10.30.06 Brussels, Belgium

Forest National with Manou Gallo

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Magnifique concert ! Inoubiable !! Apres 2 ans, je me souviens encore du moment ou j'ai vu Ben Harper ( enfin je pense ) . En tout cas j'etais trop, trop, trop, trop, trop, trop .. heureux, content, emu .. Je me souviens de ce concert dans la foule a 10 metres a peine de Ben, j'aurai voulu que jamais ca ne se termine .. Merci pour tout Ben, que se soit pour ta musique ou ta maniere de voir les choses et de les raconter .. merci merci merci
A bientot j'espere =D

latichoupette7379's picture

when do you come back ???!!! Quickly, i Hope, Pleeeassee
Cuz i just wanna see an amazing shoW again!! Thank U .
i Love your music so much!

Love BhiC!! see you soon!

jeff_le_bandit17251's picture


Olympia (Paris)
Musichall (Rennes)

santino_santangelo42621's picture

The GREATEST concert I've ever seen ...

This was my first "Ben Harper Live" session, and I'm sure it will stay forever in my head ...

Thank you Ben, I've never seen a star like you, a HUMAN, a friendly man with his public, ... I'm still livin' a dream

anonymous's picture

amazing show as always...i have seen you now four times and always love to go to a show...it was my girl's first show and we danced the whole time...a great show and the a cappella part was breathtaking
thanks ben

oldschoolvh10964's picture

How amazing... How can you start by burning down the house and later make us feel so close... It was intimate and powerful, sensitive and raging. So many emotions were in the air that night !
To cut it short : best concert I've ever been to, period.

don_saro61623's picture

Just Thank you...

Beautiful concert !!

You are the Best!!

thank you BHIC

anonymous's picture

i just wanna say thank you

mb-hein72961's picture

just got back home from dusseldorf
and what should I say,
it was incredible,beautiful,
I feel so much better now
ben harper is such a soulful musican

latichoupette7379's picture

This is the best concert ever!! ben's so amazing, there's no word to explain what happen !!! <3 <3 <3 love You Ben

gouweloose_lieselot71501's picture

it was awesom ! I saw allot of prefomences but this was the best that I ever had seen. I only missed in your eyes but the rest of your show made it good )
Hopefully you're coming soon back to belgium .
greats lot

hashirae6733's picture

thanks for this great gig,one of the best I' ve attended in my life, mood was really magical, a perfect blend off energy and sensibility . one more thousands thanks from me and my son, hope to see and hear you soon guys ... all the best tor the rest of the tour ..

mlaure891190170's picture

I was there too in Brussels and i think we all screamed as loud as we could.
Memorable concert with awesome people and you guys who just blew us!
You said that you believed in us but all i can say is WE believe in you (BHIC)and in a better way.

Hope to see you back soon because a great great great show.


xuaniwa69197's picture

Best concert ever!
Last summer we got married and 'Morning yearning' was our 'first dance' song. It was very emotional to hear it live.

It was me who screamed 'I LOVE YOU' when there was an absolut silence. I do love you...

Xuan and Pedro

maartenvandeplas26626's picture

mmm... Ben... fabulous... it really was.
I loved Please Bleed... the blood rushed through my vains...
it was the most stunning show of the 3 I've seen of you.
Thanks a lot.

anonymous's picture

Thanx a lot for the great show Ben & TIC!!
This was a wonderful evening I will never forget...

I hope I will be able to hear and see more of you guys! Tnx & greetz

arianafduc51271's picture

I've been waiting too long to see BHIC live!
It was amazing! I loved every second of it!
Thank you for being who you are!

anico's picture

Thanks again for the great show!! Come back next year to Europe and visit the Netherlands and Belgium again. I want to hear and see more of you guys!! Great show, best ever...

anonymous's picture

Love Ya nena,...

Great concert Ben & TIC. come back verry soon.

anonymous's picture

thanks a lot for this amazing...brilliant...extraordinary performance (especially on 'where could I go', it was so...pure). You guys are the angels we were wainting for. Stay the same, I'm sure we could change this world with our two hands.
Hope you'll be back soon
Many thanks

bstellyesoriginal17284's picture

Thank You to Ben & The Innocent Criminals,
I was very moved by the show as well and felt every second of that beautiful experience.I first saw Ben accoustically at The Gorge at the Sasquatch Festival in 2001 and that was very memorable, but with the Innocent Criminals is a special treat.And for me this was the first BH&IC show in Europe and am going to try to see more.It was a phenomenal show and love to feel the energy of the crowd, especially on another continent.I feel the love for the people and the want for peace across the globe.Keep doing your thing and I'll do mine too.
Use your voice more people

If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing...

