10.31.06 Frankfurt, Germany


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Just can say thanx... for this very nice evening!

Das Solo ohne Mikrofon... war einfach nur der Hammer! Ich hoffe das gibts bald auf CD - bitte bringt es auf CD raus! Bitte - Bitte - Bitte...

Kuss fur meinen Stern mit dem ich dieses Konzert sehen, horen und fuhlen durfte...

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You are great artists, thank you, Ben and your band!
Einfach genial, was ich da erleben durfte.
Vielen Dank fur diese wunderbare Musik, die immer wieder unter die Haut geht.

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je n'ai qu'un mot a dire grandiose. Comme on dit a Marseille, ils se sont laches. en plus je suis trop contente car depuis le temps que je vais le voir en concert c'est la premiere fois que je lui parle.
merci merci pour tout ce bonheur

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The concert-tickets were a birthday-present from me to my girlfriend, who is an enormous fan of Ben and the band. She took me along...

I could hear and understand all the lyrics, the power of which were made all the more effective by the passion of the accompanying music.

That's some hard stuff you were playing there, boys...!

It was a pleasure to applaude you.

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thank you for this amazing concert!
another amazing coincidence:
when i was driving to the jahrhunderthalle "ive got a woman" by ray charles was played on the radio.
i didnt trust my ears when juan startet to sing the same song during "dont talk about murder"
after the show i went to a pub and guess what they were playing? "ive got a woman" in another version i didnt know.
amazing, isnt it?

all the best

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I just want to thank god for blessing Ben and TIC's with such a talent to make music. You guys really touch peoples hearts.

And thanks for Ben's towel. I was lucky to get it @ last nights concert. :-)

See you tonight @ Dusseldorf Philipshalle.

Love, Desi

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first of all: THANKS!! last night concert wasn't only a singer playing with his band. it was, how can i describe it, such a special feeling surrounding us. IT WAS POUR EMOTION! you realy got us with your special appearance. still hanging on to the concert... one of the best parts was the first encore. just you singing these incredible songs.
a short switch to german language: beccy, fallsde das liest: swar soooo schon. meine fresse!!!! hatt noch stunden mit dir da stehn konnen und die musik bzw. den moment "aufsaugen". so. sehr pathetisch?! no. isso. bedankt!

that concert was somting very special. thanks again to ben and tic!!

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I saw you yesterday night ... and this was just one of the best concerts i ve ever seen. i felt like coming to stage and givew a big hug to ben and the band / specially the bassist! i am pregnant and i am sure the baby loved the music too... i was smiling the whole concert::: thanks so much for your music::: ben harper is LOVE > rock on::: mona

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Truly beautiful.

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The concert finished two hours ago, and I'm sitting here listening to him still. This was the best concert I have ever been to, because the passion and feeling that Ben and his boys put into their performance changed every person in the crowd, everyone knew that what they were hearing was something special. Ben Harper I thank you, you touched my soul tonight.