bbrehier53071's picture

Hey Ben !
Great show for your birthday... and mine !!!
Sorry but the "happy birthday Ben" song was (a bit) for me too !!! First time for me that I see you on stage and that thousands of people sang for my birthday !
My name is Ben (Benjamin) and i was born on a 28th of october (1981)...

aharegina62871's picture

Hi Ben,

One week after this wonderful concert, I still remember how amazing you were. I felt so good during all the show, the energy you gave us was unbelievable. Thank you so much for that magic show.
Keep going on, I want U back in France soon, speaking french with your greatests fans.

treez811's picture

Hey Ben,
Your European tour looks grand:)
Thanks for all the photo's too. It's a small glimpse of how your music is affecting the entire world. Your life is so amazing. Congrats on your beautiful family as well.
Just dropping by to say, "Happy Birthday Ben!" From your old friend in Saint Louie)
Keep em comin! Lovin your new doublecd2
peace my brotha

aurel's picture

Re ben,
For your day, it was your day !!!
what say other that BHIC ARE AMAZING !!!!!
And now, to start your first lesson, read me !!
D'une explosion depassant toutes les limites fixees il y a trois ans de cela (derniere venue sur caen), ben nous a mis son two hands en eruption avec un war qui lui appartient desormais et une saturation de small axe qu'il fallait percevoir. Bref, deux bob rien que dans la premiere, le decolage etait lance...
Seulement ben aurait du nous prevenir du moment de l'atterissage car ca fait deux jours que je reste dans les etoiles en sa compagnie...
Bref, trop de moments enormes ! moi qui croyait avoir tout vu a l'olympia en juin, il m'a bluffe avec un concert completement different du moins a 80... ce qui me donne envie de le suivre sur toutes ces dates...
Surtout ne pas oublier Juan qui se la joue ray charles pour le plaisir de tous et les riffs de ce nouveau guitariste comme un petit fils de jimmy page !
juste une chose reviens le plus vite possible, ici c'est chez toi !
et rendez vous sur : ... to the lord

chanmar1051960's picture

Just a little word about this fabulous moment : it was GREAT and we want to thank you about this. We hope that you have passed a happy birthday in CAEN and see you soon.

So, tu es toujours le bienvenu dans notre ville alors a tres bientot pour ta prochaine tournee.


mya_ls22814's picture

Hi!!I'm tryin' to find few words to explain how I felt during and after the show, but I can't, I don't know any words which could explain that. I had dreamed of that moment a thousand times but it was better than all I could have imagined!!!
Thank you so much. I hope that your 37th birthday would've been as great as it was for us.
See you soon

spirou32200034096's picture

I saw you in live for the first time yesterday in Caen and only one word word sounds in my head : AMAZING, you're amazing !
Thank you so much for all that you give to us !
Hope to see you again soon !

Thanks again BHIC !

pimprenellle90306's picture

It was the first time I attended your concert (while I'm used to listenning to your music for several years !) and I absolutely enjoyed this moment you gave us !!! It was absolutely incredible ! Thank you so much for your music and for being with us ! This is your music which has given me the will to improve my guitar skills.
Happy Birthday again Ben !!! Hope you like your party like we enjoyed it.
And don't give up your promise to learn French -) Joyeux anniversaire !
We love you Ben...

sand's picture

Hi !
Thank you too much to give us this LOVE... Your music is like a power for trust... thank you guys... have again a lot of fun on the scene...
by by

Mamoonne's picture

Thank you very very much for the show yesterday night (28 Octobre), there was kind of magic that why I love your music ... Thank you to have been in Caen with us, you gave us much happiness with the Innocent Criminals..!
I never forget this day. ! Happy birthday Ben !!!

Marianne, a french fan of Caen :-)

thebetterboss95965's picture

I'll write in french, you will try to translate : I help you for the next time :)

Toi et les Innocent Criminals, vous frolez la perfection sur scene, incroyable performance, c'etait magique, j'oublierais jamais. Il fallait que ton anniversaire tombe sur la date du concert a Caen... :)

Bon cours de francais et surtout, Joyeux anniversaire !

And I hope to see you again in Caen.

spirouxade43638's picture

Thank you so much for the terrific show you did yesterday. It was magic. Hearing you singing and playing is like being touch by an angel. Thank you for everything you give us. And Joyeux Anniversaire again!
Can't wait to see you on stage again... speaking French ).
Ade & Helo

michto28081's picture

it's me again,

don't forget the promise you make last night.
you gotta speak french next time you'll be at Caen......... me and the 6900 other people in the Zenith will remember that !!

you can do it Ben .....

"joyeux anniversaire encore !" et a la prochaine......

michto28081's picture

hi Ben,

thanks a lot for the present you gived us for your birthday.....
still a real pleasure to see you at Caen (you make the Zenith become a real good concert theater.....).
i hope you'll be back soon...... keep giving people these positive vibes.

we love you Man !!

anonymous's picture

i saw you yerterday
it was your birthday but YOU give the present
for the first time in a concert, tears are falling down on my face.
thank you to give me the way to love humanity.
thank you for your music.
your "a capella" was so intense! it shakes me for ever.
bye mister harper. have a nice trip and don't stop to bring the joy and your way

emmanuel.gisselere81370's picture

Hi !!!
Thank you thank you thank you & thank you again !!! second time I see, and you're still so great !! Last time I saw you in Paris you played in a festival called Rock a Paris in a soccer stadium, can you remember ? few years ago ... you're great thanx again !!! see you later on stage !!!

cemalihu27677's picture

October 28th, 1995 a small theater in Normandy (Coutances), I remember i sang an happy birthday song to you during the wonderful show you gave us that evening. Eleven years later, yesterday, and that same song in Caen. It was a real great show. A real moment of pure happiness. Thank you so much and see you in 11 years!!!

anonymous's picture

Thanks so much for the show tonight in Caen...
It's the 3rd time I see you guys and each time is a so real pleasure.
Just like to thank you all and all the audience for this so special moment...
Hope you enjoyed our "Happy Birthday" song, just for you !!!!

John_John's picture

Happy birthday to you, big guy! Thank you for all the pleasure you give to me. Just closing my eyes and earing your universe. Thank you so much. Hope to meet you later mister, or master would I say. See you later on stage, I hope so. Thank you for sharing your dreams and hope.

PS: Hi Laura to!

blecamme94238's picture


cbertogg89210's picture


I wish you all the best - especially now, i think you are rocking somewhere in france at the moment=)

Keep going on...

california's picture

Hi Ben!

Just wanted to write to wish you a very happy 37th birthday (I think it's your 37th). Have a perfect day. . .from one of your biggest fans in Minneapolis, MN.


c_romy2551894's picture

A very beautifull day for YOU BEN, Sincerely "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"!!!! and thanks for all you bring to US, energy, positiv vibration ! ... it's always a so big pleasure to see you in live, singing, playing - it is right strong moments of PLEASURE,shivers, energie, rise .................... THANK YOU. Good Road and hope see you soon again ! ) Roxanne_TOULOUSE.

aurel's picture

yes ben its your day ! your birthday ! i'll be here toonignt with you in caen for your best moment and mine....
I was in paris on june26th and we wait you !!!
happy birthday and see you very soon (few hours... arrrgg!!)

degadyt_2087179's picture

happy day ben! its your day! i dont forget! hope you find a great day!