baretfab83929's picture

Merci BHIC pour ce show exceptionnel. Faire 12 milles km rien que pour ca, ca vaut le coup. RDV au prochain Tour, et peut etre en Nouvelle Zelande..

grudi010168493's picture

All the way from NC and caught you in Spain. Thanks to Doug and Randy got tickets to my girls first BHIC show. She was speechless and touched by every song. Most energy I've felt at a show! It was an incredible setlist and show that will never be forgotten. Also, say what's up to the AUS girl in sound board for hospitality baskstage! Hope to see you soon in US!

fbc197868026's picture

Thanks Ben.
Thanks for the show and for giving me so many feelings with your songs.
Thanks for the photograph with me and thanks for talking with me for few minutes on thrusday in front of the hotel.
Thank you so much...

josu35897's picture

we just connect with your soul at San Sebastian concert!


centro.equibalance24310's picture

Great night! No words can tell how we all felt vibrating with so much energy!
Hope we don't have to wait long to repeat the experience. Thanks BHIC for sharing your gift, really gets to somewhere really deep inside!

irene_luque44331's picture

Thank you guys, you're great. Thank you for your music. I can't find words to explain what you transmitted to us yesterday night. I'm still shocked. Ben, your voice touches my soul. Unforgettable night.
Thank you BHIC.

florad30594's picture

unforgettable...thank you for your hopefull et magnificient voice: it's medecine for mind and soul.
thank tou for your lyrics and music: they are pure emotion and harmony.
don't let us wait too long in this world!