doidi223's picture

Ciao ben, e ciao criminali innocenti, ancora ieri sera guardavo e piangevo nel rivederti dal vivo, sono ormai 8 anni che ti seguo ed inseguo e fino a quando le vibrazioni che mi dai saranno cosi forti..beh saro contento di piangere quando ti ascolto.
sei nella mia anima, Grazie mille Ben

anonymous's picture

Thank's a lot Ben...and also thanks to the other innocent Criminals. Also after 5 days I'm still taken by the concert in Milan. I feel very priveleged because I move to Berlin next I'll have the chance to see you again!....can't await the show to start. I follow your music quiet a while (since '96...and you're getting even more brilliant).
I believe you....and I also believe that there's a better way.
Once again. Thank you so much.

anonymous's picture

5 days have passed and i'm still thinking about that night... it was AMAZING!!!! ben you're a poet.... you're something incredible!! thank you for all the emotions that you give us!! see you soon!!!! and i hope very very soon!!.... that night will be forever in my heart!

darkcoollady80735's picture

Well, this was my second Ben Harper's concert! I was in Verona last July- it was fantastic! but I enjoyed the most last week in Milan at Datchforum!maybe because i was in the first row, few meters far from the stage! i could see every expression of his face, every movement of his fingers on his guitar!! FABOULOUS!!:-)
Ben was great: he burns my soul! he's the most amazing artist i've ever known!
I hope to see him asap!!

nac108131909's picture

I've seen you guys a few times at the ACL Festival in Austin. I want ya'll to know that you are the best in the business. In addition, your music is an inspiration to me not only as a musician, but also as a person. Please keep on rockin and help some of the people in this world realize what it's all about........loving one another as human beings. Keep up the great work guys, Peace - Nathaniel A. Creasey - Temple, TX

jenaplisskin27104's picture

thanx Ben.
thanx Criminals.
War is over...

lauretta's picture

hi..I'm the was a wonderfull show!!!thank you for your voice, your music, your eyes, your soul and you!!
see you soon BHIC!!!!


matte.mariani34999's picture

after verona this summer another amazing show in milan!thanks ben thanks criminals for your energy your spirit your power and your music! shine on!

gigimalinva94098's picture

grazie ben, riesci sempre ad emozionarmi, nn cambiare mai il tuo style..e unico!!per me venire ai tuoi concerti e come ritrovare un amico che abita lontano, ma sempre vicino al mio spirito..gooooooooo Ben!!!!!!! non finiro mai di urlartelo durante i tuoi concerti..BIG Juan!!!!!!!! e il bassista + grande che abbia mai sentito.
ti aspettiamo sempre in italia pronti ad alzare two hands for u.

raffaele_simeone197035047's picture

Once again WE saw what music can feeling ranging from a thousands of people silence to earthquake shaking: thanks Ben, thanks IC & thanks LEON for your VicFirth conga stick.

jjciava11965's picture

Simply unbelievable.... Never seen a concert like yesterday....
You, me and everyone yesterday in Milan could really change the world...
Simply great and amazing.
Thank you Ben and thanks to Innocent Criminals....

mirk0.t63182's picture

thankyou ben and i.c.
the words fail me
i feel like to cry but
to have a good cry
make me feel so close to you.
if i could talk to you...

zanelis71161's picture

Magic, absolutely magic! Ben your voice, your passion when you singing fill up my soul. And great Innocent Criminals! Wonderful moments. Thank you, thank you so much!

voodochile7826340's picture

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
For your energy, for your music and for your soul.
After yesterday's concert in Milan I have a dream...i want to meet you ben and play togheter your songs.
Come back soon in Italy!

enricob521969's picture

I want to say just on thing:

nonsololaura93143's picture

The only think that can I say is really THANK YOU, for your voice, for the energy you gave us yesterday, for your soul and for the simple and incredible way you be. Thank you also to the Innocent Criminal .... always the best!!! Un grande bacio! Laura

daniela_beg52368's picture

absolutely unique! every time I see you play live (this it's the fifth time!) you have the power to leave me amazed....and with tears in my eyes for the big emotion.

we can feel your deep passion for music and your big hope for a better future, and this make us feel better.

alice.quarta81766's picture

sesta volta per me, dal 2000 che lo seguo e come a pistoia ero in prima fila sotto di lui. non avrei potuto scegliere un concerto migliore per essere li sotto, ed e stato in assoluto lo spettacolo piu entusiasmante che abbia mai visto. quando ha fermato la musica e da solo, senza microfono ha finito "where could i go" cantava a venti centimetri dal mio naso. penso che non mi riprendero mai. ali

marimatti1835's picture

ben....after yesterday's concert I do believe in a better way...incredidible, and the no mic session just made me cry....Thank u guys...simply amazing!

marimatti1835's picture

ben....after yesterday's concert I do believe in a better way...incredidible, and the no mic session just made me cry....Thank u guys...simply amazing!

kingfool521521's picture

Yesterday's concert in Milan has been simply incredible, thank you so much guys!!!
Really hope to see you soon!!!

flavianom4042's picture

Rome, 13/10

Great soul, great voice, great show, great band...

"Waiting on my angel, she has diamonds on the inside..."

Flavy75 (Rome)

Mizza's picture

Dopo Verona Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminal sono finalmente tornati per regalarci un'altra incredibile serata..che dire, grande musica suonata da The IC e grande voce del mitico Ben Harper (la parte senza il microfono mi ha lasciato completamente senza parole).
Grazie mille per tutta l'energia e il calore che trasmettete..We Can Change The World..

calvem88805's picture

my first Ben's concert was in 1995.
The last one was yesterday night.
I think I've seen these guys all the times they came to play in Milan (six? seven..?) and believe me, yesterday was special.
thank you very much for music, emotions, hope and soul.
We believe in a better way.

mxr197927825's picture

Thank you, Thank you. It's so uplifting to see that six people on one stage can inject so much passion and positivity in a whole crowd.
Great great musical moments, pure spirits vibrating in the air

robertacesani55116's picture

You show the power of music: crowds of people singing together, feeling like one jumpin' body and one beating heart (we heard and felt yours)
Thank you for an amazing concert (great musicians, all of you) and thank you for your messages of goodness and HOPE

cherrybiz85245's picture

Ben incredible artist,
and the Innocent Criminals
an amazing band.
Thank you so much for giving to all of us such a great night.
Milan loves you!!!
Your human touch spread out
from your songs
and touches our souls giving us
the trust and will to
change the world.
No mic session was impressive,
i was in tears.
Love and respect.

pietro.baroni30847's picture

Great Ben and Band. I'ven't words. The moment with no microphone was very impressive. I've seen a lot of concerts. Yesterday one of the best. Really. Thank you. Pietro

eraldo.paulesu30869's picture

Oh dear!! Started with my two own hands 100 miles /hour driving the crowds to madness from time zero.
Ben, this is a little extreme, don't you know??? It was simply great. Never saw a standing ovation for a no-microphone singing in a big indoor stadium. Absolutely incredible. Inspired, really with diamonds on the inside. And the band simply superb. By the way, I know some lots about music and live performance. I rate this at the same level of one of the best U2 or golden age Talking Heads at the "remain in light" era with Adrian Belew. Simply Outstanding.