10.16.06 Casalecchio Di Reno, Italy

Palamalaguti with Piers Faccini

I Was There
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oscar.cavadini79333's picture

Happy birthday ben!
I hope so much to be able coming to see you again before you leave Europe.
When I see you and the Innocent Criminals play it is one of the most beautiful emotions I can feel in my life.
Thank you again,brother.

f.falleni91704's picture

Yah man, I do not have words in order to describe the emotions that you are resolutions to only transmit......I have displeasure of one what, not to have been able to carry my son!

Bye, Francesco

nutella8621580's picture

You So Easily AMUSE!!!!!
Words can't describe the feeling deep inside...
Thank You Ben!!!!

feffeg's picture

Thak you Ben..for the great concert, for emotions you gave me with your voice, for the strenght yo gave me with your music..thank you for the unforgiveble moment after the concert. My bottleneck makes another sound now with your signature.
Never forgive this night.

oscar.cavadini79333's picture

Hello Ben,
I am the last boy you met during the after-show in Bologna, and I must say that it is very difficult for me to come back to the normal life.
This was the 7th concert I have been, and during "where could I go" I saw a wonderful person who sang with so much passion and love. I can't stop thinking about that moment. As promised, I will try to come to another concert before you leave Europe again.
Thank you for the beautiful concert and the wonderful moment with you. Thank you so much for all emotions you and the Innocent Criminals gave me during the last 10 years. Thank you, Brother.


thegames29740's picture

Thank you Ben&Criminals!
I saw you also in Verona, 2 events in 4 month with gooood vibes, joy and pure life from your guitar and voice!
Thank you for playing "old" songs like please bleed, for reggae vibes, for singin' "Where could I go" in that way...wonderful!
Positive emotions are not easy to find in this times, but your guitar give us happiness! I hope you've been happy in Italy. Come back soon.

anonymous's picture

Hi Ben,i can't say any words...At the concert I was in front of you, in the first line and it was an emotion I can't describe. While I heard you sing, I closed my eyes and I threw my hands up to the sky and screamed:"I'M FREE".This is what I was thinking.This concert was my third and i'm waiting for the song"walk away" tha t I've never heard live, this moment is came. In the absolute silent you sang this song so beautiful. At the end of the concert you said:"I CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK HERE" and so we're waiting for you BHIC. Come as soon as possible, because I've to hear this kind of live music!Bye

caterinabaiocco81642's picture

I'm still dreaming.
I got up, but I'm still dreaming.
At the end of WAITING FOR YOU, I raise my lighter you point at me and for some moments we have moved our arms together such as a sweet lullaby..
I thanx God for your peace.
God bless you, the Innocent Criminals and your inspirations.

hankchinaski8156610's picture

You are the man! Listenig to you, a strong feeling had grown in me. The need to go away, visite the world with your music as a driving licence!
Thank you for the show, we want innocent criminals in Italy forever.
See you next time

claramartelli74001's picture

oh my god!I am still thinking about that night it was a magic night. magic to hear you and your band for the first time and cry listening diamondd of the inside!you're great!I am looking forward the next time!

anonymous's picture

That was the first time ive seen you live. Unbelievable is all i can say. im an american living over here and me and my buddy drove 4 hours out to bologna to see you and 4 hours back after the show it was worth it. When i go back to the states ill be at every show i can. So much positive energy and good time vibes goin. Thanx alot

anonymous's picture

You are the best of what we do...you make our music as a work...these are your last words of an incredible night.
You make us dream with your own voice, thank you uncle Ben...Bologna and Pescara are still loving you...

giulypigna6431's picture

thank u ben and innocent criminals for tha amazing night u gave us yesterday!!! it was STUPeNDO!!!!!! a big big kiss from the tropicaliste chia,marta,juli&ellen

gloriacvzzz49499's picture

Ciao B.H.&I.C.!a few years ago I took a9 hours bus ride from Sydney to Byron Bay to attend your concerts....last night it took me 5 minutes by car!Thanks Ben,for piercing our hearts and the silence with the blade of your bare voice and for blessing us with your "soul's art ".Please do not stop your sawing and keep on including our venue in your Tours!We all love ya!xxxG

oqdidi3572's picture

Thanks again Ben...
even this time (the 4th one), you released me incredible sensations...
I was there with that girl I've been waiting for..as you state in your song...
Never found anything else to say
Nothing to say

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Last Night in Bologna so beatiful .
I'm dreaming .

juri20772421's picture

Thanks Ben....Thanks Innocent Criminals...you're great!!....great musician...and great men who give such a strong emotions!! thanks for last night after show!! Juri

anonymous's picture

thanks ben and IC, your music is music of an angel..after pistoia,verona now bologna...every time is a more and more great emotion...italy loves you...return to illuminate our spirits...
thank you,francesca

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like a king!
today i miss your sound. yuor voice in the silence was a light. thank Ben and IC, for illuminate an ordinary italian night. Tomorrow i wake up with some word in my mind '...stand up, stand up for you right'.
much more than a concert...

alessandro.tinti12433's picture

Hi Ben!
Yesterday I was on the stage with you. Your music has given to me one of the strongest emotions of my whole existence. You have reached the greatness. Thanks for everything.
Your friend, Alessandro.

mambotango7646930's picture

Hi Ben, you're the only one that can stop the time, every second of your concert is like a life full of emotions. Your lonely voice of this night during "Where could I go" will be in me and in every one of us for the rest of our life and will remember the direction to find the light. Thanks for all,

lollo_melio40995's picture

Thank you Ben!!Tonight you and your band have given us a wonderful concert and you have shown us the true side of music. Thanks of all!!!