Lots of Love

carolannward82163's picture

I love ya
Your songs touch my heart, feed my soul and make my body dance
Fab concert
Great vibe - Bloody brill
Spirtiually sorted
God Bless

benjaradin85649's picture

It was simply incredible!!! A really great show so amazing!
You always give so much thrill and emotion where you're on stage!
Thank you and thanks to The Innocent Criminals for being in Brussels last night!
I hope you'll be back pretty soon!

sara_maes70971's picture

Thank God for your music! It has helped me through many difficult times and last night you brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautiful! Thank you for your amazing music and fantastic live shows!



misses_miss44865's picture


I don't know what to say.. Wow... it was amazing! You're the best that happened to me. I was sitting and i had been in tears!!

I will see you in a few days again... :)

anonymous's picture

I have already seen you perform 4 times and everytime you still amaze me more and more.
Very good concert, breathtaking !!!
I hope you all come back soon to Belgium !!! Thanks a lot Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals

gregory.goutiere6016's picture

Thanks for this wonderful concert you are amazing Ben, it was as wonderful as three years ago when you already burned Forest National down!!! Ben is a gift from the earth )
Next time have a Belgian beer together allright, you touched me when you took our flag in your hands wouauuhh

maylismtl46712's picture

Thanx again for the great show!
I just wanted to add that the part "a cappella" totally touched my heart and I will say a prayer for you, because the world needs you to keep on for a very long time!!

maylismtl46712's picture

Thank you so very much for last night's concert in Brussels, thank you for 3 hours of emotions and great pleasure. Your music lifts us, makes our lives better, it really does!!
I hope you'll come back soon!!
Maylis, from Belgium

junk53780's picture

Hi Ben & your Innocent Criminals,

Thank you so much for lifting us like that yesterday, I am still on a high and completely impressed by all that talent and the love and the generosity. This world needs more people like you!

We love you!!!

catsibille58729's picture

Dearest Ben and I.C.,

You gave us yesterday the most wonderful concert ever. I felt I was in another world with you and all the audience. So much love and kindness coming from you, I hope you felt the same love coming from us because we really love you!

There are no words to express my emotions, I just wanna scream out loud how amazing this show was, and today I am still under vibrations of yesterday's evening.
I won't ever forget that evening.

Lots of Love from Belgium!
Stay as you are guys, you're real shining stars!

anonymous's picture

Ben, the king of kings....

Breathtaking ! They are no words to express how special it was yesterday night !

I wonder how you are gonna be able to perfom even better the next time you'll come to Brussels.

Afte yesterday's show, I do believe in a better way !!

Thanks again Ben.

cecile_in_corsica48338's picture

Thank you, Ben Harper...
I had one of the most wonderfull experience of my life yesterday evening!
You're are simply amazing! And you look so sane and full of love. you just come in that big area in Brussels and give all this love to each people. Thank you...
There are a few words I think about when I mention your name: respect, beauty, love and heat. You inspire me..."Happiness is not at the end of the way...happiness IS the way"...YOU're the way...
Thanks, we all do love you, Ben Harper

anonymous's picture

Dear BHIC,
You were magnificent,....!!!!!
Your energy lifted us... and because of that, we were all in a better world!
I once read " A conversation with GOD" well, Even though I have all your records
I know now for sure that you are one of his messengers :-)
THX for who you guys are and please keep on spreading your good vibes and "wise" words!
Good luck Angels!

maartengybels13538's picture

Ben and the innocent criminals

You gave us once again a special night!!!
Our excpectations were great especially after the concert three years ago.
You amazed us once again especially when you were singing in front of al the people without a Mic. We never expected that you would do such a great singing performance.

My girlfriend never heard you live and she was overwelmed. especially when Leon began his Solo!!!

Thanks Ben and I.C. for such a great evening and hopefully you'll keep singing, performing and giving us a light like that for all long time!!!!

anonymous's picture

It was amazing ! Great ! Wonderfull ! I'll continue in french.

Ce concert etat magnifique, mes oreilles bourdonnent encore, j'en ai encore des frissons partout. Magnifique. Merci.

Thank you Ben and The Innocent Criminals -) Hope to see you soon.