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Hi Mr Ben Harper
I'm frOm france, near Dijon where you gave a concert on October 19th. it was such a good time and a real pleasure to see you for once.
You and your band did a spectacular show, you were WONDERFUL ! I was just in front on the scene and I get your drummer's stick !!
Thank a lot for this moment!!!! i hOpe you'll come to dijOn for your next tour please !!!

Thank again andsee yOu sOon !! very sOon !!

lOve frOm dijOn !! Julie

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That was amazing!!!!!
What such a good live!!!!
we love you, carry on like that never change your the best.
all your songs take a life when we see you sing your songs.

best regards, hope to see soon...again

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Dear Ben and The Innocent Criminals, I was at your concert in Dijon and recalling it now is such a blessing! It was amazing: my first time in France and also my first live music concert. You guys made me cry when you performed "where could I go"! Thank you for doing things your way and allowing to live such intense emotions!! I am now back in my country, here in North Africa in Tunisia, and can tell all of my friends and everyone again and again: What are we waiting for to invite Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals to come here and play in Tunisia!!!!?
From the deapest place in my heart thank you for allowing good music to be Alive! All the Best,
Chahira from Sousse, Tunisia.

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Hi Ben and the Innocent Criminals. It was the first time that we saw you in live. What a great moment. We will remember it forever and we really expect seeing you again. When you sang accapella wouaou!!! It was such a wonderful moment, I almost cried. Thank you again for everything that you and the Innocent Criminals gave to us.

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Thank you again for the concerts in Dijon and Paris, I enjoyed both of them!
I am practicing guitar with my brand new lap steel that I bought in Dijon, I love it!

Thanks for your music and lyrics..and faith!

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Well, here are the photos of Ben's concert in Dijon.
I've always joined a review of the show, but it's written in French
So if you guys who don't speak french want me to translate it into english, just ask !!
Photos and review are available here :

thanx again Ben and you Innocent Criminals !!

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Thank you so much Ben for this show in Dijon, it was just amazing!! superb solos and incredible environment!! Thanks to the Dijonese public, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals!!...By the way Ben, we are not stupid in Burgundy : if we raised our hands and clapped them in rythm, it was to show you a traditionnal custom of our region, that called "ban bourguignon" and to say to you : Thank you very much Ben! -)

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Hi guys,

your show in Dijon the other night was just amazing. I saw you in Nyon (Switzerland) in july and your set was totally different !
I took photos of the concert in Dijon and I'll be glad to send them to you. I will also post my review of the concert on my webzine tomorrow. But it will be written in french !!!
C U Ben and the Innocent Criminals and thanx for being what you are...

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Hi Ben !
Thanks a lot for your wonderful show that was really a good moment.
I keep really a good memory of you and your band and i hope you come to see me soon...

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Thank you!! It was amazing! Barcelona, 6 October!
We had been waiting for it for months- and it was all we had imagined and more!
Ben, you are such an artist- amazing all you made us feel!! And the Innocent Criminals too!
Thank you for being there!! We believe in a better way!!

Tallulah& Esther

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Many thanx for this great start of night we spend with you..
I think I get a lot of souvenir for a long time... how can we forget it?
It's always a big pleasure to hear and sing your songs, and it's better in live !

Thank you !