can i say?i love you...i love rour voice,me hace temblar.....
when will be a concert in my beautiful city,Seville,in Andalusia?
See you very soon!!! Guapo!!!

b.bucci37626's picture

Hi Ben,
many thanks for yesterday night! Yours will always be one of the more beautiful concerts that we have ever seen.
Come back soon in Rome, we'll wait for your next performance with our heart, mind and soul!
Gianluigi e Benedetta

il_ghespo40482's picture

Grazie Ben o dovrei dire ZIO Ben......Ieri
e stata la quarta volta, ma e come se fosse stata la prima.....Grazie per la tua musica, o forse dovrei dire poesia......Ringraziero per sempre il Pida, un mio amico che ha portato la tua musica nella mia vita............You will exsist for me Forever......

priscillamicol69615's picture

as two years ago, yesterday again has been a special day!!
it was good for me to see all of you again, the crew, the musician and all the staff from bhic. a special thanks to ben for his vibes
for the good vibrations
and for the energy you spread through the music!!
thnx for all

amberheld67218's picture

BHIC- you INSPIRE me to use my own two hands! la, sb, sf...the synergy in your peformances is following you wherever you go. keep shining bright!

my heart beats on repeat for a BETTER WAY!

with joy, amber held

anonymous's picture

I'm only 17 and yesterday was the most special and beautiful night I've ever spent and I can't explain what I felt during your performances.
Thanks for your wonderful moving and energetic songs, your incredible voice and your great guitars.
Thanks for the positiveness and the hope you give me to believe in a BETTER WAY!
THANK YOU BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please come to Rome soon!
ciao cri

laurablue8458910's picture

mi sono emozionata, quelle chitarre cantavano sotto le sue sua voce ha azzittito tutto il pallalottomatica..i brividi! ben se non vieni tu a Roma vengo io da te..farei di tutto per risentire un'altra volta la tua voce e la tua eccezionale band!grazie di questa splendida serata!!!

anonymous's picture

you made me cry!

cristian.dellapolla2172's picture

Hi Ben! Thanks for music last night!!
Your Soul Shine ours Dreams!

See you next time in Rome!

Where could I go..... :)

anonymous's picture

Come ci aspettavamo tre anni fa, e stata un'altra serata indimenticabile...emozionante dall'inizio alla fine...un grande brivido durante "Where could I go"...gli applausi potevano durare molto di piu...altro che applausi per fibra

anonymous's picture


marcodellacroce72883's picture

AMAZING.thank you Ben, thank you for everything!

anonymous's picture

Once again you prooved to be a great musician, a great man. I think you've been able to convey all of your heart yesterday in Rome and I think nearly everybody understood what you were doing and what you were transmitting t us.Really a great emotion.Emotions and your bright music, as our efforts, can make the world a better place.Thank you.

hikki_197485348's picture

Thank you!!! It was one of your best concert here in Italy. You're great! All of you!!!

pocologico72443's picture

Thank you Ben...!!!

m2mlotr29567's picture


we had such an amazing time at your concert in Rome, thank you for creating and performing your great songs with the band. we loved it when you sand "Where Could I Go" without the microphone, it was a very surreal moment. the italians might not have understood you, but we sure did! thanks for everything you do.

- Anita,Deb & Magda.

lepridottero's picture

Thanks for existing, Ben!
For those who weren't there, let me sum up his performance in "Where could I go". After the first verse Ben asked the audience to be quiet and sang the whole second verse without microphone. Everyone was listening to this amazing guy singing his soul out.
One of the most moving moments in my life, I had tears in my eyes.
Thank you for playing and giving us joy.

gobbiladri62347's picture

Thank you so much Ben for this special and wonderful concert! You, and the Innocent Criminals, are the greatest musicians of the world!!! The emotion i've felt during "Where could I go" was special and I can't describe it!!! Thank you again!!! I'll wait you in Italy for a special concert with Pearl Jam!!!! ciao, Paolo

isabelle.audifax45975's picture

Hi Ben, I'd like to be there wtih all the band ! Have a good time !!