10.26.06 Bordeaux, France

Patinoire Mériadeck with Piers Faccini

I Was There
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Piers Faccini sat in for "Masters Of War." A girl from the audience sat in for a djembe jam before "Morning Yearning."

Who Went

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aurelie.dis93161's picture

merci vraiment pour tout vos commentaire super sympas!!!!!

dabka57940's picture

incroyable, super, geant !!
Encore, encore, Encore !!

el_doctor_vince81469's picture

It was the first time i saw you with your musicians on stage and it was incredibly great, no words can describe what i feel when i heard the first song ! I'm going to Canada and i hope i'll see you there. Don't work too hard cause you have to last forever so you need to take some rest ! Hopefully i'll have the opportunity to meet you some day, "I believe in...you" C ya bro' Vince from New Caledonia

andresjulie71271's picture

just... thank you.
you don't know the plaisure I can feel when I see you and all your musicians on stage ! you made me forget all the bowring sides of the life. please, come back soon to warm the "patinoire" of bordeaux !

chrisbardou91344's picture

Thanks Ben , yeah you're a god on earth whitch can sing and play the guitar/lapsteel as you do.
I'll try my best to play some of your songs, but no way, you still the boss, and for the first time i saw you on stage, i've been the witness that people can live all together wit hyour music. Stay the same , and thank you so very much for playing Ground On Down on guitar, for french concert review from bordeaux: go to my blog: http://chrisdu33.skyblog.com
See you soon !

bananou8593299's picture

HI BHIC!!!!!it was a fantastic show in bordeaux. Where could I go: unbelievable, diamonds on the inside : wonderful and better way was a very great end.This was a dream to see you.Thank you so much for all you give me.I want to see you again and again and again...You have a diamonds on the inside, this concert will stay in my memories forever.

I hope to see you and jack johnson for the next show in france it's a good idea no???
bye and thank you again
BHIC the best

mad's picture

A magic concert !!! thank you BHIC for the third unblievable moment you gave to me this year, after the olympia the 30 june and toulouse the 7 october...
I'm still flying so high !!! And the dream is reality now, because i met you after the show, the best moment of my life !!! with so much emotions !!! I have always dream to see bob marley in concert, it's impossible, so thank you so much just to be alive, to exist !!! It's magic, your music make me dream and fly away, please take care and come soon in France !!!!
Thanks Leon and Juan too, for the photos together !!!
See you the next time !!! on the road !!!
Muriel (sorry for my english!)

isabelle.audifax45975's picture

Hello Mister HARPER, You give us so much emotions and love between us... and I hope the same for you too ! I saw you in Bordeaux after the show (CD and Book) and hope to see you soon in better conditions, maybe in Toulouse ?!
I hope your birthday gave you so much love and hapiness !!!
Bye !!! Izabel

alexiavlieghe24617's picture

BHIC ....you were just amazing!!! This concert was magic! I laught and cried, I felt like I was on another world! You are great guys and we will be waiting for you to dream together and look for a better way!!!! Bordeaux loves you!!! A la prochaine et en francais Ben!!!

raphaelreynier88481's picture

Thanks for the live performance, which is by far the best I've seen for a long time. Thanks for the short meeting after the show, it was great talking to all of you, especialy with Ben...you still have stars in your eyes and warm in your hand, just like in 1999 when I met you in Juan les Pins-South France. It was good to meet you again!!
I hope you could have listened to the demo I gave to JP. Please give your comments I would enjoy to play "Just a man" with you on stage one day. A big shout to all of you, and I hope Jason enjoyed the wine!!! Keep in touch. Raphael

coowar_beelal54984's picture

Fantastic concert...really one of the best show in bordeaux...i shall be waiting for the next concert and especially just to see Ben speaks FRENCH!!!

an-angel's picture

thanks a lot for this concert! the best concert of my life! I realised my dream, thanks my Ben!
when I believe in you, I believe in everything, thank you again, you are the best
a french fan---camille

anonymous's picture

I listen you since the beginning and I give you my "forever".. Many thanks, it was wonderful!

scottarno6444's picture


That was an amazing night, everything was there, Ben on top, the Innocent Criminals as good as ever, and the crowd was the perfect response to the performance....
The best of the 3 shows I've seen from Ben, and by far my best concert ever.
And Ben, you was so kind to sign my Weissenborn at the end of the gig.... thanks to all of you guys....
I'm full of good vibs after a show like that...
Can't wait to see you again on stage.
Big respect as well to Aurelie, you blow it up, very good jam session.
By the way, Ben sang "Small Axe" from Bob after "War"... Three Bob Marley songs in one gig, well, I've dreamed about that, Ben did it...

erwanboeuf4458's picture

Concert tres chouette hier soir a Bordeaux. Pour le prochain n'oubli pas de jpuer Suzie Blue...
Merci encore.

aliou6471428's picture

Just thank you for all you gave us at this concert. I hope i will see you soon on stage... THANK YOU !

zaz.a46864's picture

I can juste say Thanks, I've too many stars in my eyes. I can't write anymore in english so, merci beaucoup de nous avoir fait reve hier soir, merci au public et aussi a Aurelie.. Merci tout le monde j'ai passe le meilleur concert de ma vie!
Pour Ben

patrick33538's picture

it was just the better concert of my life. Thanks for all

f.boiscommun77141's picture

It's the second time that i'm lucky to see Ben on stage, and for the second time it was wonderful ... So just two words : THANK YOU !!! Don't ever change, remain the same, and i hope to see you again on stage as soon as possible

ttom7829693's picture

Only one word to qualify this show "a blast".
I have been meaning to see Ben and the band for so many years but never available at those times, so I was really looking forward to this. I had the BEST night of my life in a live show.
The public was also amazing, and Ben made us dream. I things I'll never have enought words to thank you for this.
So guys THANKS A LOT, you are the bests