audrey_cartallier35185's picture

Hey Ben and the I.C

I must say that it was the most fantastic show I've ever seen. I was in the rear of the room, but I recieved your words, voice and music, just as I was near you. It was really fabulous, my skin still remembers your A cappella, an unforgivable moment. Your music is powerful and peaceful. Please continue to preach the peace and love. Maybe one day, peace on Earth will exist in everybody's heart. 'Cause I believe in a better way too. Thank you to gave us a so incredible moment.

see you soon at the Paleo Festival of Nyon

Sophia's picture

Hi BH & IC !

Just want to say thanks for the incredible show that I saw last week in geneva ! This was the best show I ever seen in my life ! Your music really takes me in the sky and makes me realise what life really is ! I was in the first line, just in front of you !
I cried and laught so much during this show ! It was just the thing that I needed !

Thank you guys for giving us good music ! It's because of you that we can still write music history !

Can't wait to see ya again !


carryonwithit62242's picture

Loved the first part of your concert with all my being... missed the encores. we that Ground on down did get to to my friend too intensely as she fainted as a teenie -)
hope to catch up in Basel and otherwise somewhere else somewhere soon on this earth

love you all and your music makes life a better place

ps. yeah - really loved juan's parts too... as someone just said once: he simply IS the bass

anonymous's picture

hi ben
this was a great show.i have see all your concerts in switzerland.all shows are diffrend,thets great.not 2 shows same.
i whishe you and the band the best..
see you in basel next week..
plz play in basel sexualing healing....

jonlangdon87653's picture

Hi Ben,

You and the criminals must know you are doing it right when you read some of these posts, I read them and they move me.

Like most of your fans I learned about you from a friend and I'm hooked. I have been to 5 of your shows, the most memorable was The Tabernacle in Atlanta last year, you did a 3 hour set, and risked your life walking the railing around the upper deck giving all the fans high fives while the criminals kept jammin. It must have been atleast a 30-40 foot drop to the ground floor. I still get chills.

You really know how to connect with the fans, thanks so much and please keep the music coming.

Jon Langdon
Destin, FL.

anonymous's picture

Dear Mr Harper,
I've been listening to you for almost ten years now and it's always the same delight... My children sing your songs and melodies all day long... I love your music, lirics, political opinions, and the way you make me feel when I listen to you...
I last saw you in lyon and I spent a wonderful moment, you make me smile and dream...
I wish you and your Innocent Criminals a long long life! You are incredibles!!!

anjawoischnig84016's picture

Dear Ben

It is not easy to describe with words what your music means to me.

You make me laugh, scream and cry with your songs. To see how you lose yourself in your music is such an emotional experience... Never lived something that honest in my life.

You make me happy!

I thank the Lord that you exist, and that you give yourself and all of us something so true to believe in.

Greates concert ever! To all of you guys: keep making us happy! You are so good at it!

See you in Basel, Anja

jahsunrising92387's picture

Yo. That was a special show. Visceral, vulnerable, transcendent... Man.

You guys seem really comfortable and confident. Big ups to former Wallflower Mike Ward... Marc Ford's shoes are hard to fill, but that was rocking. Loving the new Juan solo in Black Rain!

Leon, Jason, Oliver you guys are my boys!! Nuff Respect.

anonymous's picture

Hi Ben!
It was the best concert I've ever seen, you and the I.C. are the best!
Thank you very much for this incredible moment.
Hope to see you soon )

anonymous's picture

Wow, such a great moment! Such great artists! I'd like to applause once again your performance with "Where could Igo"... Thank you for making me shiver and believe of a better way. Respectfully yours.

silver_rain's picture

THANK YOU very much for the concert Ben! You and the band are sooooOOooo amazing! Thank you again!

I have been to 3 concerts this year and each time was FANTASTIC, but THAT ONE was incredible! I was just in front of you and I can feel your positive energy...(in English is a bit difficult to describe the feelings...)

Thank you for giving me so much happiness!



Hope to see you all soon!

sammy's picture

Simply THANK YOU Ben for this marvellous concert!!

After having seen you at Paleo I am an addicted!

So many kinds of emotions coming through! One song can make cry and the second one directly give a big smile!

Thank you and I hope to see you again soon!

valerie.roduit57802's picture

I must say I hesitated quite a while before buying my ticket for the Geneva Arena. It's a venue I really don't like... so cold and soulless and the sound is usually bad... but once again, you Ben, and the band, and the sound engineers, managed to make this place live. So thank you for making us cry, smile, jump, clap, sing, and, above all, making us hope....

See you around

anonymous's picture

After the wonderfull show at Nice, it was impossible to don't come and see you at Geneva...
And more time... you're incredible !
Thanks for all,
Thanks for the banc I.C. ,
and most of all ... THANKS FOR YOU !
Hope to see you as soon as possible...

vsjenjen25884's picture

Thank you for being so human and thank you for this incredible concert.
To see you life and you are an other person afterwards....

Thank you

mhinea48523's picture

I wasn't a BH fan before this (where have I been?). Thank you for putting your heart and soul into our lives. Your guitar solo...(I think it was Faded)....just incredible.....

lamellamoi40928's picture

"Where could I go": this is a beautifull song, but the way you played it in Geneva (Ben singing without microphone).... no words to describe it. That was something i'll never forget. Thank you.
PS: Juan is amazing.

Shiryu's picture

Man!! since 1993 I m at all your leman s concert and this one wooooow! the most incredible concert i ve ever seen in my life since montreux. Big up and another stand up for B H & I.C.
ps: juan your solo... simply the best
PS2 I know it s a stupid question but is it possible to see one day a copy CD of this concert???? please answer ... :-)

monique_vuignier91906's picture

Thanks Ben for that wonderfull concert ! It was SO GREAT !
That enjoyed me so much, That maid me so happy that I could jump everywhere after that today and for a long time after that. I have the fire in me... Thanks ! And thanks to the IC too !!!! Yooooopiiiie !!!! :o)

solangebreton24681's picture

So wonderful, THANK YOU for this concert, it could have never finished, it was so magic...

bastiensr28587's picture

thanks ! just thanks...
for this night.
for your voice.
for your spirit and ideology.

You say that we doesn't say thanks ... but I WANT say you thanks because you're here every day every minutes to help us to follow the best way...

Thanks .

guillaume.masciocchi76113's picture

Hi Ben, just to tell you that you and the IC are simply the BEST!
Unforgettable show in Geneva!
It'll always be in my mind..
Come back again to visit us when you want.

melanieliyanage52009's picture

Saw you last night in GENEVA... You&your band were great! Thanks for the good vibes! Come back soon! Love, Melanie