10.27.06 Rennes, France

Musikhall with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in for "Masters Of War."

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I dont know if you guys could get any better.....this show was a blast.......thank you for the beautiful music
Loved you rocking those cow bells jason......

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BRAVO!!!thank you Ben for this perfect moment. it was a very god concert. the best concert I have ever seen. we hope to see you soon in rennes
Be continuous.....

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je vais le dire en francais:
Concert de folie, deuxieme fois que j'assiste de pres a tes concerts...toujours la meme peche....tu es un KING! vraiement continu, merci a ton groupe, je n'ai jamais pris autant d eplaisir avec la musique qu'a tes concerts.
moments vraiment tres forts: war,get up stand up, a capela, i got a woman, waiting an angel, there will be a light....j'arrete ou je vais tout dire
bravo a piers faccini
MERCI !, et bravo le public

anonymous's picture

Really, a very nice live show, what a wonderfull with a Ben completly survolted and still affected by the applause of the public.
He was really surprised when all sang "Happy birthday Ben" and replied by "The first place I played out of the USA was here in Rennes for the Transmusical and I never forgot that...
A show with marvellous song : please bleed, diamond on the inside, with my own two hands and war like the last show i saw in caen, both side of the gun, burn one down and get up stand up, a tribute for yhe master bob..The band was also wonderful with juan always jumping with percussion and leon at the bass,...and the image on teh screen with these warm colors, it could be an intimate concert!
And a magic end with better way..

Ben and the IC, thanks for this show and see you soon in France for an other nice concert.

darkspirit065691677's picture

Oh i forgot to mention Piers Faccini 's performance, this guy has a beautiful voice, he can sing so well, it was very nice to hear I liked it.

I hope Ben is going to remember that day as i will, afterall it was he's birthaday ...

darkspirit065691677's picture

It was so good! the best concert i ever saw! Every single music was so good, There will be a light, Suzie Blue, Get up Stand up, Better way, Burn one Down, faded, diamonds in the inside... Everything was so perfect... i'm already looking forward for the next concert of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals... it's gonna be long !


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On est tous d'accord pour dire qu'on est pas pret de revivre quelque chose comme ca. Heureusement qu'on a nos memoires savourer encore plus longtemps.Revenez vite.
ps : plus besoin de micro pour Ben, et bravo a Piers Faccini

anonymous's picture

Marvellous ! As usual !!
All was perfect : the pictures and videos on the screen, the great musicians, and Ben who has been really generous with us...

you said thank you to us for being here but THANKS to you for coming in Rennes...Hope to see you soon !


guillarmou65338's picture

Thanks for the show Ben!
Wonderful acoustic version of "There will be a light" and Bob Dylan's song "Master of War" with Piers Faccini.
Ben do a sweet acoustic final on "Diamond on the inside" and terrific electric solo on "Faded".
Thanks to Juan for the verse of Ray Charles' "I got a Woman" during "Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating ".
The A Capella verse of "Where could I go" was another great instant as the Bob Marley "Get Up Stand Up" with the French Flag...

He thanks the Audience to share his Music and give it a life and Remember thas Rennes is the first place he play outstate the US for the "Transmusical".

After "Better Way" he gived a nice present for his birthday : a new version of Better Way with new words first only with jason on the organ and after with all the Band...

Ben feel emotional and all the audience too...

Magic show !!! (thas was the sixth time I saw the Innocent Criminal and they are a better year after year and make a better world day after day...)

See you soon I hope...

guillaume3500037982's picture


Mon meilleur concert, un super public et un super spectacle !

C'est vraiment extra que Ben soit venu a Rennes !

Merci encore pour ce moment


anonymous's picture

Bien plus qu'un concert MERCI

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Merci le concert etait enorme, fabuleux, magnifique... Tout le monde sur scene etait parfait!! La session en solo de Ben etait excellente! Encore merci...

Et j'espere vous revoir a Rennes un jour...

arno4917's picture

Que dire a part que j'ai assiste a mon meilleur concert de Ben.The innocent criminals etaient vraiment enormes un JUAN fantastique....le solo de LEON
bon j'arrete ....

ENORME c'est tout pour resumer

Un bemol impossible d'approcher Ben a la fin du concert c'est surement au vu de la dispositio...